#ModelChallenge On Facebook Has People Sharing The Most Modelesque Pics Of Their Doggies (57 Pics)


It’s not a secret that there are days that you look so good in photos, when every single angle you try seems to be the best one so far and the light is just perfectly emphasizing your definite strengths. Those are the days when you snap that selfie or your friend takes anything between 12 and 65 pics of you taking a casual stroll in the park and then a whopping 5 of them turn out Insta-worthy. But there is someone that will always nail pictures and look nothing less than splendid—your dog. How proud does your furry companion make you by constantly striking the best poses and looking absolutely stunning in each shot?

The new #ModelChallenge is making rounds on the Dogspotting Society Facebook group and 13k users, at the time of writing, have submitted photos of their beloved dogs and we have decided to show you a few. The users are taking advantage of the newly sparked fascination that shows anything from Dobermans to rescues to pugs, to you name the breed, looking super charming.

These pups are the reason why the catwalk could be renamed to dogwalk and no one would object. Below, you can see Bored Panda’s selection of 57 photos from the #ModelChallenge and we invite you to get involved and vote for your favorite doggies.


Tank is GQ ready!

Image credits: Courtney Hettrick


My favorite picture from 2020 of my furbabies ❤️

Image credits: Tiffany Nicole


Toasty thinks she’s a pro at this ??‍♀️
*Check the comments for an extra surprise*

Image credits: Sarah Abu Omar


Father and daughter

Image credits: Mellissa Linde


Jolene, my basset hound puppy ?

Image credits: Skyler Skeel


Bane being all top model.
He’s an Alaskan Malamute, 100 lbs of muscle, 50 lbs of floof & is my heart dog. ?

Image credits: Shelley Norman Monahan


Max’s default is fierce….or just RBF. ?

Image credits: Hilary Brezinka


Kobie’s all healed up from his surgery, still as handsome as ever ?❤

Image credits: Keighley Schofield


Gumbo is camera shy

Image credits: Swati Kulkarni Wankhede


My pup wanted to join the new challenge ?

Image credits: Joe de Jesus


Sunbathing ☀️

Image credits: Clark McFarland


Did someone say there is a model challenge? My Supermodel boy Sam wants to join ?

Image credits: Janet Plisevich


This is my sweet Blue Merle Corgi, Moxie!!

Image credits: Roxy Howard


10 weeks tomorrow, Asher ❤️

Image credits: Stephanie Rowekamp


Swaddled baby doxie named Dottie

Image credits: Laura Giuffre


Our two newest foster puppies, Coconut & Shrimp! 5 weeks old and I’d say are already getting the hang of this posing thing ?

Image credits: Miranda Anshel


My Luna ? …. Grand Canyon.

Image credits: Kaura Atabex Perez


“Jack… I want you to draw me like one of your French Bulldogs”
-Franki Girl, the Boston Terrier

Image credits: Christine Gorayeb


Matilda the Moose would like to enter the #modelchallenge
9-month-old Rottweiler Matilda is my “majestic klutz” she’s such a big goofball, tripping over herself constantly, but is an absolute treasure to our family ??

Image credits: Meagan Breanne


My rescue, Pickle wanted to join the #modelchallenge
He works completely from sign language as he was born deaf, it makes taking photos of him so easy as he doesn’t get distracted at all. ?

Image credits: Mollie Trudgill


This is Fletcher, giving his best for the #modelchallenge

Image credits: Ellen Kuhnert


When your face is made of velvet and you look like an actual angel ?

Image credits: Rebecca Paige


My husband doesn’t think Remington is very handsome, but I sure do!

Image credits: Tess Hertel


This is Nova, she is an Australian Shepherd.

Image credits: Patti Cepela


My favorite picture of Louie!

Image credits: Jenny Pogue


8-week-old Carly ?

Image credits: Angelo Carl Tulabot


Amber ❤️

Image credits: Димитър А. Димитров


Look at the toe beans!

Image credits: Lauren Smith Greeno


Sweetie has been in a lot of the challenges but thinks she wants to be in the model challenge now ? ?

Image credits: Kellie Spence


HENLO! Appa the FlyingBisonOreoBlizzardLionBear here for the #modelchallenge Christmas edition

Image credits: Jody Vuong


Someone mentioned #modelchallenge, this is Bo doing his Zoolander Magnum Steele pose

Image credits: Joanne Dorta


My name is Bailey, I’m 18 months old ❤️

Image credits: Lisa Hay


Hi everyone! This is Bates, he’s 7 months old and training to be a service dog.

Image credits: Raechel Longo


Meet Tank! 17-week-old pure Boxer with a cleft lip! Just look at those ears! ??

Image credits: Shayla King


Usually Henry looks like the goofball he really is… but I think he looks very handsome in this pic ☺️

Image credits: Megan Rae Wenk


Our walks always seem to turn into a photo shoot ??

Image credits: Sarah Piggett


Watson Kenobi ?
8 weeks old

Image credits: Kellie Harris


My best boy, Bryer! He passed January 2020, and just a memory of my beautiful boy

Image credits: Melissa Laverick Glowacki



Image credits: Kennedy Simmons


Harvey – 14 years old
Simba – 5 years old
Leo – 2 years old
Lenny (Cocker Spaniel brother) – 10 weeks old

Image credits: Chloe Rose


Deebo would like to wish you all a happy new year ?

Image credits: Taylor Anderson


My co-pilot Dex.

Image credits: Jeff Brewer


Baby girl Aspyn having a go at the #modelchallenge

She’s my special darling ?

Image credits: James Howard


Floyd doing his Sphinx impression ❤️

Image credits: Wendy Knott Lenton


This is Cooper lounging in his bedroom

Image credits: Mayra Titus


Sky was beautiful last night, but not as beautiful as my girl Zoey looked in this picture I took❤️

Image credits: Carlos Mancilla-Garcia


Look back at it #modelchallenge

Image credits: Ruby Harrison


This stud is 11 ?

Image credits: Beth Ann Kehoe


Let me see your furbaby models! ?

Image credits: Alyssa Hudson


Mystic Meg ? Even though she’s a Dementia doggo & 14, she still the prettiest girl ?

Image credits: Lauren Webley


Our mahogany boy posing for pics ?

Image credits: Misty Cyree


My beautiful puppy ❤️?❤️ 12 yrs old ❤️

Image credits: Boo Bear


Our beautiful one-year-old, LuLu


Image credits: Jillian Manion


Hi, I’m Whiskey Pete
Here I am dreeenkin’ some yums.

Image credits: Margaret Greenhalge Carpenter


Duke aka Douglas

Image credits: Duke aka Douglas


I don’t think Pugzy understands the word ‘smile’ just yet?

Image credits: Jade Gannon


Image credits: Joksie Adewale

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