Artist Who Makes People Cry With Her Comics Released A Sequel To ‘Little Fish’ About The Spirit Of A Dog Visiting Its Owner Who Got A New Puppy


When our pets pass on, they leave a void that nearly nothing can fill. And it’s usually too soon to immediately think about getting another pet—the grief is still so strong after losing a lifelong friend. However, what do you do if somebody gets you a new pet? Do you lash out and blame the animal or do you embrace it, accepting it for the potential friend it is, giving it the love it deserves?

Those are the questions that German artist Jenny Hefczyc tackled in her newest comic. In it, the spirit of a dog who’s passed away comes back to visit its owner, as well as the adorable new puppy his brother has given him. The Grim Reaper, an iconic character in Jenny’s comics, also makes an appearance. The comic is a sequel to ‘Little Fish,’ referring to the stuffed toy the dog took on its last journey to the vet together with its owner.

Have a look below, dear Pandas, but be warned—there are some onion-cutting ninjas around and you might shed a tear or two. Jenny revealed to Bored Panda that she wanted to continue owner Zack’s story as soon as the first part of the tale was finished. “I like Zack because he is authentic. He is still young and sometimes too temperamental. But he tries hard to be a good guy. I’m sure Atlas is still worried about the new puppy fitting in, so there’s room for more sequels,” the artist told us about the future of the storyline.

You’ll find Bored Panda’s latest features of Jenny’s work here (neglected hamster), here (lonely swan), and here (tribute to shelter staff).

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In her previous comic, ‘Little Fish,’ artist Jenny showed an owner saying goodbye to his beloved dog. Here is an excerpt from it. You can find the full comic right here

Image credits: jenny_jinya

Jenny touched upon the emotional topic of how much life changes after our old friends pass on

Image credits: jenny_jinya

The artist recently published a sequel to ‘Little Fish’ in which she continues the story by having the spirit of the departed dog visit its owner

Image credits: jenny_jinya

“After ‘Little Fish’ was completed, I knew the story had to continue somehow,” Jenny explained.

“I felt sorry for Zack and never had a name for his poor shepherd. As a dog owner, the story got to me at the time. Making the sequel was less brutal, somehow I like the idea of departed souls (whether human or animal) stopping by now and then to see if we’re okay. So actually the comic had rather something comforting for me,” the artist shared that the sequel was easier to draw emotionally than the prequel.

Jenny also had some words of wisdom to share with anyone who may have recently lost a beloved pet. “What helped me was knowing that I did everything I could to give my pet a good life. I showered them with love and cared for their health, their life ends too soon, but we have wonderful memories. You don’t have to replace a deceased pet right away either, take your time to grieve.”

Previously, I interviewed Jenny about her comic ‘Little Fish,’ to which her latest comic is a sequel, showing the owner’s grief after having to put down a lifelong pal.

“As someone who has loved animals all her life, I naturally had to let many go at some point. I also often take in sick and injured animals, not all of them make it. I always stayed with these animals until the end because it felt natural, like the right thing to do,” Jenny told Bored Panda earlier.

“But then a heart-moving letter from a veterinarian went viral, who also asked not to leave pets alone in their final moments. This made me feel additionally confirmed and I wanted to draw about it even more,” she shared her inspiration for ‘Little Fish.’

That particular prequel comic took a far longer time for the artist to draw because of how emotionally powerful the topic was. “I saw my own dog in this comic and it was often incredibly difficult for me. I was rarely so relieved that a comic was finished. But I wanted this topic to be talked about more,” she said.

Jenny said that we should do whatever we can to give our pets one last great day before they’re put to sleep and pass on. It’s our chance to thank them for the years of warmth and friendship they’ve given us. “Let it see its friends again, let it eat its favorite food. Let it know it is loved above all else. And then escort it to its last stop, make sure that the last voice it hears is yours.”

Jenny usually needs around a week to draw a single comic, but there’s a lot of unseen research about animals and their welfare that she does in the background. Her comics are always well-researched and are a credit to journalism, not just illustration.

For Jenny, art and drawing have been a part of her life ever since she can remember, her mom even joking that she could draw before she could walk. She opened up about how she “never stopped scribbling” after picking up a pencil as a kid and having a clear path toward wanting to be an artist. “I wanted to tell stories and create worlds,” she said.

People were getting very emotional after reading the German illustrator’s latest comic

What did you feel after reading through Jenny’s latest comic? Have you ever been in a situation like this? How long did it take for you to consider getting a new pet after your old buddy passed away? Share your thoughts and your feelings in the comments below.

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