I Photographed Birds That Visit Our Feeder In The Garden (40 Pics)


When my wife received a positive test at the start of the year in her job as a carer in a residential home, we both had to self-isolate for three weeks. I spent the time in the garden photographing the birds that visit our feeders. We had sun, snow, ice, rain, and fog, often all on the same day but this didn’t deter the birds or me.

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#1 Starling In The Snow

#2 Who Watches The Watcher? This Robin Watched Me While I Was Putting The Bird Table Together Then Stood On The Table Watching Me Watching Him

#3 Fighting Starlings. The Starlings Roost At Night In Flocks Of Many Thousands, But In Small Groups, They Fight Almost Continuously

#4 Woodpecker Taking Off

#5 Fighting Starlings

#6 Blue Tit Playing In The Snow

#7 Robin Taking Off In The Snow. We Have Four Resident Robins Who Spend Most Of Their Time Trying To Chase Each Other Away

#8 Blue Tit Taking Off In The Snow

#9 Blackbird On A Black Background

#10 Robin Feeding On The Bird Table

#11 Starling In The Snow. Although Starlings Appear Black, Close Up Their Feathers Have An Iridescence That Appears Green And Purple

#12 Great Tit Being Watched By A Blue Tit

#13 Great Tit On A Windy Day

#14 Blackbird At Sunset. The “Whiskers” Visible Around Its Mouth Are Called Rictal Bristles

#15 Every Evening Big Flocks Of Starlings Fly Over On Their Way To A Roost Site In The Hills. There Are Many Thousands In Total, This Is Just A Small Part Of One Flock

#16 Blue Tit Taking Off From The Bird Table

#17 Starlings Fighting In The Snow

#18 Robin Trying To Take The Lid Of The Food Tub

#19 Starling About To Start A Fight

#20 Starling Taking Off. The Tips Of Its Wings Are Touching The Floor As It Launches An Attack Against Another Bird

#21 Blue Tit Coming In To Land

#22 Blue Tits In The Snow

#23 Greater-Spotted Woodpecker Squaring Off To A Starling

#24 Robin Sheltering From The Snow

#25 Greater-Spotted Woodpecker Waiting For A Turn On The Feeder

#26 Great Tit Chasing After A Sunflower Seed It Just Dropped

#27 Fighting Starlings

#28 I Tried To Get Some Video Footage Of The Robins In The Snow, But They Had Other Ideas

#29 Karate Robin And A Starling

#30 Long-Tailed Tit At Sunset

#31 Long-Tailed Tits In The Snow. The Long-Tails Tend To Arrive In A Group, Make A Lot Of Noise And Fuss For A Few Minutes, And Then Disappear

#32 Nuthatch On The Bird Table

#33 Fighting Starlings

#34 Dinner Queue

#35 Woodpecker Coming In To Land

#36 Greater-Spotted Woodpecker Enjoying A Rare Moment In The Sun

#37 Red Kite Hunting In The Snow. We Are On The Edge Of The Berwyn Mountains In Wales And Often Get Visits From Red Kites

#38 Me And My Shadow. A Long-Tailed Tit Making A Sharp Exit As A Starling Lands On The Feeder

#39 Blackbird In The Snow. Blackbirds Tend To Be Messy Eaters, Especially When The Food Is Covered In Snow

#40 Starling Taking Off In The Snow

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