TikTokers Are Sharing Their Dream Fashion Week Outfits


Ever attended Fashion Week in your own living room? For TikTokers, the answer is a definitive yes. The booming video platform is responsible for a slew of internet trends these days, and demonstrating what to wear to Fashion Week appears to be the challenge of the moment.

Spearheaded by creators such as @evelilythrifts and @andoej, users are taking to the app (and now Instagram Reels) to show off their would-be front-row fits (think: black on black and oversize sunglasses for Saint Laurent; gothic chic for Alexander McQueen). Perhaps the coolest thing about it all is the reassurance that you don’t have to spend designer dollars for designer-caliber results (@evelilythrifts cites brands like ASOS and NastyGal as go-tos for her looks).

Considering Fashion Week has gone largely digital, what looks like a TikTok trend is now a reality for many. Whether you will be tuning into virtual presentations in the coming weeks or just love a fun excuse to channel your favorite designer, scroll through to watch the new trend unfold, then shop for front-row-ready looks tailored to all four Fashion Weeks. And in case you were wondering, yes, you can totally do this on a budget.


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