Hey Pandas, What Do You Think Your Pet Thinks About You?


What do you think your pet thinks of you when they look at you or see you do something? Do they think you’re weird or kind? Maybe something else? Tell us down below!


“Mmhhmmm.. she’s put that IAMS in my bowl again. I know I can wear her down… if I start the hunger strike now, I’ll have her worn down by 10am and she’ll be chopping up summa that chicken they had for dinner last night… so easy… falls for it every time”


“That’s the human that can be tricked into sharing her food.”


They prob think of me as a weird animal persons who says cats can learn tricks ( they will learn one day i just know it )


“The humans talk too much” “I was told to get in the truck but I think that when I’m about to jump, I’ll dart out towards the street again for no reason!” “ hear water, I must pee myself to get out of bath time”


My dogs were growling and I screamed hey at them and they all looked at me weird, and later that day the dog growled at the door to my room and I growled back and she looked really dumbfounded.




My cat was laying on my stomach and it growled he looked at me like “hoomans can pur too?!?!” He probably thinks I’m weird.


My cats think I am a human Pez machine dispensing treats for them.


Tee Tee looks at me like, “Is your lap going to stay still for at least 10 minutes? Otherwise, I’m not gonna bother.”

Lily just hollers at me when I walk in a room …apparently, she has a thing about attention.


He thinks the top bunk of the bunk bed in my room is his giant cat tree. He sleeps there almost every night.


“oh god here she comes again… making all that noise- UH OH SHE’S COMING CLOSED HAVE. TO. HIDE. IN. A. BALL!!! THE BLANKETS BEING LIFTED AHHH SHE’S GOING TO EAT ME ALIVE OH N- oh wait im safe with this sent 🙂 calm down okay i just need to squirm loads and shell put me back so i can finish my dream about taking over the world and being ruler of all hogs!” {I own a hedgehog}


The one who lets me on the then relaxes with me


“And she’s sitting there again. Doing nothing. *sigh* I guess I’m just gonna have to meow at her over and over and over and” *I try to pet him* “DON’T TOUCH ME”


Why does she keep STARING AT ME?!?! All I’m doing is sitting on my porch. I’m tryna take a nap!


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