The Smithy Family fire latest



Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment arsonists torched the family’s car which led to the catastrophic blaze of their home.

Two thugs can be seen approaching the house and checking the coast is clear.

One of them forces open the Smithy Family car with a crowbar while his pal opens the door and pours flammable liquid into the car’s back seats.

The car instantly bursts into flames and the yob can be seen fleeing the scene with his left arm on fire.

The family’s cries can be heard as they catch sight of the blaze outside their home.

Dad Nick shared a dramatic video of the charred house with the car being gutted by flames in the drive.

He said: “We all got out the house OK, the kids are fine… the dogs are OK. The house is not OK. The kids are at a safe place.

“To the people who have done this, you could have killed our family and not only our family, my neighbours, my friends. It’s unforgivable.”


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