Athleta Launches New Sleepwear Brand


Do you know one of the reasons that you’re supposed to alternate workouts? Muscles actively rebuild stronger while we sleep, not during the actual workout! Rest and recovery play a vital role in improving daily performance. This is why one of our favorite fitness and lifestyle brands, Athleta, has just expanded to sleepwear! Designed by women, for women, Athleta was inspired by their customers’ focus on self-care and holistic wellness. The brand worked with resident sleep expert, board-certified in behavioral sleep medicine, Dr. Michael Grandner to produce a 14-piece line catering to our nighttime routines in three signature super comfortable fabrics. The soft color palette of the collection immediately transported me to a dreamlike state — really, I’m renovating my bedroom and took a screenshot of the site for color inspiration. The looks can be worn as sets, or mixed and matched depending on temperature, season, or personal preference! Athleta is even providing sleep tips on their Instagram stories!

We’ve been impressed with the range that the brand offers, from the perfect clothes for traveling, to a versatile LBD. With this sleepwear line, Mary Beth Laughton, President and CEO of Athleta expresses the brand’s excitement “about the possibility of reaching even more women while providing them an opportunity to make recovery a key component of their daily activities.” Athleta now has us covered from morning to night! Check out a few selects and treat yourself to some Zs!

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