50 Of The Cutest Pics Of Very Smol Animals On Fingers


There’s cute. Then there’s super cute. And finally, there’s ‘Tiny Animals on Fingers’ cute! Correct us if we’re wrong, but Bored Panda believes that the smaller the animal, the cuter it tends to look. (No offense to all of you BIG animals out there—we still love you very very much! We totally think you’re cute, too, but in a different way.)

There is a wonderfully wholesome subreddit called ‘Tiny Animals on Fingers’ that celebrates the overwhelming cuteness of illegally smol critters perching on people’s fingers. The subreddit, a community of 80k members, does exactly what it says on the tin. The photos are so heartwarming, you’ll think it’s summer again. Have a look at the very best ones below and don’t forget to upvote your fave pics (remember, an upvote is like gently booping these critters, even if it is through your screen).

We’ve got a huge soft spot for frogs and hummingbirds, but we can’t wait to find out which pictures you loved the most! 

Bored Panda reached out to ‘Help Wildlife,’ a British charity-run advice website dedicated to helping wildlife, to talk to them about critters in the wild and what we can do to protect them. “To avoid disturbing small animals when in nature, it’s best to stick to established pathways where possible. If you see a nest or other animal habitat then only observe from a distance, never try to touch or interfere. If you have a dog friend walking with you, make sure they’re kept under control and they’re not allowed to disturb or harm wildlife,” Sarah, from ‘Help Wildlife,’ told us.

#1 Tiny Baby Chameleons

Image credits: Minh Triều Anh

#2 Those Smol Legs

Image credits: a.sewoon

#3 This Baby Starfish

Image credits: Chuck Hilliard

Sarah from ‘Help Wildlife’ confirmed to Bored Panda that traffic has “a very big impact” on wildlife of all sizes. “As well as the obvious accidents, roads also divide and reduce their natural territories,” she said.

However, not all hope is lost. Some people take the time and energy to protect wildlife from traffic. “Some forward-thinking countries create wildlife crossings when building new roads these days which can be helpful. Otherwise, the best way to prevent the loss of life is to drive carefully, especially in areas with lots of wildlife or where there is undergrowth at the side of the road which animals may dart out from. If an animal comes into contact with your car then always stop and check on them and try to find them help,” Sarah explained.

She noted that in the UK, you can check for wildlife rescues by following this link right here while in the US, you can use Animal Help Now.

#4 Tiny Baby Hummingbird Drinking Nectar From A Raspberry

Image credits: Heart-Bubbles

#5 This Is Actually A Flying Fox Species. A Northern Blossom Bat. Pixie Is A Subadult And 8g

Currently raised by our volunteers, she still needs a bit time before she will start to fly but getting more active now

Image credits: Wildlife Rescue Darwin

#6 One Smol Dragon

Image credits: Superpoivr

The ‘Tiny Animals on Fingers’ project has been active on Reddit since September 12, 2013. They’ll be celebrating their 8th birthday very soon, so if you enjoy their content, we suggest that you pop in with a quick, “Hello, congratulations, I love what you do, could I have some cake?”

There’s a lot of psychology behind why we find some things cute. According to Dr. Sandra Pimentel, a psychologist at the Montefiore Medical Center in New York, it all ties into evolutionary biology. “If we think about evolution, our goal as a species is to survive and pass on our genes,” she argues.

#7 Pinky Finger

Image credits: _Geiger

#8 Baby Snapping Turtles Look Just Like Little Dinosaurs

Image credits: Brick_in_the_dbol

#9 A Western (Australian) Pygmy Possum

Image credits: aussiecarnt

“By finding things cute we’re more likely to want to take care of them and protect them. They’re more likely to get the attention of the adults around them, remind them, ‘Hey, take care of me. We’re helpless here,’” Pimentel explains.

Looking at cute things releases dopamine in our brains, making us feel happy. In other words, we’re rewarded for looking at all the various expressions of cuteness to be found in life. Including looking at tiny animals sitting on people’s fingers. Go on, keep scrolling, your brain will thank you for it. Besides, you know you need a small break from school/work/saving the world.

#10 This Super Adorable Bee

Image credits: Lennart van Vliet

#11 Does This Count?

Image credits: deathcuck

#12 Caterpillar Posing

Image credits: throatfrog

What we tend to find cute boils down to a list of physical characteristics that have different proportions than those of adults. For instance, we’d find an animal or a baby cute because they have a big head relative to their body size. Furthermore, larger eyes, round cheeks, larger foreheads, smaller chins, and smaller noses also increase the level of cuteness.

As much as we might want to hold all the super cute animals that we can, we should be aware that getting involved with wildlife might not be the best option. It’s always best to admire wildlife from afar instead of getting up close and personal.

#13 The Tiniest Of Geckos

#14 Tiny Snek

Image credits: StuffyUnicorn

#15 A Little Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Image credits: K4Kerala

If you’re planning on feeding wild animals (whether teeny-tiny, large, or something in between), you ought to make sure that they don’t become dependent on human beings.

“Make sure it’s something healthy, don’t feed so much that they become dependent on people, always keeping in mind you won’t be the only ones feeding them, and don’t let them associate people with food. It’s best for their survival that they remain independent and don’t start approaching people for food,” ‘Help Wildlife’ told Bored Panda during an earlier interview.

So go on, admire all those tiny critters. But don’t be sad if not all of them want to sit on your finger immediately.

#16 Even The Kraken Was Cute Once Upon A Time

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#17 My Lil’ Starfish Buddy

Image credits: ldrodrig

#18 The Tinyness Of This Frog

Image credits: PoojiethePillowPet

#19 Tiniest Snek Excited For Boops

Image credits: Thorawr

#20 My Friend’s New Baby Turtle

Image credits: morgiibee

#21 Orphaned Baby Opossum I Am Raising

Image credits: MyBobaFetish

#22 Critically Endangered Baby Lemur Leaf Frog. Being A Wildlife Conservationist Is Tough, But This Little Face Is Why I Do What I Do

Image credits: HIsalamanda

#23 Tiny Sea Slugs

Image credits: SeriesOfAdjectives

#24 We Give Green Tree Pythons A Big Thumbs Up

Image credits: txchondros

#25 Weekend Crab

Image credits: shibaisthebestboi

#26 Look At You

Image credits: a.sewoon

#27 Look What I Found

Image credits: talldarkw0n

#28 How About A Non-Furry Little Guy? This Dude Out With Me For A While In Hawaii

Image credits: renkfasze

#29 Floyd

Image credits: emmydvshr

#30 A Very Small Cute Hamster

Image credits: VoteForFire

#31 This Very Tiny Frog

Image credits: Skifeur

#32 Two Tiny Newborn Feathertail Gliders

Image credits: ArghNoNo

#33 Baby Ashy Gecko Found In The Florida Keys

Image credits: tmansen

#34 Spotted Turtle And Spotted Frog, Clemmys Guttata And Ranitomeya Vanzolini

Image credits: indicator_species

#35 A Very Tiny Baby Harvest Mouse

Image credits: ResistibleElk

#36 Welcome To The World Little One

Image credits: indicator_species

#37 Much Tiny Boi

#38 Here Is A Baby Horned Lizzard

Image credits: manderly808

#39 Brave Lil Grabbies

Image credits: dubcgliders

#40 Little Ghost

Image credits: crazymantislady

#41 Teeny Baby Swordfish

Image credits: Juan C. Levesque

#42 Found Two Baby Bats Rolling On My Deck This Morning. I Had Never Seen A Baby Bat Before, Thought Maybe Others Hadn’t Either

Image credits: jtr2277

#43 A Tiny Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Image credits: allywarner

#44 I’ve Never Seen A Baby Catfish In Here

Image credits: pandymonium001

#45 Say Hello To Bugmeat

Image credits: bitchinbaja

#46 Fuzzy Little Moth

Image credits: im_not_zelda

#47 Little Baby Grasshopper Hanging Out

Image credits: hollywoodbatman

#48 Tiny Baby Shrew I Found Today

Image credits: hansbanans03

#49 Please Enjoy These 3 Babies

Image credits: Book-Dragoness

#50 Baby Blue Tailed Skink I Found Under My Toolbox

Image credits: gositonaduck


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