My Life With Baloo (19 Pics)


I want to share the story of my female dog Baloo who doesn’t have an easy life, but she is a great warrior. Baloo was born on May 3, 2019, and she should have belonged to someone else. My love Boony, a female dog that had been my friend for 12 incredible years, died at that time. She was also an Irish Setter, and I still believe that Baloo is her mission. The original interested person gave up the puppy, and Baloo found her way to me. We found each other. It wasn’t until later that I found out what her pedigree name Azzara meant. It’s an angel sent to Earth. It got me and touched me at the same time. Boony sent her to me.

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Baloo has been very wild and active since she was little, and she was amusing. I started taking her to the mountains and forests, and I enjoyed watching her discover the world. She loved the woods and mountains, and she was afraid of water. It was by the water and during the fetch that I began to notice that there is something wrong with her eyesight. I attributed it to the fact that she is still a puppy.



When she was 11 months old, the first seizures occurred. I went to the vet and Baloo got medicine. The vet tested her eyes right away and we found out she is blind in the left eye. The doctor sent her for an MRI and that day I received a message that devastated me. Baloo has hydrocephalus and she only has half of her brain. The doctor told me I have three options. The first option was to give her corticosteroids that slow down the process. But her condition would get worse and she would die in some time. The second possibility was a surgery in which a Shunt is placed into the hydrocephalus and, by means of a valve and a tube, the cerebrospinal fluid begins to be sucked into the abdominal cavity. This can save her and she will live like normal dogs, just with some restrictions. The third option was to leave her by the doctor and he would put her to sleep. I chose the surgery. It all happened quickly and it was at a time when Covid and restrictions started. The surgery has been performed in May 2020 and it went without a hitch. Baloo was in good hands and I would like to thank the doctor and the people who helped me with the surgery financially. There are hundreds of them and I try to return it by continuing to help sick children and animals by the sale of my prints and calendars. I have been trying to help for several years and I have found the meaning of life in it.



Currently, Baloo lives an almost full life, and she is a 90% happy dog. She will never see in one eye again, and she will never be able to go for a long walk. She gets tired faster, but we manage to eliminate seizures. I get used to it and give her a lot of energy. I am glad that we could save her, and she has a great chance to live a good life. Love can work wonders, and we have each other. She helps me, and I help her. I love her, and I thank Boony from the bottom of my heart.
















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