My Dog Has Many “Doppelgangers,” And Here Are My 12 Examples To Prove It


Toby Falkorson is a derpy rescue dog from NYC, and he’s given me so much joy that I want to spread it to others! Sometimes his silliness reminds me of other things, and I’ve started to collect them as a series on Instagram. I call #TobyTwinsies. Which ones do you like best?

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#1 Forget #Tobytwinsies, What About Quadruplets?

#2 Did Salmon Say Fish Sticks?

#3 Grandma Dropped Her Hat On Me, And Now I’m Looking For Someone To Share In An Adventure

#4 Throwback Thursday To When Mom Cut My Hair Too Short, Got Discouraged And Stopped Early, And Then My Aunt Noticed I Reminded Her Of Someone Special

#5 If You Switched These Pics And Couldn’t Tell The Difference, I Wouldn’t Be Cross, I’d Just Be Like… K.K

#6 Hanging (All) Out With The Venus Of Urbino

#7 You Ever Get So Tired You Turn Into An Onigiri?

#8 … What Year Is It?

#9 Mane Squeeze Of My Pride, King Of The Urban Jungle, Guardian Of The Library (Or Local Rec Center)

#10 Who You Gonna Call?!

#11 Jareth’s Junk Lady Wants You To Forget All About Toby, But Don’t You Do It

#12 I Mustache You A Question: Who Wore The Pencil-Stache Best? (Or, Another Tragic Haircut)

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