Apparently Dogs In Wigs Are An Instagram Trend And Here Are 50 Of The Cutest Ones


Dogs are people’s best friends, but also we like to tease them and see their confused faces. There are so many challenges and trends on the internet that owners try with their furry friends, like playing weird noises to them or giving them food they’re not used to and watching their reactions.


One of those trends is #dogwig. It’s exactly what it sounds like: owners put wigs of various colors on their dogs and take a picture of them, making them look more human-like. It’s a fun trend that will make your day better and researchers actually found that looking at cute animal pictures may increase your productivity.

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You can find all the posts on Instagram under the hashtag #dogwig and look at almost 4k doggos modelling various looks. Some of the pictures are truly impressive, treating the dogs like actual models, but most of them are just taken in the moment, though they aren’t less cute.

You can find anything from cheap blue wigs from costumes to pretty legit-looking ones. So take a look and make your day brighter with these adorable little faces.


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Not only can looking at cute animal pictures improve your mood, it also can boost your productivity. A study led by Hiroshi Nittono concluded that cute images may facilitate improved performance on detail-oriented tasks that require concentration.

This study was focused on cute baby animal pictures, as people are always drawn not only to human babies, but also animal babies. The researchers speculated that “Because cute things produce positive feelings, their influence may extend to other aspects of behavior.”


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The team conducted three experiments. One of them involved university students playing a game similar to Operation. They played it two times: the first time was the control testing and the second time, a part of the students played after looking at baby animal pictures and others looked at adult animal pictures.

This experiment showed that the students that had looked at the baby animal pictures were more successful in completing the tasks. Interestingly, they were slower too, taking more care. The students who looked at adult animal pictures showed no change in the way they performed the task.


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So when you’re looking at cute dog pictures, especially this list, don’t ever feel like you’re wasting time, because it may help you concentrate for your upcoming task. Or it will at least make your day brighter. So let yourself relax a bit and upvote the most stylish puppers in this list that will make you say the biggest ‘aw.’


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