I Have Been Making Handpainted Bows For My Dog For Almost 2 Years. Here Are Some Of My Favourites.


There is nothing like a strange little dog in a top hat.

I make leather things. 2 years ago, I started making bows for my dog and posting them on social media. I am proud of how much my tiny painting skill has improved.

As she goes about her day, she wears her hat. It makes so many people smile – I hope you enjoy them too!

#1 Double Roses

#2 Hello Kitty With Glasses

#3 Classic Witch Hat

#4 Mario Mushroom Bow

#5 Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

#6 Christmas Ornament

#7 Edward Scissorhands

#8 Heart With Wings

#9 Plague Doctor In 3D!

#10 Gothic Raven

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