Love Island is set for dramatic dumping as either Brad or Chuggs will be sent packing from the villa


LOVE Island is set for dramatic dumping as either Brad or Chuggs will be sent packing from the villa tomorrow night.

Tonight viewers were treated to some unseen bits that have happened in the villa over the past seven days.

However everyone is dying to know who bombshell Rachel Finni, 29, is going to send home tomorrow.

The luxury travel expert made her grand entrance on the ITV2 dating show yesterday after Chloe Burrows picked Hugo Hammond in a shock twist.

This left Chuggs and Brad without a partner.

Rachel revealed that she had 24 hours to choose between the labourer and bucket hat entrepreneur.

Who do you think she’s going to pick?

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    Tonight on ITV2 at 9.00pm

    Be there or be square!


    “I feel honoured to of been your boarder since the 10th of February 2020, the only thing I’m grateful to this pandemic for is giving me extra time with you by my side.

    “You’ve been my angel, enjoying the best days with me and getting me through the worst, thank you for the adventures and being the only reason I’ve managed to smile every single day, I owe so much to you.

    “You will forever have a special place in my heart, I’m proud beyond words – I’m praying this is not goodbye more of a see you soon.”


    Speaking in an emotional Instagram post the blonde – revealed she took Flossie in last year before the first lockdown and he got her through some tough times.

    She shared: “Flossie – we knew this day was coming so how is it not any easier?”

  • LOVE Island’s Faye Winter was left heartbroken before entering the villa after being forced to give up her beloved dog Flossie.

    The 26-year-old opened up about being a volunteer for The Guide Dogs for the Blind association and taking in sweet Flossie, who was eventually placed with a new visually-impaired owner.



    Shannon said: “I’m proud of what it has made me, because it has made me a really strong and independent woman. I’ve owned what I’ve done.

    “I was a teenager when I first started doing glamour modeling but it has led me on to a great path.”

    She hates the fact that when women strip off for movies, pop videos or a fashion shoot for a magazine, it’s viewed as art.


    She was in her teens when her mother encouraged her to get into glamour modelling before taking her pictures – images which got her a job within minutes.

  • EX-Love Island star Shannon Singh says she has “no regrets” about her teenage years as a glamour model or having an OnlyFans account.  

    But the DJ and influencer, who left Tuesday’s show after being made a singleton by the arrival of Chloe Burrows, is she’s keen to leave that in her past.


    Love Island’s Shannon Singh defends her OnlyFans past and says it’s no different to actors stripping off in movies…


    He said: “Personally me and Molly don’t live too far away, we are both from Manchester, so that’s definitely a massive bonus if you are both live near each other.

    “Other contestants don’t live near each other, it’s long distance, I feel like that’s a factor in it.

    “It depends on the person and their personality, if you get on with them, you won’t really know. The best thing about Molly is how caring she is.”


    He said: “To be fair I feel like I’ve been used to it [lockdown], I got used to it in the first two or three weeks.

    “I feel like it’s just the normal, obviously because when we were in Love Island together it’s like a lockdown in there.

    “It has definitely brought us closer together and that [marriage] will be on the cards.”


    Callum has said that lockdown brought them “closer together” and admitted that marriage is on the cards.


    He said: “I would just say don’t go in there with a game plan, just be yourself, if you’ve got a game plan it’s not going to go your way.

    “I feel like they’re all being too honest at this point.”


    The Manchester lad has warned contestants not to enter the villa with a “game plan”, and urged them to be as honest as possible with other contestants.


    CONTINUED: Kaz Kamwi and Toby Aromolaran will WIN Love Island, predicts ex Islander Callum Jones

    Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Callum said: “I am watching it [Love Island], I didn’t think I would when I came out of the villa but when all the hype builds up.

    “You kind of get dead interested, so I’ve been watching it ever since the first episode.

    “I said to Molly last night, I reckon Toby and Kaz will do well, if they stay together I reckon they will probably win it.


    Kaz Kamwi and Toby Aromolaran will WIN Love Island, predicts ex Islander Callum Jones

    The Mancunian star, who appeared on the ITV2 dating show last year, believes that lovebirds Kaz and Toby could make it to the final.

  • FUMIN’!

    One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Brad just said a whole lotta nothing #loveIsland.”

    Another posted: “as if this chat was literally just Brad waffling.”

    A third said: “Twitter was literally in a meltdown over not seeing that Brad and Kaz conversation just for it to be Brad buffering #LoveIsland.”


    Brad seemed to be gearing up to pour his heart out about something but he repeatedly stumbled over his words as a patient Kaz sat by his side.

    Eventually the conversation was killed before it even began as the girls down in the garden shouted they had a text prompting the pair to rejoin the group….

  • Brad and Kaz’s secret Love Island balcony chat is finally revealed – and fans are furious

    ALL week Love Island fans have waited to find out what Brad McClelland and Kaz Kamwi’s secret balcony chat was all about.

    On last night’s Unseen Bits the mystery was finally revealed – but it left viewers less than impressed.


    Paige Skinner, who has knowon her since she was 11, told us: “I hope they stay together, they could win. He’s cute and they seem good together. But whatever happens, Lib will be OK because she’s so strong.

    “She is exactly the person she is on the outside in the villa, so confident and bubbly. She’s that girl that will give you a compliment in a nightclub toilet.”


    Paige, who has known Liberty since she was 11, said: “Lib has had a rocky love life. Her relationship with her ex was very on-off for about two years. He cheated on her last September and that was when it ended.

    “She was heartbroken. I think she found out because the other girl told her. He wasn’t having a full-on affair but he made a mistake and that was enough for Lib. Lib has never really felt loved and that is what she’s looking for on the show.”


    Paige Skinner has revealed how the Love Islander was left devastated when she found out her last boyfriend cheated on her.


    He told The Sun: “I’ll always be the one that got away for Chloe. We went through too many ups and downs for it to ever work out.

    “I hope she does meet someone on the show but I don’t think it’ll be like that. She used to tell me she loved me and I know she’s not over me yet.”


    He told The Sun: “The Chloe on screen isn’t who I’ve known for five years. I know Chloe has been told to play the role of a blonde bombshell trying to tempt the boys away from the other girls.

    “I think the producers have told her that if she acts a certain way she will go far on the show.”


    Personal trainer Lewis Fowler, who dated the stunning contestant for five years, says she is really just “timid” and “shy”.

    Read the full story here


    CHLOE Burrows has been manipulated by Love Island bosses to pretend she is a man-eater, and she KNOWS one of the show’s producers, her ex claims.


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