Delivery Driver Is Heartbroken By A Note From His Grieving Customer Looking For A Doggy Companion


Losing a loved one is never easy. And it honestly doesn’t matter who it is—a family member, a close friend, or, in our case, a beloved pet—the hurt and the emptiness that follows is always the same.

However, what truly helps is a helping hand, someone who might help ease the pain of the loss. Again, it doesn’t really matter who it is—a family member, a close friend, or, in our case, a complete stranger who has been your delivery man for the past six years.

Losing a loved one is never easy, but there are always people who are willing to help in times of need

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Meet David MacLeod, a delivery driver for Iceland Home Delivery in Scotland. He was doing his delivery rounds when he arrived at this one customer’s house in West Kilbride, North Ayrshire. He has been doing frequent deliveries to this man for the past six years, except something was a bit different this time around.

David noticed a small note on the fence that explained the loss that this man had recently experienced: “Small dog [wanted] for company. Lost my dog with cancer, do not feel well without him. Jack Russell/Cairn. Pay £30.”

Meet David, a delivery guy who recently saw a note left on a fence by his elderly customer regarding their dog who recently died of cancer

Image credits: David Macleod / SWNS

Feeling saddened by this, David took a picture and shared it on Facebook, expressing his sorrow for this man and asking if anyone could help out:

“I have been delivering Iceland to this lovely guy for almost 6 years, he is such a nice caring man. This is absolutely heartbreaking, so I’m going to make this year just that little bit better for him if I can.”

“Would like some help from my friend, please, so if anyone has any ideas or know of anyone with puppies, please, please, help this wee guy out. I will help with the cost.”

The note was heartbreaking, prompting David to reach out to several organizations in hopes of finding a new animal companion for his customer of 6 years

Image credits: David Macleod / SWNS

David explained that he had seen the man’s Jack Russell/Cairn running around over the years, and how much he was attached to the lovely pooch. And now it was a real shame when he noticed how these notes started popping up around the village.

Turns out, David has gotten in contact with some animal rescue centers, including the charity Give A Dog A Bone, in hopes of finding a similar dog. Luckily, they have a couple of rescue dogs that might be suitable.

As of now, it is not known if David’s elderly client has found his forever furry companion yet

Image credits: Brad L. (not the actual dog)

Since this, folks in the community have started calling him on the phone, keeping in touch with him, and showing support during this sad time. “I hope we can have a happy ending. It would bring a smile to his face—and I am sure he will be delighted,” said David.

David plans to leave it all to the dog organizations to decide on what is the right pet for him—after all, they have experience pairing dogs with lonely elderly people. David is actually looking forward to the day he sees his customer with a new tiny companion running around again.

Many on the internet also extended their help, offering to donate and suggesting pet shelters

Image credits: Jesus Rodriguez (not the actual dog)

As for people on the internet, many have responded with kind words and offered to help any way they can: whether it was sharing the post, offering to donate, pointing to specific charities that might help, and praising David for taking initiative.

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