I Illustrate Unusual Facts About Animals (15 New Comics)


As far as I can remember, I’ve always had a deep fascination with animals and nature. From drawing my favorite songbirds for my neighbors to knowing every sub-species of the tiger (I was super popular in high school!), my adoration of wildlife has never flinched. So when the craziness of 2020 hit and my day job as a 3D artist was no longer doable, I fell back on my first great love and started an animal fact web-comic called ZOODRAWS. I illustrated some of the random facts I’ve accumulated over the years, and then as the comic gained steam and surpassed 10,000 followers, all the new facts people were kind enough to share with me. I hope you can enjoy these comics and find something in common with each of their subjects, and please follow ZOODRAWS for new illustrated animal facts each week.

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#1 Be Your Own Man (Atee)

#2 Someone Just Made The Naughty List

#3 Self-Acceptance

#4 Amazing

#5 Donna Time

#6 Second Breakfast

#7 And… Go!

#8 Best. Dad. Ever

#9 Tina

#10 Grizzly Bear Blues

#11 Mouse Love

#12 Sharing Is Caring

#13 The Titmouse

#14 Be Prepared

#15 Damnnnnnn

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