Guy Moves Into A New House, His Neighbor Demands That He Keep His Dogs Inside So Her Children Can Play On His Lawn


A person’s home is their castle and we should all respect that. Right? Well, it seems like it doesn’t much matter if you’ve found the perfect house to live in if your neighbors are nosy, privileged, and willing to soil your reputation if you don’t give in to their demands.

That’s exactly what one redditor, a dermatologist in his thirties, experienced after moving to a new house that had a lawn for his well-trained dogs. However, his idyllic life quickly came to an end after his neighbor showed up and demanded that they keep his dogs inside… so that her children can play on the dog owner’s lawn. This just drips of privilege, doesn’t it?

Check out FaultFabulous’s full story below, dear Pandas. Oh, and there’s one thing that you should be aware of before we start: the lawn was already fenced.

A man shared how his entitled neighbor started making demands about his property the moment he moved into his new home

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At the end of the day, the lawn belongs to FaultFabulous. Since it’s his property, he’s allowed to do pretty much anything he wants to there, as long as he’s not violating the law. Couple that with the fact that his dogs are well-trained and rarely bark and you’ve got a perfect case of a person simply wanting to be left alone in peace.

Besides the entitlement, what also gets us really mad is the fact that the neighbor started spreading nasty rumors about the dog owner after she didn’t get her own way.

It’s like a scene from a TV show—a ramped-up version of Desperate Housewives. Ugh, the suburbs only sound great in your head, don’t they? They can be a nasty hive of wasps if you don’t immediately conform to the local community’s expectations.

Nobody wants to start an all-out war with their neighbors. However, in certain cases, it’s inevitable. Especially when diplomacy fails. If your neighbor is being incredibly belligerent, continues to disrespect your property rights, and is making your life hell, call the police. If that doesn’t help, consider taking them to court.

Of course, few people would want to start legal processes over a disagreement over a lawn. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and is bound to turn the community against you even more. So before you take that step, try talking to the disruptive neighbor directly. Be firm but polite, set out very clear boundaries for what you find (un)acceptable, but try to get to know their side of the story better. Who knows, you might find an unexpected compromise.

If that doesn’t work, well, then it’s time to get the other neighbors involved. Is there a local association that you could address everyone? Is there a different kind of potential mediator who could step in and help oversee the disagreement? Explore your options (and then maybe sue them because nobody’s going to be taking away your dogs’ lawn from them!).

But in all seriousness, if the neighbors are toxic and making your life miserable, perhaps it’s worth thinking about moving. Somewhere where the lawns are huge, the neighboring kids are respectful, everybody loves dogs and respects each other’s privacy.

The redditor gave some extra context about the situation later on



Here’s how people reacted when they read the dermatologist dog owner’s story

So, dear Pandas, what did you think of the story? Who do you think was in the right, the owner or the neighbor? Did this thrilling tale get your ‘get off my lawn’ and ‘dogs are awesome’ sense tingling? Have you ever had to manage a conflict with a neighbor? Share your thoughts and experiences below.

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