Our Giant Golden Retriever Has Been Our Greatest Photoshop Muse (40 Pics)


Hello! We have been long inspired and uplifted by the fun and happy content on Bored Panda. We are excited to share some of our favorite funny photoshop’s of our golden retriever Butters. He is a happy dog with a giant and jolly smile, we hope his photoshop’s spread some smiles in this world we share. We got Butter’s as a therapy dog for my partner to help him recover from a serious injury just over two years ago. We been lucky and feel thankful for all the medical specialists we have seen throughout the recovery but Dr.Butter’s has been the best! In attempts to learn new skills that allowed me to be at home to help with the recovery, I discovered photoshop. I was instantly amazed and inspired by the endless funny and imaginative possibilities it offered!

Since discovering it I have spent countless hours lost in it photoshopping friends, family, pets, and hockey players. It has been such a fun and entertaining hobby to share at home especially during the recovery and quarantine here in Canada where we live. It has been so fun to see him transformed into animals and go on fun adventures. We hope that Butter’s photoshop’s make you smile. He is so loving he truly has the personality of Winnie The Pooh – jolly, cuddly, positive, and goofy.

To follow his funny adventure you can find him on Instagram where we have over 230 posts and recently joined TikTok. We hope that Butter’s photoshop’s make you smile. He is so loving he truly has the personality of Winnie The Pooh – jolly, cuddly, positive, and goofy. Like many financial times in this wild world have been tough. We love photoshopping and it would be a dream come true to be able to pay the debt off with it.

Lastly, we would like to highly encourage anyone who has ever thought about learning creative photo editing skills to give it a go! There is a happy chance you too will get the photoshop fever and lost in the possibilities!

More info: funphotoshop.com | Instagram | tiktok.com

#1 The Ultimate Dog Walk

#2 Look Into My Eyes – You Are Getting Psychadelic

#3 Golden Retriever Believer!

#4 Big Dog Smiles & Jungle Tunes

#5 Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

#6 I Can Show You The World

#7 There Was A Farmer Had A Dog

#8 Don’t Drink The Kool Aid

#9 One Small Step For Dogs- One Giant Leap For Butters!

#10 The Grinch Tried To Hid The Smile Butters Gave Him

#11 Street Art Mural In Mexico

#12 The Mona Butters Has A Less Mysterious Smile

#13 The Golden Sphinx Butters Of Egypt

#14 This Rocket Dog Knows How To Rock Out

#15 Let Our Sherpa Dog Bring You Some Tea

#16 In The Garden The Gnome Dog Rules

#17 The Magnificent Lady Butters

#18 Life Lessons With Breaking Big Bird

#19 There Are No Mistakes In Art -Just Happy Accidents!

#20 Come With Me To The Sahara

#21 The Worlds Cuddliest Dog Teddy Bear

#22 This Dog’s Smile Is Pure Magic

#23 The True Super Hero Has Arrived

#24 Welcome To The Jungle!

#25 The Pink Floyd Retreivers

#26 Oh The Places You Will Go

#27 Classic Art With A Smile Twist

#28 The Real Clifford

#29 Butters Spiritual Awakening Course

#30 Rare Golden Retriever Bear

#31 Electric Keyboard Space Jams

#32 Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Buttttteeerrrs

#33 Butter’s Book Of Poetry

#34 In The Deserts Of Nevada

#35 A Golden Pastafarian

#36 Butters Punk Phase

#37 On A Brick Wall In New York

#38 Fire Breathing Dino Dog

#39 The Name Is Bond – Butters Bond

#40 This Is What We Call A Hot Dog


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