We Explore The Uniqueness Of Different Dog Breeds And Their Beautiful Personalities (30 New Pics)


Hi! We are Alexander Khokhlov and Veronica Ershova, a creative duo from Moscow, Russia. We are happy to present the new compilation of the award-winning Dog Show project, where we show dogs of many different breeds in a humorous style. We are convinced that every dog has a unique character inside, and we try to accentuate it in every portrait of our series. Enjoy!

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#1 The Dark Side Of Weimaraner. Starring: Asti

#2 Meet Force, The Cutest Doberman Ever


#4 No, This Is Not A Seal. Guess Who?

#5 Shhhh… I Wanna Tell You Something…

#6 Pembroke’s Bum

#7 Heart-Melting Look From Dusya, The Australian Cattle Dog

#8 Yum!

#9 Summer Dreams With Berry, The Beagle

#10 Cheesy Smile From Teddy, The Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy

#11 Pinky The Chihuahua Got His Name From The Mouse From The Famous Cartoon About Pinky And The Brain

#12 Too Curious Mia, The Whippet Puppy

#13 The Dark Side Of French Bulldog. Starring Korsika

#14 A Beauty Look From Sam, The Welsh Corgi

#15 Nice Scottish Look From Eve, The Whippet

#16 Tati, The Ice Cream Cone Dog. Sorry, Chihuahua

#17 Charming Basya, The Blue Heeler

#18 Happy Wink From Zack, The Ca De Bou


#20 Beagle 747 Is Ready To Lift Off. Starring Mike

#21 A Gentle Portrait Of Rodion, The Saluki

#22 Who’s There?



#25 Karate Kid: Gavrik, The Maltese

#26 Boss’s On Duty

#27 Twist And Shout From Tessa, The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

#28 Larry The Whippet Is Happy Enough!

#29 Trust Is A Basis For Any Relationship!

#30 The Fluffy Fairy Busya

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