51 People Shared How Their Hamsters Met Their End And It’s So Sad That It’s Actually Funny


Often parents don’t want to adopt a dog or a cat when their children ask for it because it’s a big responsibility and at the end the parents have to take care of the pet if children get bored of it. But sometimes they compromise and buy them a hamster which doesn’t require so much attention and doesn’t live that long but still teaches kids how to take care of sometihings and becomes their friend.

However, because hamsters are so small and not very smart, they are fragile and can die from the smallest things. TikTok user semmillie_x was bored and asked other people how their hamster died knowing that their lives end in the most mysterious ways.

The video got 13.7 million views, 3.1 million people liked it and over 300k people left comments. Most of them were sharing the ways their hamsters perished. And you would think that the comment section should be filled with sadness, but in reality people were just apologizing for laughing because the hamsters got in some random situations and the unexpectedness make you snicker involuntarily.

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it sneezed so hard it died

Image credits: Jules


Mine drowned in the dog water bowl and just floated there

Image credits: Spoggy


My mom vacuumed it by mistake

Image credits: M6


my dad fed it too many doritos. then it died on canada day. i’ll forever love my patriotic baby

Image credits: Stay Hydrated


I popped a balloon and it had a heart attack

Image credits: Sisu


she always climbed up her cage until she broke her neck

Image credits: raven


Mine had a tooth grow out of its nose

Image credits: Mario.marra


Mine died in three days and the lady at Petsmart told us it was “wet-tail” which means diarrhea. He s*** himself to death.

Image credits: Alec Fox


My brother Josh took a pic with flash and it died

Image credits: papito chris


he was rolling around in his ball and we never found the ball again

Image credits: potterhead=swag


Jumped off the dresser into a fan

Image credits: TAC COBRA


When I was 5 I tried cleaning his cage with vacuum and he got sucked into it

Image credits: I love dilfs


One of my books fell o him

Image credits: Hello


I was holding him above my head singing “the circle of life” (lion king) and I dropped him 6 feet. Rip ham ham.

Image credits: Joshua Brady


I sneezed 2 meters away from it and I think it had a heart attack

Image credits: Jk_.


Mine got out, chewed up some wires behind out TV and got shocked to death. He was fried when we found him. I’ve been traumatized since that day.

Image credits: $$


he just started running so fast that he died

Image credits: Agapito_xdg


My dog barked at it and yeah….. it died

Image credits: Noice


He farted and gave himself like a heart attack- idk

Image credits: Gaycha Kid


He drowned in his water pot

Image credits: Harry_Pottah_


She climbed to the top of her cage and fell on her head on her food bowl

Image credits: Blue


i used to have 2, one ate the other, and the one that ate it died from food overload


He fell into candle… and burnt

Image credits: vbananæv5


It ate the wall and choked on it


He got stuck in the freezer

Image credits: Benhiervoormemes


It was too cold in its cage so it froze. we used a blow drier to reheat it then it became alive againand then it died to a heat stroke


Mine were eaten alive by the mother before she died


it refused to eat and it died


jumped off a window


my sister dropped her in the toilet


My friend’s got eaten by the neighbours dog


i was in a hospital, she misse me so much that she died


He fell down the stairs in a hamster ball, he was a runner he was a trackstar

Image credits: mars


Mine disappeard for months then came out from behind the fridge, missing hair, looked up at me and just died on the spot

Image credits: Stuy Lewis


i poked my aunts hamster with a capri sun straw when i was 5 and it had a stroke and died

Image credits: nas


Mine jumped into the frying pan when my mum was trying to make crepes and died of a heat stroke I suppose

Image credits: Gia Mahtani


My dad had one when he was young, and his little sister decided it was thirsty and filled the cage with chocolate milk


Mine was cold so I put it in the microwave


Filled its water thing with vodka


he choked on his food

Image credits: any pronouns


Mine hung itself by its foot in its cage and was there just hanging upside down


not my hamster but my buddies hamster had a heart attack because a garbage bag was too loud


one fell down the stairs in my barbie convertible and the other ate celery

Image credits: BrIdget


it ate its own foot off on my 7th birthday


parents left me alone so I let my hamster free inmy living room.. WHY DID HE RUN STRAIGHT INTO THE FIREPLACE.. I watched titanic to feel better

Image credits: blue


Mine died from spinning all day and night


climbed on top of his cage and fell on his back, snapped his spine


Mine starved bc it fell into my thigh highs


Mine pooped out it’s lungs


one of my hamsters ate the other one because they stayed in the garage and we forgot to feed them


We thought he was dead and burried him but he was hibernating


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