“What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”: People Are Posting Pictures Of ‘Malfunctioning’ Dogs (49 New Pics)


The endless lockdowns, restrictions, and constantly-changing regulations are putting all of us on edge. And it’s not just us, human beings, who are going a bit… derpy. Our four-legged canine companions, our bestest boys and girls, are joining in and acting weird in the most adorable and hilarious ways.

Don’t believe us? Have a scroll through this fabulous list about the ‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog’ subreddit, an online community of nearly 1.1 million dog-loving fans. Upvote their best new photos and be sure to check out their group when you have a chance. We promise, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the range of emotions and depth of character that doggos have.

When you’re done with this list, go visit some more derpy ‘malfunctioning’ dogs in Bored Panda’s previous post here. (Remember to bring chew toys and steaks.)

#1 Dog On A Beach

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 When One Sits On The Wall, Obviously The Other Has To, Too

Image credits: Ciavagliajm

#3 Apparently This Is More Comfortable Than The Bed I Bought Him

Image credits: Palerminiu2

From dogs who just looove to people-watch from the roof to utter goofs who like sitting on the wall (yup!), all of them deserve a pat on the head, a healthy snack, and a belly rub for making our lives brighter and our smiles wider. 

The lighthearted ‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog’ subreddit is dedicated to documenting the derpiness of dogs ranging from the cute but confusing all the way up the scale to ‘my pet broke the Matrix and I don’t know what I should do.’

#4 I Saw Loki On Your Roof, And I Give You Bernard. No Discernible Reason To Do That, He’s Just Weird

Image credits: rolacl

#5 Meet Loki. He Likes To People Watch

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 What Now?

Image credits: WarDSquare

Created in the late summer of 2015, the subreddit has grown considerably in that time. Just within the last few months since our earlier feature article, the community has added around 100k new members. Imagine a stadium filled with that many people and you’ll realize just how big that number is.

We’ve got no doubt that the moderators and the group members are already looking forward to the moment the number hits the next big milestone—2 million. Every new member counts, so go on, give them a follow if you love dogs (we know you do, even if you tell everyone you’re a cat person!).

#7 Dog Assembly Instructions Were Unclear

Image credits: rnclusive

#8 Such A Cute Dog

Image credits: reddit.com

#9 It’s Called Love, Samantha

Image credits: sachbaylinstern

In a previous interview, Bored Panda reached out to redditor Just-a-traveler, the legend behind the ‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog’ subreddit. He told us that he made the subreddit because dogs are “pure-hearted, loveable goofs” which shows you just how wholesome the idea to create the community really was.

#10 My Mom Just Sent Me This Picture Of Her Dog Sleeping On The Couch

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 She Has A Weird Obsession With Rocks. This Is Her Collection

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 Our Dog Likes Sitting On Our Cast Iron

Image credits: shootpicsnotpeople

“I wanted that folks could have a place to share their [moments from their goof’s life] while the rest of us gather around, point and laugh,” the founder and moderator of the subreddit explained to us. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: dog owners get to show off their best friends while the rest of us can have something nice to look at with our morning cup of coffee to get our day off to a good start.

#13 This Is How He Insists Upon Sleeping

Image credits: reddit.com

#14 He Is Just Fine

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 He Did Something, Just Not Sure What That Something Is

Image credits: DanielleDryBones

However, this isn’t the only group on Reddit that Just-a-traveler has created for us to enjoy. They’re also the founder of ‘What’s Wrong With Your Cat,’ a mirror-community for those Pandas who think that derpy felines are better than goofy canines. 

“I made a similar subreddit for cats, but the people are passionate about pups too, so when the world gets you down, visit us for eye candy and soul solace.

#16 I Just Want To Poop In Peace

Image credits: multichrismax

#17 Her Face When I Tell Her I Love Her

Image credits: abbiyah

#18 Before Vet… After The Good Meds

Image credits: reddit.com

The most popular dog malfunctions, according to the redditor, are often related to mirrors, as well as farts. What’s more, dogs look incredibly goofy when they sleep. “They have zero shame and are the best creatures on the planet.”

#19 Couldn’t Find Our Dog This Morning After Letting Her Out, Thought She Ran Away. Turns Out She Dug A Tunnel Under The Playhouse And Got Stuck Like This Trying To Get Back Out

Image credits: rainbowtwist

#20 Doug Has More Leg Than He Knows What To Do With

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 Men And Women Fled In Horror, When The Creature Emerged From The Depths

Image credits: reddit.com

Just-a-traveler said that both of his online groups about dogs and cats are meant to show the fun and lighthearted sides of owning pets. One of the draws of both subreddits is that the pictures often speak for themselves and rarely need any extra words (even if they do spark our curiosity and the context can be fun to learn about).

#22 The Face He Makes When He’s About To Bark

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 Shiba.exe Has Stopped Working

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 Enjoy This Slideshow Of Dexter, Who Doesn’t Understand His Legs

Image credits: Mmmelanie

The ‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog’ moderators ask their members to be polite, reminding them of this in two different parts of their rule subsection. They also explain that you don’t necessarily have to post a photo of your dog (though that’s encouraged), but you should have the decency to not pretend that the pet is yours if it isn’t.

#25 I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie

Image credits: DeepFriedGuineaPig

#26 Gracie, Baby, Is That Really The Most Comfortable Way To Sleep?

Image credits: JackNaks

#27 I Prefer To Use An Essential Oil Diffuser When I Sleep, But To Each His Own I Suppose

Image credits: reddit.com

What’s more, this isn’t the place to post photos of injured dogs, canines who have gone to live on the farm, or for various campaigns to support pets in need. With rules like these, the group’s message remains clear: it’s about celebrating goofiness. Nothing more. Nothing less.

#28 He’s A Little Special

Image credits: courtesy_flush_plz

#29 Wait Wait Not Again…

Image credits: memezzer

#30 My New Puppy Could Lick Her Own Eyeball If She Tried

Image credits: dindia91

Which photos were your favorite and why, dear Pandas? Do you have a goofball doggo at home? What kinds of derpy things do your pets get up to? We’d love to hear your thoughts and amusing stories about your canine companion, so drop us a comment below.

#31 Looooooong Dog!

Image credits: jinkeys26

#32 Dog

Image credits: triumvirpotato

#33 I Didn’t Realize Giraffes Could Be Black And White

Image credits: steph_ish

#34 I’m Feelin It Too Pupper

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#35 How My Dog Sits On The Couch

Image credits: slinkorswim

#36 Very Normal Car Ride

Image credits: snotbonnet

#37 I Went To Get My Dry Sheets And Found Him Like This

Image credits: lorge47

#38 I Kinda Hate When He Yawns

Image credits: reddit.com

#39 Dog Sleeping With Toy Under His Chin

Image credits: okbamrheman

#40 Sniff Snoff (He Was Mid Yawn. I Used The iPhone 11 Zoom Out Feature, And Boom)

Image credits: hippobigbooty

#41 Aga Of Absolutely Busted Positions My Dog Likes To Sleep In

Image credits: kiliick

#42 This Happens Every Time We Make Apple Pie

Image credits: Brandalf87

#43 Friends Dog Is One With Kitchen Counter And Wall

Image credits: maixmi

#44 I Pick Up Todd Tomorrow. Here’s The Christmas Photo They Sent

Image credits: TannyFox

#45 I Don’t Think He Fully Understands The Crate

Image credits: JihadiJ0hn

#46 Dropped A G On A King Sized Bed… First Night And I Already Got Voted Off The Island

Image credits: ottocentowi

#47 Picked Up My Dads New Puppy Today, This Is His New Favorite Spot

Image credits: Definitely_Jesus

#48 Getting Drunk

Image credits: Maahee_2

#49 Don’t Quite Think He’s Mastered Sitting On The Couch Yet

Image credits: reddit.com


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