I Make Personalized Dolls Of Your Pets And The Results Are Totally Adorable


Pet owners are turning their favorite canine companions and feline friends into personalized mini, huggable plushies called “Mini-Mes,” and you almost can’t tell which is which!

Personalized Pet Mini Me Dolls are the even cuter, more cuddly version of your favorite pet, complete with perky little ears and even a collar with their name on it. You upload a well-lit, high-quality picture of their cute ‘lil face on the website, enter their name and choose your plush shape.

Forget freezing walks in the rain, cleaning up poop and scratches on your sofa. These fur-free, smell-free plushies are much easier to look after. You can also dress up your plush pet in hilariously cute outfits, in athleisure, or even as an astronaut.

They’re so life-like. Can you tell the pet apart from its Mini-Me?!

More info: firebox.com

#1 Donut Living His Best Astronaut Life

#2 Alfie’s The One On The Left… No, Right… No…

#3 Bonnie And Clyde Make A Picture Perfect Family

#4 Raymond Hangs Out With His New Furry Friend

#5 Pedro Sniffs At The Competition

#6 Jay Was Unsure As To Who Was Top Dog Any More

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