Friends Star Lisa Kudrow Joins Disney+ Musical Comedy Better Nate Than Ever


Fresh off the Friends reunion, Lisa Kudrow is the first cast member to be announced for Disney+’s upcoming musical comedy Better Nate Than Ever. The film is being produced by Marc Platt, who has been behind recent hits such as Mary Poppins Returns, La La Land and the newly released Cruella. The news was revealed by, and it is the first mention of who will be starring in the production, which began casting earlier this year. While noted as a musical, and casting calls going out for two children with the ability to sing, it is thought that Kudrow will not be joining in any of the singing.

The movie is based on Tim Federle’s book series, with the author signed on as writer and director. Filming is already underway in New York, which makes it more impressive that Disney have managed to keep the casting of Kudrow and the rest a secret. The story centres on 13 year old Nate Foster, the typical unpopular kid who gets through the day by having vivid fantasies about working as a star on Broadway.

In reality, Nate struggles to even get a role of any merit in his middle schools dramas, usually ending up as third tree in chorus scenes. When Nate and his friend Libby come up with a plan to take a trip to New York with the idea of auditioning for roles in Lilo and Stitch The Musical, without their parent’s knowledge, it looks like Nate could be about to make his dreams of stardom come true, however, as their journey turns into a farce, it seems that the whole world is out to threaten his Broadway career before it even starts.

Lisa Kudrow plays Heidi in the movie, Nate’s long-lost Aunt, who managed to put an even bigger spin on his plans. However, as is usually the case, to make their dreams come true it seems that they might actually need each other. It certainly sounds like the standard Disney family fare that has made the company successful for decades, and tapping into the current popularity of the musical genre can only help make it another hit for the studio when it releases some time in 2022.

While still being best known for her role as Phoebe Buffay in Friends, Kudrow has very rarely been away from the big and small screen in the last three decades, having appeared in movies such as Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion way back in 1997, through PS I Love You in 2007, The Girl On The Train in 2016 and Boss Baby in 2017, which gets a sequel this year with the star reprising her role. All in all, Kudrow’ s movies have pulled in over $2 billion at the worldwide box office, and it doesn’t look like she plans on slowing down anytime soon.

While fans were pleased to see her reunited with her fellow “Friends” in the recent HBO Max special – which reportedly earned her a cool $2.5 million for just turning up – it is believed that it will be the only reunion that the show’s millions of dedicated followers will be getting, so with the likes of Better Nate Than Ever in the works, at least they can look forward to getting their Kudrow fix elsewhere, this next time on Disney+.


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