92 Times Pets Accidentally Looked Terrifying


When you see the sheer fame of internet-famous stars like Doug the Pug, Jiff Pom, and Nala Cat, who have millions of followers under their belt, it’s easy to think our furballs are born for the camera, if not for Hollywood, too.

But as soon as you scroll through the camera roll to see the results of a spontaneous shoot you just pulled off, you are left with a cold moment of expectation vs reality. Or worse, some of our beloved pets are the very opposite of photogenic, which makes them resemble unpettable demons, wild chupacabras, and crazed beasts who seem like they played with the Ouija board a little too much.

Bored Panda has compiled a collection full of precisely these photographic cases that show one thing: no matter the photographic ugliness, we still think of our pets as the most beautiful ones, and don’t anyone dare to say otherwise.

#1 This Dog’s Shadow

Image credits: Acetylated_Morphine

#2 She’s Beauty And She’s Grace

Image credits: BookerDeWittsCarbine

#3 He Is Not A Devil. He Is Just A Cat In Flour

Image credits: teddy-bear-the1st

#4 She Loves The Blower

Image credits: vinkulelu

#5 Give Me Those Tweezers

#6 This Dog With Bald Filter

Image credits: realupcomingmovies

#7 Feeding Time Was An Hour Ago, Jessica

Image credits: thegoldenthumbb

#8 Xerex, The Unpettable

Image credits: Frosty015

#9 His Favorite Companion. He Carries It On Our Walks And Scares The Neighborhood Kids

Image credits: nonmimeticform

#10 Jackson Smiling Is Kinda Terrifying

Image credits: IanRiosDub

#11 I’m Not Sure What I Did, But I’m Sorry

Image credits: Gussaroo

#12 Meet Sinister Cat. Plotting To Take Over The World

Image credits: pleasuretohaveinclas

#13 Men And Women Fled In Horror When The Creature Emerged From The Depths

Image credits: csillagasz

#14 I Feel Like I Just Interrupted A Meeting For Little Demons

Image credits: HonestDav

#15 I Caught My Mom’s Dog Playing In Her Curtains And Thought It Would Make A Cute Picture. The Result Was Nightmare Fuel

Image credits: aggravatedmonkey

#16 Baby Photo Of Wolfie

Image credits: wolfie_smiles

#17 Cursed Forest

Image credits: Someoneman

#18 This Dog Trying To Catch A Ball

Image credits: pm_me_raccoon_vids

#19 I Took A Picture Of Our Dog Mid-Yawn

Image credits: ImportGuy

#20 Murphy Seems To Have A Bit Of Devil In Him

Image credits: Snowhogs

#21 Friends Dog Got Skunked And She Tried To Use Tomato Sauce To Get It Out. He Looks Like He Just Committed Murder And Got Caught

Image credits: wolfinsheeps

#22 This Cats Muscles

Image credits: ItisiQuavo

#23 This Lil’ Hairless Hamster

Image credits: LNREMILIO

#24 My Parent’s Cat Prince Lost His Nose A Few Years Ago To Skin Cancer And I Think He Looks A Bit Like Voldemort Now, And Has A Similar Attitude

Image credits: WhenIsNaptime

#25 I Caught A Yawn

Image credits: spacegh0st665

#26 The Face Your Cat Gives You After You Forget About Him Being Outside All Night

Image credits: Bprior6

#27 This Cat Has Very Prominent Teeth

Image credits: beckolyn

#28 There’s A Lot Of Reasons Why Your Mailman Might Not Deliver Your Packages, And This Is One Of Them. I Can Handle A Dog, But Not A Dog With An Axe

Image credits: Tim Smith

#29 That Spooked The Hell Out Of Me

Image credits: frex4

#30 Owning A Hairless Cat Occasionally Results In Nightmare Material

Image credits: stinkyrat

#31 Tiny Demon

Image credits: Clayterss

#32 Brigand Got His Head Stuck Into The (Freeze-Dried Chicken) Treat Jar And Now He Looks Like A Demon And Omg I’m Dying

Image credits: Madfluffs

#33 “My Claws Are Needles. My Teeth Are Tacks. I Am Despair. I. Am. Fluff”

Image credits: Sweetsweetends

#34 I Found The Cheshire Cat. He Lives In My Apartment Complex

Image credits: recon455

#35 My Dog Its Trying To Scare The Shit Out Of Me

Image credits: erethenn

#36 Went To Yawn And Accidentally Summoned Venom

Image credits: kingofjesmond

#37 My Dog Has Heterochromia – Her Blue Eye Reflects Red And Her Brown Eye Reflects Blue

Image credits: kneesweakarmspenne

#38 My Dog Has Turned In My Sleep Paralysis Demon

Image credits: camlamadingdong

#39 Where Are The Treats

Image credits: WookieMcspunion

#40 Snapped A Pic Of Our Husky (Lola) Just As She Sneezed. It’s One Of The Most Terrifying Things I’ve Seen

Image credits: hublar

#41 Petrie Thought My Girlfriend’s Hairbun Was Something That Would Eat Him, And This Is The Freeze Frame From The Video We Got

In reality he’s the sweetest, most cuddling little boy.

Image credits: Dakada212

#42 Sphynx Cat With No Eyes

Image credits: kimwoodburnfan

#43 Here Is My Cat, Calcifer. I Keep Trying To Tell Him Not To Summon Demons In The Kitchen But You Know How Cats Can Be

Image credits: snowjockey

#44 Not Gonna Lie, If I Saw This Upon Entering The Bathroom At 3:00 AM, Pants Would Be Shat

Image credits: Aquilleph

#45 When You Put A Pancake On Your Cat’s Face Because You Think It’s Gonna Be Cute But Instead It Gives You Nightmares

Image credits: wick720

#46 A House Near Me Has A Bit Of A Cat Problem

Image credits: Ipad207

#47 Never Calm Before The Storm

Image credits: fransisco_flores

#48 I Accidentally Adopted A Terrifying Demon In A Catsuit

Image credits: Batmanx

#49 I Think My Dog Needs An Exorcist

Image credits: quince6

#50 Are Those Chicken Or Frog Legs?

Image credits: SilkyJohnson666

#51 Schmile

Image credits: TTT727DLCS

#52 Chimichanga’s First Bath

Image credits: PoppinAScallop

#53 Macklin, The Levitating Dog

Image credits: PatrickSFG

#54 When You Put Together A Furniture From IKEA Without Looking At The Instruction

Image credits: Thai_Mango

#55 Poor Kitty Fighting For Life After Neck Gets Snapped By Evil Assassin’s

Image credits: brettmagnetic

#56 I Was Taking A Picture Of A Cat At Work And This Happened

Image credits: lavalamp388

#57 Friend’s Dog Looks Eerily Human

Image credits: Rrredditstutter

#58 This Dog With Its Mouth Open

Image credits: taykaybo

#59 Cat Gave Me A Scare This Morning

Image credits: bessiboom

#60 Caught My Lil Panther Mid Yawn

Image credits: reggaejunkyjeww

#61 My Dog Thinks Licking The Window Will Get Our Attention To Let Him In… Boy Did It Work

Image credits: Dtown_boii

#62 Doggygorgon

Image credits: yosefwaits

#63 Blurry But Goofy Pup Eating His Foot

Image credits: cheers.for.chupey

#64 Caught My Husky Mid-Sneeze And It Is A Little Terrifying

Image credits: TheBlondey

#65 I Operate A Dayhome And Have An Incredibly Gentle Dog, When The Kids Are Eating I Put Him Behind A Gate Because He Is A Food Thief! This Is The Typical Face He Makes When I Lock Him Up

Image credits: kwilky

#66 I Tried To Photograph A Sweet Moment Of My Dogs Cuddling, Instead I Captured The Spawn Of Satan

Image credits: lolligaggins

#67 This Wet Dog

Image credits: GoldHusky

#68 Apparently Eating Peanut Butter Is The Last Step In Summoning The Devil. Who Knew

Image credits: break_me_down

#69 Mid Yawn Teefies Looking Devilish

Image credits: Elizajaynez

#70 My Dog Sleeps With Her Eyes Wide Open

Image credits: pullarius1

#71 Can You Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue?

Image credits: atchoumthecat

#72 This Sheepdog With A Shaved Head

Image credits: StaceyLades

#73 Cat Inside A Dollhouse

Image credits: Nephdy

#74 Call An Exorcist

Image credits: bajinglez

#75 He May Be A Demon, But He’s My Demon

Image credits: PhoenixGlow

#76 Weirdly Tall Cats

Image credits: Isaacpastor

#77 Malala Looks Cute And Kinda Creepy

Image credits: azaraf

#78 This Cat Was At The Playground All Alone

Image credits: DontQuoteThisComedy

#79 Long Boi And His Sidekick, Demon-Eye Boi

Image credits: definitelyhooman

#80 Enzo Playing Around, Looking A Little Crazy

Image credits: silver_vero

#81 My Name Is Wilma, And I Like Frisbees

Image credits: aslendermammal

#82 He Yawn

Image credits: OhbamanableSnowman

#83 My Cat With His Eyes Open But Pupils Closed

Image credits: Cain777c

#84 Woke Up At 6am, Looked Over The Side Of The Bed And Found This

Image credits: CataractsOfSamsMum

#85 Do We Accept Evil Cats Here?

Image credits: Paddy32

#86 Wanted A Cute Picture. Got Demon

Image credits: servantofdumbcat

#87 Meet Haunted, The Bat Cat

Image credits: royce3709

#88 What Do You Mean We Are Not Going To The Park?

Image credits: C0CK_

#89 Demon Dog

Image credits: Cldizzle88

#90 Demon Dog Or Mid Sneeze. She’s A Big Ole Sweet Dane, Just Sneezing

Image credits: Yachats123

#91 Cursed Marshmallow Catch

Image credits: thatstightbutthole1

#92 The Creature From My Besties Lagoon

Image credits: scorpio_x_savage

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