See Gymnast Suni Lee Tearfully Reunite With Her Family After Tokyo Olympics


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Suni Lee experienced yet another golden moment after her Tokyo Olympics win: reuniting with her family.
The tear-jerking moment happened on the Aug. 5 episode of Today as the 18-year-old gymnast was welcomed back from her gold medal-winning performance in the Tokyo Games by her mother, father and two siblings. After warmly embracing her parents, Yeev Thoj and John Lee (during which all three were moved to tears), the Olympian made the moment even more memorable by placing two out of her three medals around each of her parents’ neck.

“To see them here with me in New York is absolutely amazing,” Suni shared. “And I feel so proud and I’m just so happy to see them.”

Speaking on the indescribable feeling of having his daughter’s gold medal draped around his neck, her dad, John, shared, “I never thought that I would ever get one of these and she did it. She got it and brought it home. I’m so proud of her, so surprised, so everything.”

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Suni’s mom, Yeev, explained that she’s simply overcome with happiness for Suni’s impressive accomplishment.

“It’s just, like, happy tears, thinking of all the hard work she has done for the past twelve years,” Yeev said. Speaking through tears, she added, “Seeing her with the gold medal, it just made me so happy.”

The decorated athlete also had a special message for her father, who built her first balance beam in their backyard during her early days of gymnastics, telling him, “I wouldn’t be here without you.” She also thanked her entire family, adding, “I wouldn’t be here without any of you. This whole dream has just been amazing and an incredible journey so to have you all here with me is just amazing.”
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