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The Duchess of Cambridge has declared “the time for action is now” on the issue of early childhood development, describing it as the “social equivalent of climate change”.

Kate was speaking as she gathered a panel of experts at a leading London university to discuss the inaugural report of her new Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. She insisted she was not looking for a “quick win” with her early years work, but wanted to take a “holistic approach” to better prepare the next generation of parents.

And she hoped her new institution would make it “more common to speak about emotions and feelings”, enabling adults to better understand how affection affects their own behaviour.

Speaking during the roundtable discussion at the London School of Economics, Kate said was “really excited” to launch the centre, adding: “So my hope today, through the report and through this new centre, to show that change really needs to happen, and the time for action is now.

“Because I feel that this is the social equivalent of climate change, where we followed the science for many, many years. And that is what we have to do with early childhood development if we want to build a happier, heathier world. The more we learn about early childhood and the first five years of life the greater imperative it is to act.”

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