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Have you ever heard someone say that their life is “like a movie” because of all the unbelievable things happening to them? Movies are indeed as good as their ability to leave a viewer shocked, touched or in consideration. And of course, I guess most of us have that friend or we are that friend that loves to be a “movie critic”, pointing out every little detail that is wrong in the movie. Characters going straight into a deadly trap, stopping their car in the woods in the middle of the night, then running like Usain Bolt himself from death, and of course, managing to escape it. Sometimes the movie plot is so involving that we might not notice some little details that make the movie scenario less relatable to real life.

Having this in mind, Reddit users shared their Shower Thoughts on some strange movie plot choices that actually make sense in real life. From Bruce Almighty changing the way we spell B-E-A-UTIFUL to kids sent to die in a fight in The Hunger Games, showing that this was actually a pretty common practice throughout our history.

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The rich sending the children of the poor to die in combat in the Hunger Games is actually the norm throughout human history.

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Even though the number and the variety of these thoughts are high, one of the most commented movies is about wizard Harry Potter. The movie is based on the seven books written by J.K Rowling throughout the years 1997-2007. The very first movie was released in 2001. The success of the series of books and movies about the magical world is seen to this day. Harry and two other main characters, Rony and Hermione, have fans all around the world and one of the strongest fandoms one could imagine.


The townsfolk might have liked Belle from Beauty and the Beast more if she hadn’t constantly danced around town singing about how boring they all were.

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If wookies have a 400 year life span, then Han Solo is basically like Chewbacca’s third dog.

The story tells us about a boy who lives in miserable conditions when one day he finds out that he actually is a wizard and the rest is history. Even though the plot of the movies is full of fantasy and magic elements that necessarily should make sense, some members of Reddit point out some surprising but logical ideas that get to question the world depicted in these series.


Batman could prevent more crime by investing money into Arkham Asylum security measures.

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If a sequel to a movie doesn’t have the screenwriters or directors of the first movie in it, it’s basically just a high-budget fanfiction

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Superman’s most unappreciated power is his extraordinary fine motor skill. He has almost unlimited strength and can literally move mountains, yet is also able to shake someone’s hand without inadvertently ripping off their arm.

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Some comments notice that these characters have the ability to stop serious world problems such as shortage of food, energy and space, but instead are concerned about totally different matters. Some people were questioning the privacy issues with actual owls delivering mail. And have you ever thought about how hard it would be for the main three to find a job after school as they barely went there and did not take any exams?


The most futuristic thing in the Star Wars universe is probably that planets are always seen as one unity and not hundreds of countries.

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You could cosplay as Winnie the Pooh with just a red shirt and confidence.


In the Harry potter universe, couples could take polyjuice potion and swap bodies then have sex to see what it’s like from both perspectives.

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I guess there are so much more to wonder about. Maybe you found some major discrepancies in some movies too? Don’t forget to share it in the comments below!


The wizarding world in Harry Potter can multiply food as much as they want, but still choose not to end global hunger.

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Dr. Strange is a movie about the importance of saving before a final boss.

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It’s weird that Hobbits don’t have a foot washing station at their entry considering how dirty their feet must get and how clean their homes are.

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Mufasa caused a lot of damage to the Pridelands ecosystem by exiling the hyenas.

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In hindsight, Simba running away after Mufasa died was a good move. If he came back without his dad after his whole “I just can’t wait to be king” song, he might have been a prime suspect.


The main child actors in Harry Potter were tutored on set so they theoretically went to school at Hogwarts.


Amputating Mike Wazowski’s legs would be exactly the same as beheading him.

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Considering that Cinderella’s glass slipper did not turn back to her normal after midnight when it fell off, if Cinderella had completely stripped off she could probably have kept the whole dress.

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Peter Parker must’ve been really confused when he met Nick Fury, since he’s such a big fan of Star Wars, and Nick fury played Mace Windu.

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In Home Alone, Uncle Franks says “look what you did you little jerk” to Kevin’s face. Meanwhile Kevin’s dad just sat there while his brother verbally abused his son. Peter McCallister was a bad dad BEFORE he forgot Kevin on 2 separate trips. Maybe that’s why Kevin was acting out in the first place.


Since The Matrix was released in 1999, cellphones have been replacing landlines and payphones, the only way that we were shown how to get out.


The Cars universe doesn’t seem to have any humans in it, but there seems to be billions of cars. Cars need gas, which is created from organic matter. So, the apparent lack of humans makes… more sense.

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Harry Potter is way too emotionally stable for a kid raised by a family who hates him.


If people from the Star Wars universe ever came to Earth, the fact that it has deserts, rain forests, prairies, tundras AND oceans would probably be a real mind f**k for them.


Quidditch at Hogwarts is pay to win, due to the enormous difference in broom quality and the wealth gap between students.


If Star Trek-like transporter technology were invented, the airline industry would spend billions to discredit it as unsafe and scary.


Aquaman’s skin is impenetrable by normal blades, bullets and more… Which makes you wonder how he got his tattoos in the 2018 movie.


Owls are a major security flaw in the Harry Potter world, all you have to do is write a letter to whoever you’re looking for and follow the owl.

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In Lord of the Rings, Orcs don’t seem to get paid or have a very good quality of life, yet they are very enthusiastic about their work.

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The ship in Wall-E uses up energy for artificial gravity just to put people in anti-gravity chairs.

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For being a high school in Europe, Hogwarts has a surprising lack of cigarettes.


Hogwarts’ assignments on 3 or 4 feet of parchment seem really long until you realize that the length of an A4 paper is 11.7 inches. Harry constantly complained about writing a 4-page essay.


If you saw the movie jaw backwards, it’s a heartwarming story about a shark, which gives arms and legs to people who are disabled.


In zombie TV shows and movies, wrecked cars never have airbags deployed.

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Avatar, the highest grossing film of all time, seems to have made zero impact on culture. No one references the movie and no one really talks about it since it was released 10 years ago.


In movies, there are two kinds of vents. Human sized vents and vents that are big enough only for the smallest, least experienced member of the group.


Elsa is pretty athletic for a person that was locked up in her room since she was young until she turned 21.


The most unrealistic thing about Toy Story is that after 14 years Woody still has his hat.


The hardest thing to believe about Batman is that not 1 distant relative tried claiming him in order to inherit the Wayne fortune.


Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies probably still thinks Santa is real. He was taken from Earth as a kid and then raised in space around aliens and crazy creatures the rest of his life. He probably assumes Santa is an alien.


One day the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be remade and we’ll all hate it.


Harry Potter could have been hallucinating everything due to carbon monoxide poisoning by being stuck in the cupboard under the stairs.


When they filmed the Matrix “There is no spoon” part, they would have had to pretend to hold a spoon in order to cg a bending spoon…thus making the statement true. There really was no spoon in that scene.


In Despicable Me, the entrance to the villain bank is in the middle of three urinals, which makes sense because no sane person would use the middle urinal to avoid being right next to someone while peeing. Plus only a villain would use the middle urinal to create the chaos anyway.


Big Hero 6 is about the importance of backing up your work.

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There must be millions of people who still spell out B-E-A-UTIFUL in their head the same way Jim Carrey did in Bruce Almighty.


If the wizards in Harry Potter really wanted they could create a society with unlimited food, space and energy that could vastly improve Humanity as a whole, instead they just hide like assholes.


The Titanic moved over liquid water, was powered by water vapor and was sunk by frozen water.


If it wasn’t for their fame, Harry, Ron and Hermione probably wouldn’t have gotten jobs since they didn’t attend the last year of school and didn’t take their leaving exams.


Shrek says “hold the phone” even though telecommunication does not seem apparent within the Shrek universe.


Clark Kent would be outed as Superman pretty fast if he ever accidentally pushed a pull door.

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