I Created An Among Us Movie About Hamster Impostor


One can hardly imagine the Among Us game with hamsters. These cute little pets look for an impostor, sabotage, and behave the way we least expect them to.

Two episodes based on one of the most popular games have already been released. November of 2020 alone had 500 million people playing this game. 500 million, Carl. And the guys from the popular Youtube channel “Come and Enjoy – Homura Ham” have recreated it for their little pets.

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The Skield

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In the first episode, the hamster starts his space journey and goes through the Skeld map. The hamster gets on a ship, tries to fix it, and flies off to Polus planet.
The main character, who plays on behalf of everyone from the creative team, enthusiastically explores the rooms and copes with uneasy tasks, showing his wit and ingenuity. He is attacked, attempted to kill, but nothing can stop the hamster from achieving his goal. His mission is not to let the ship explode and reach the space station.
Do you watch ‘Behind the scenes’? Make sure you watch this video until the very end. The guys have shared some behind-the-scenes footage. Fancy the cuteness – eight little white hamsters, filmed in one scene. Check out the video for the rest of it.

Image credits: www.youtube.com

Hamster impostor Among Us ep. 1 – The Skeld

In the second episode, he lands on the Polus planet, where that very station is located.
Here, the little hamster is in for no less dangerous tasks. Upon arrival, all he discovers on the planet is the bodies of the research group, which means that now he has to expose the Impostor and liquidate him.
The plot keeps you in suspense and will not leave anyone indifferent. Watching the hamster fulfilling his tasks is utterly captivating: get water, fix the electricity, smash the asteroids and fly away from this planet.

Image credits: www.youtube.com

Hamster impostor Among Us ep. 2 – Polus ūüėą

Mira HQ
And here we‚Äôre approaching the main and most interesting part… the third episode… Mira HQ map.
This video has exceeded all our expectations. In this video, you will see the third series of adventures of the hamster Rambo. He arrives at the headquarters of the MIRA corporation, where a series of mysterious murders continues to haunt him. Our hero has to find out what terrible truth is hidden behind all these victims. New murders, twists in the plot, and spectacular visuals. This is what we could least expect from a little hamster. We highly recommend this video for watching.

Image credits: www.youtube.com

Hamster impostor Among Us ep. 3 – MIRA HQ

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