91 Oddly Terrifying Photos That Give People Goosebumps Even If There’s Nothing Seriously Dangerous There


Every now and then we all need a distraction. But how can we surprise someone who’s constantly on the internet? Surely, they’ve seen plenty of crazy stuff. Well, let’s try something different and take a deep dive into the subreddit r/OddlyTerrifying.

It has 1.1 million members, and they’re trying their best to share content that lives up to its name. Who knew that Jim Carrey doing The Grinch face without any makeup can look so sinister? Or that a mosquito flying in front of the lens when a person is taking a photo of a square makes it look like a giant alien invasion?

Most of these images aren’t even that scary or dangerous when you spell them out. But they can still carve themselves into your memory like a vivid nightmare. Enjoy!

#1 Interesting, Funny And Terrifying

Image credits: ddoniolvalcroze

#2 Cabbage Fields. It Looks Like A Field Of Alien Eggs And I Hate It

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 Dried-Up Stingrays Will Haunt My Nightmares

Image credits: NeuroticNurse

#4 Mosquito Flies In Front Of The Lens

Image credits: ThePhantom1994

#5 Costume

Image credits: Master1718

#6 Driftwood Figures Roaming The Forest. By Japanese Artist, Nagato Iwasaki

Image credits: ltJustMe

#7 Birds Running

Image credits: _Empy

#8 Thinking You’ve Come Across A Kkk Meeting

Image credits: guialbusbnbsfdsf

#9 Jim Carey Doing The Grinch Face Without The Use Of Any Makeup

Image credits: SupCJ

#10 An MRI Scan Of Babies During Pregnancy

Image credits: KiWi_pEnCiL36

#11 The Snapdragon Flower When It Dies

Image credits: ICantTyping

#12 This Hermit Crab Using A Discarded Doll Head For A Shell

Image credits: MostlyKelp

#13 What On Earth Happened

Image credits: Adeilen

#14 The Cork-Lid Trapdoor Spider. If You See What Looks Like An Ancient Coin Buried In Sand, Leave It Alone…

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 Just Some Regular Rubber Gloves Washing Accidentally Opened The Gate Of Hell

Image credits: jfrchen1207

#16 A Ladybug Covered In Morning Dew

Image credits: Goopacity

#17 The Sun Bear Literally Looks Like A Man Inside A Bear Costume

Image credits: WhyIsLife12

#18 The Amount Of Birds In Rome

Image credits: JereNess

#19 Not To Jump Into Conclusions But Caves Are Indeed Discreet And Hard To Reach

Image credits: Akephalos_Agares

#20 This.. This Isn’t Right..

Image credits: fallinaditch

#21 Had A Praying Mantis Nest Hatch By My Front Door!

Image credits: emoats83

#22 Giant Hand In Forest

Image credits: maybebaby23

#23 Spookyass Squid Kites

Image credits: Peen_Weinerstien

#24 We All Float On Grandma’s Sofa….

Image credits: korgscrew

#25 This Persons Child Built A Cicada Skin Army

Image credits: m0llief*ckitch

#26 Spiky Contacts

Image credits: mali1321

#27 Quarantine Wedding

Image credits: black_stuff

#28 My Driveway Today

Image credits: Sweatyrando

#29 Imagine Seeing Them In Real Life

Image credits: beastmodekyler

#30 “Urchin Quartz” More Like Nightmare Quartz

Image credits: a_single_crouton

#31 Potatoes Left In A Net For 3 Month

Image credits: Dr_Oster

#32 Sweet Dreams With This Jesus Lamp

Image credits: tiptoeSwell536

#33 This Meme

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 Looks Like A Demon Possessed Her

Image credits: Toxic_deadeye

#35 This Root System Of My Calathea Plant. These Root Nodules Mean It’s Very Healthy, But It’s Unnerving To Look At

Image credits: touchinbutt2butt

#36 The “Skin” Cake I Made To Celebrate The Beginning Of Dermatology Residency. Everyone Thought It Was Delicious

Image credits: Midwest-md

#37 Sheep At Night

Image credits: Antscannabis

#38 A Snowman I Should Not Have Created

Image credits: fudgebringer

#39 Camera In A Furniture Screw

Image credits: gorbrom2

#40 The Guarana Fruit Looks Like An Angel From The Old Testament

Image credits: cinzalunar

#41 Infested Spider Tent

Image credits: memezzer

#42 Went Camping With My Girlfriend. I Woke Up To Pee And She Took This Photo Of Me

Image credits: Gaap321

#43 One Is Portland, The Other Is Fallout 4…………..fallout Has Cleaner Air

Image credits: H-9000

#44 This Is The X-Ray Of A Pregnant Dog

Image credits: huckleberry-finn6

#45 Frog Ritual

Image credits: Effideau

#46 The Danish Special Forces Are Just Militarised Sleep Paralysis Demons

Image credits: Reverend_Giggles

#47 Images Reconstructed From Brain Activity

Image credits: RileyMcB

#48 A Creature Made Entirely Of Cicada Shells

Image credits: nightlyRelay217

#49 This Wendy’s Sign

Image credits: Spinallyspur718

#50 A Dystopian Hell Scape

Image credits: anxietyintensifies

#51 Wtf Nope!

Image credits: arcanophile

#52 Underwater Shark Statue At Lake Neuchâtel

Image credits: 1091drawde

#53 In The 1990 Tmnt Movie Suits The Actors Teeth Can Be Seen The Suits Turtle Teeth

Image credits: Mad3947

#54 Very Humbling Sign Posted Outside A Cemetery In The Middle Of The Woods

Image credits: Poey221

#55 These Manatee’s Legs Creep Me Out So Much

Image credits: Youriclinton

#56 An X-Ray Of A Gymnast Performing An Exercise

Image credits: SomeAccountThatIs

#57 Am I The Only One Who Thinks This Is Horrific?

Image credits: STB011

#58 Totally Not Man Eating Robots

Image credits: PlayfulYetBored

#59 Bible Accurate Angels Be Like: “Do Not Be Afraid”

Image credits: JUGOHUGOMUGO987

#60 Manatee Skeletons Have Hands

Image credits: QuackingGander

#61 Vivarium

Image credits: Financial-Grand2209

#62 No, Thank You

Image credits: mastodonte88

#63 Civilians Taking Care Of Zoo Animals In Their Own Homes During Wwii

Image credits: d3yv3l

#64 Creepy Ass Face Looking Windows In This Roof…

Image credits: soonerbornnbred

#65 Harpy Eagle

Image credits: iNonEntity

#66 Now Imagine This With Dense Fog Around. Wicklow, Ireland

Image credits: ALittleUseless

#67 Russian Bear Hunting Armor

Image credits: chadowikku

#68 The Passer-Through-Walls (Le Passe-Muraille) Sculpture In The Paris Catacombs

Image credits: WhyIsLife12

#69 Chain Chomp Made From Amethyst

Image credits: AastrixOfficial

#70 Pulpit Rock From Above With A Growing Crack

Image credits: AndreVonDrei

#71 What Has He Seen?

Image credits: Howard_Sway

#72 This Finding Dory Night Light Is Perfect For Kids!

Image credits: TheEdgeOfDawn

#73 Is It Just Me Or Is This Very Disturbing

Image credits: Decaying_Hero

#74 This Bridge In India…

Image credits: 212134

#75 Some Of You May Remember My Husband’s Lunatic Paintings Of His Father – Here’s A Recent Self-Portrait

Image credits: the_mews

#76 This Potato

Image credits: arcanophile

#77 Woman Designs Masks That Are Custom Printed With Your Own Face

Image credits: ladyabercrombie

#78 This Car Design I Have To Witness Everyday

Image credits: supremeshirt1

#79 Dangerous Blanket

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#80 Not Sure If Anyone Else Will Agree With This But I Find It Unsettling

Image credits: ChickenOatmeal

#81 Inflatable Life-Size Whale Outside My Neighbors House

Image credits: BooBerries2

#82 Just Poppin A Squat

Image credits: deadlefties

#83 First The Cat Licker Now This…

Image credits: abrohamaloo

#84 Disney Technicians Repairing An Animatronic Figure

Image credits: Revenantaverting145

#85 I Don’t Even Know How To Describe How This Looks

Image credits: iggyazaleasucks

#86 Frogs In A Tight Space

Image credits: ops_castlebravo

#87 My Boyfriend Fell Asleep Making Pizza, It Cooked For Nine Hours

Image credits: Ipreferpintrest

#88 You Are What You Eat

Image credits: pkkballer22

#89 These Two Dogs

Image credits: definitelyhooman

#90 This Slender Dog

Image credits: BassemTwin

#91 This Wet Dog

Image credits: mrmann9

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