9 Impressive Stories Of When Archaeologists Couldn’t Understand What They Had Unearthed But It Was Obvious To Some Women


No matter how hard we are focused on what the future will bring us, history has always been an important part of people’s lives, from our own personal experiences and stories that changed and toughened us to worldwide events that shaped the world that we live in today. The past has helped many people, cultures, and nations to form their identities. So, there is no surprise that there are some dedicated people and professionals that study these past events, analyze them, and learn from them.

An important part for these people, historians, and archaeologists is to not only find something hidden and forgotten but also explain what it is, understand how it fits into the whole picture, and answer many more important questions. These findings later are presented to the public that gets the opportunity to learn more about a certain period from the past.

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A Tumblr user shared her thoughts on how fascinating it is that people use same items that were first used 50000 years ago

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Even though not all of us might find museums interesting or fascinating, archaeology is sure one of the most interesting professions there is, requiring more than just good historical knowledge. And even if we think that history scientists are the ones that should teach people by providing new findings, this is not necessarily the truth.

Sometimes archaeologists have trouble understanding what a certain item was used for

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Tumblr user @systlin shared her thoughts on how a traditional leatherworker explained to archaeologists what some tools made from Neanderthal bone were for. The user was fascinated by the fact that the tool that was used 50,000 years ago is used to this day because of how handy and irreplaceable it is.

Other users on Tumblr shared stories of how women helped to figure out what certain ancient items were used for

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This, though, was only the beginning of a thread where people would share how women helped to explain what some of the found ancient items were. It’s obvious that life now and life hundreds of years ago are completely different. Having this in mind, a lot of found things are seen as riddles of what this could possibly be and what it was used for.

Years go by, but it seems that people are still concerned about the same things

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One of the stories shared in this thread proved that we are not that distant from people that lived long ago. When archaeologists found some old obsidian blades (knives) hidden in the rafters of houses, they came to the conclusion that this way, the knives would be closer to the sun, supposedly to keep the blades sharper. However, this theory was disproved by a mother who explained that this is how sharp knives were hidden away from children.

A strong interest in hairdressing made Janet Stephens a hairstyle archaeologist

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Sheer interest in something can really open a lot of doors. This happened to a hairdresser, Janet Stephens, who is now known as a hairstyle archeologist on her YouTube channel with almost 53k subscribers. She became very interested in ancient hairstyles as they seem to be posh and tricky to make. It’s quite obvious that in today’s world, there would be no problem making such hairstyles with all our hair products and accessories. But what about the old days?

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According to researchers, this was possible because they were wigs. However, Janet didn’t agree with this theory and conducted her own research to find out that it was all possible because the hair was sewn. This lead her to publish an article “Ancient Roman hairdressing: On (hair)pins and needles” in 2008. This was fascinating in the sense that Janet proved the theory wrong without even being a scholar. Janet continues her work by researching historical hairstyles and educating others on her YouTube channel.

What are the other ancient things that were discovered by women? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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