I’m A Dog Foster Mum In Montenegro


I live in the little piece of heaven that is Montenegro. This tiny Balkan country has it all. Snowy mountains to the north, deep gorges, primeval forests, and crystal clear lakes. To the south is the sparkling Adriatic, world heritage stone villages edge Boka Bay, and beaches mingle with olive groves.

It does however have thousands of stray, homeless, and unwanted dogs and cats.

There are a number of animal shelters throughout Montenegro that are full to capacity and struggling to stay afloat. A small army of animal lovers devotes their life to helping any way they can. One way to secure a dog’s or cat’s freedom is to get them adopted overseas.

This is where I come in, as the foster Mum. I offer my home, love, and support while helping the charities find forever homes.

So far I have fostered 12 dogs, some just for a few days, some for several months. I take them to the vet for all health needs, socialize them with children and other dogs, and teach basic obedience. It’s important that the dogs are happy and healthy and very social. I want them to go to a loving home and live the life they deserve.

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Bella, who will soon be travelling to the UK to be with her adoptive family

Tara, found on the roadside near death, is now with a loving family in the south of England

Spud, who ‘found’ me on the street near my home. Now my pampered companion

Lulu, once a timid panicked puppy, now adopted in a home full of happiness

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