Hey Pandas, Show Us Your Pets And What They’re Named After


OK. We love our pets, and we love giving them meaningful/fun/cute names — and sometimes, the inspiration behind the name is quite amusing.

#1 Loki – The God And Dog Of Mischief

#2 Always Blocking The Path

#3 My Doggo Is Named After Marvel’s Nebula!

#4 Bowie (Cat) After David Bowie & Dexter(Dog) Original After The Serial Killer Dexter I Kept The Name Because Of Dexters Lab.

#5 Pepper After Pepper

#6 Marlin, See The Resemblance?

#7 Sprocket The Wannabe Muppet And Sprocket The Real Muppet

#8 Willow After A Willow Tree

#9 Meet Zoe=life In Greek.

#10 Brint And Meekus From Zoolander – Incredibly Good-Looking


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