Two Sanitation Workers Rescue A Kitty From A Trash Bag, And The Cat Is Now On Its Way To Recovery


There’s a saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. It’s hard to comprehend how sometimes even the cutest of pets can be considered trash, but unfortunately, it is a reality. There are hundreds of furry fluffers being thrown out into the garbage across the globe, and many people find this unacceptable and outrageous. And it shouldn’t be accepted. The person who did this is the trash that needs to be disposed of.

Two NYC Department of Sanitation workers, William Montero and John Kase, initially thought that Monday was going to be just another day’s work as they started their daily routine in Queens. While they were tossing garbage bags into the back of the truck, they heard a meow. Montero hoped it was just a toy, but it wasn’t. There was a kitten crying for help.

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Hopper, a 10-week-old kitten, was found in a sealed garbage bag by two New York Sanitation workers

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Montero couldn’t believe it. He was shocked. “Who would do this? Putting the cat in the bag… There are so many different outlets to get to help a cat with a better life than to put it in a bag and tie it up and tape around the top. I can’t help but think it was intentional,” said the sanitation worker with 18 years of experience in the field.

William Montero and John Kase were on their usual route in Queens. As they were tossing the bag in to the back of the truck, they heard a meow for help in one of the bags

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The kitten was very frightened and cautious at first and didn’t want to dwell in the box for too long

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He and his colleague John Kase opened the bag and found a scared little kitten. Just to be sure, they checked all the other bags for more cats, and fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, he was the only one. They removed a piece of gunk from his eyes, and the worker put the kitten against his chest to soothe him. The workers thought about giving him a name, and debated between Rusty and Hopper. They went with Hopper, which is a nickname for the back of the garbage truck, from which the poor cat was saved.

One of the workers put him against his chest to soothe him

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They decided on the name Hopper, as it’s a nickname for the back of the garbage truck. Their supervisor took him to the vet as they carried on with their work

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They called their supervisor to take him to the vet so they could carry on with their duties. Hopper was brought to the vet, and it was estimated that he was about 10 weeks old and had eye and upper respiratory infections. Later he was taken to Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue, where they found him a foster home until Hopper finds forever home. Montero and Kase bought a cat bed and some supplies as a parting gift.

Montero and Kase gifted a bed as a parting gift. Hopper was then sent to Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue

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Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue founder Denise Hock commented on the whole situation. “People are just disgusting,” Hock said. “What would go through someone’s mind to tie a cat in a bag and kill it? If you don’t want it, call someone. Take it to a precinct. There are so many shelters. It makes no sense why someone would do something so horrible.”

As of now, the kitten is recovering in a foster home. His health is stabilizing and he’s looking for a forever home

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All is well that ends well. Hopper is recovering and waiting for his new home. His health is stable, and he’s healing from the whole trauma and his infections. Let’s hope Hopper hops into a new stage of his life.

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