There’s A Group Where People Share Pics Of Cats Meowing So Loud You Can Almost Hear These Images (30 New Pics)


The ameowzing thing about cat posts is that they’re a carte blanche for me to use as meowny puns as I like. And for that, I’m eternally grateful to our feline overlords who let me know what they desire by meowing at me until I get things right.

Speaking of our overlords, there’s an entire online community dedicated to documenting cats meowing, hissing, yelling, and everything in between, called r/Catswhoyell. The subreddit has 408k meowmbers and has been up and about on Reddit since the summer of 2018. These photos are so evocative, you can practically hear the sounds the cats are making. We’ve collected the best ones to make your day, Dear Pandas, so go on, have a look and remember to pet the cats you liked the most by clicking on those upvote buttons.

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#1 I Lost My Little Girl To Cancer Yesterday Morning. She Was Great At Yelling And Getting Herself Into Situations That Could Only Be Fixed By Yelling (Her Logic). Please Enjoy These Shots Of Her Yelling. Goodbye Sasha, I’ll Miss You Forever

Image credits: thelaserviking

#2 She Screams

Image credits: dokidoki_meow

#3 Foster Mama Telling Me All About Her Babies!

Image credits: might_be_magic

The ‘Cats Who Yell’ subreddit is all about cats making sounds and communicating with the outside world. Or, in the moderators’ words, “All yells are valid and good,” however, “Yawns will be shamed.”

In short, it’s not enough for a cat to have its mouth open to be featured on the subreddit. The photos have to capture the essence of the meows. So much so that you can almost hear them when looking at the pics.

#4 He Do A S C R E M

Image credits: CatVonTea

#5 This Is The Funniest Picture I’ve Ever Taken Of Basil

Image credits: LavastormSW

#6 Just Found This Sub, I Believe This Picture Of Bala Belongs In Here

Image credits: twinpeaksbel

The subreddit also values fairness and wants its members to share original content. Failing that, they’re asked to at least provide a source to credit the original posters and to avoid claiming cute cats as though they were their own when they’re not.

#7 I Was An Anti-Cat Person Before This ‘Dual Colored Nose’ Thingy Chose To Stay At My Terrace 6 Months Ago

Image credits: rama_2-17

#8 Mid Yell!!!!

Image credits: 13misha_09

#9 He Wants The Damn Window Open And He Wants It Open Now (Note The Multiple Scratches)

Image credits: lawyersgunznmoney90

Furthermore, the ‘Cats Who Yell’ moderators have created a hilariously detailed (and adorable) guide to flairing. In case you didn’t know, flairs are Reddit’s way of helping subreddits categorize their content. Think of them as keyword tags on an online article or sections in your local library.

#10 Doobie Burns, My Best Boy, Passed Away Yesterday Suddenly. My Mom And I Were There For Him As He Crossed The Rainbow Bridge. I Miss Him So Much

Image credits: lucyford20

#11 Today In Images U Can Hear: My Cat Kenzo Going To The Vet

Image credits: GABEXICO

#12 Ever Since My Kitten Learned To Meow Properly, She Has Been Makin It Very Clear When She Wants To Enter The House!

Image credits: Tr3khaak

For instance (and I’ve got to give the mods props for this), the subreddit has two separate flairs for people talking to cats. The first one is the ‘Human Conversationalist’ where a person talks to the cat and the cat meows back. Meanwhile, there’s a separate category for ‘Human Conmeowsationalist’ where the person meows and the cat meows back.

#13 Meeeeeoooow

Image credits: coxinhastark

#14 The Camera Couldn’t Handle The Power Of His Yell

Image credits: ForceYouToBeCold

#15 Look At Those Teefs! He Was Screaming Because He’s Spoiled And Only Drinks From The Sink

Image credits: Melissa93xo

There are other fun flairs such as “Baby Cat mew mew mewmew mewmewmew” (yes, it’s that long). “Aw Lawd They Yellin’,” and who can forget about “Calm down, dear kitty!” for angry cats. There really is enough room for all kinds of meows. As long as they’re not yawns!

#16 Oh Lawd He Hungry (A Picture You Can Hear)

Image credits: Not-Quinn

#17 If You Yell Directly Into Their Ear They Can’t Ignore You…!

Image credits: ig_gnome_inious

#18 Rip Lyra, My Best Friend. Adopted Her 12 Years Ago At Age 6 After She Was Returned To The Shelter Twice. So Much Attitude, And Always Demanding Her Food On Time (See: Photo). You’re Already So Missed

Image credits: Kyliep87

#19 Aang Finds It Unacceptable That I’m Eating Pizza And Won’t Share

Image credits: lesbianwalongsword

#20 Sorry For Disturbing You On Your Throne, Your Majesty!

Image credits: BunbunBunny

#21 Yelling At Me In An Attempt To Corral Me To Her Food Bowl

Image credits: dognie

#22 Current Petting Insufficient, Additional Pets Must Be Applied To Proceed Up The Stairs

Image credits: chapstickaddict

#23 Steve Yelling At Me For Waking Him Up In The Middle Of His Nap

Image credits: Temporary_Economy_40

#24 This Cat Lives Next Door To My Office And Comes To Scream For Attention

Image credits: xspacemermaidx

#25 Meowtaimber

Image credits: vpdots

#26 Adopted This Boy On The Spot Today. His Name Is Stevie Wonder And He’s A Blind Cat Who Loves To Be Held And Scream

Image credits: DENNEMI

#27 These Are The Only Kind Of Pictures You Can Get Of My Uncles Cat

Image credits: realbigtrains

#28 Caught Her Mid Yell In The Guitar Case

Image credits: missnikkig

#29 Very Shouty Boy

Image credits: emilyveejay

#30 My Gdad (Granddad) Loves This Photo So Much I Framed It For Him For Christmas

Image credits: smallxcat

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