I Created Comics That Show How Some Animal Fathers Are Weird, Wild And Hilarious (20 Pics)


To celebrate Father’s Day, I put together a collection of comics about the diverse roles that fathers take in the animal kingdom.

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#1 Despite A Changing World, Puffin Parents Are Trying Their Hardest

#2 Poison Dart Frog Dads Are Always Up For Giving Piggy-Back Rides

#3 Midwife Toad Fathers “Deliver” Their Offspring

#4 Monteiro’s Hornbill Dads Do All The Work Outside The Tree

#5 Guillemot Chicks Are Brats

#6 Is The Fox Kit Lazy Or Unmotivated?

#7 What If A Surinam Toad Father Has Trypophobia?

#8 Darwin’s Frog Develops Tadpoles In Dad’s Throat!

#9 Pleco Fish Dads Love Showing Off Their Facial Accoutrements

#10 Well At Least Orangutan Moms Like The Look

#11 Spider Kids Are Missing Out On Dad Jokes

#12 Blanket Octopuses Really Want To Be Good Fathers

#13 Termite Dads Stay With Their Queen Through Thick And Thin!

#14 Where Could Eggs Be Safer Than On The Back Of A Water Bug Dad?

#15 Common Cucko Birds

#16 Zebra Shark Dads

#17 Cassowary Dad

#18 Another Doting Darwin’s Frog Dad (If There Are Any Left)

#19 Glass Frogs Need To Be Protective To Keep The Parasites Away

#20 Luckily Duck Moms Have Inverted-Corkscrew Parts

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