Hey Pandas, What Did You Name Your Pet And Why?


We all love our furry friends, and an important part of having one is naming them!


I named my cat Wednesday after Wednesday Adams because he is a black cat and is very grumpy.


Cat. It’s functional, accurate, and not like he responds to it anyway.


My in-laws were adopted by a cat from up their street. They were told by neighbors that this cat was being left outside to eat rodents by its owner. This big black feline had other ideas – like a warm bed and laps to nap on. His new name became INOC (pronounced: eye-knock) which stood for It’s Not Our Cat. Best cat ever! He never wandered far from home.


I named my husky Loki because I love Norse mythology and am myself a Norse Pagan. Also, I love Marvel.
His name really fits his personality because he’s always playing tricks on us. I call him The Dog of Mischief.


Our Maine C-o-o-n cat is named Perry, after the Perry the Platypus character in the Disney cartoon series “Phineas and Ferb.” When we can’t find him, we obviously say “Hey, where’s Perry?” He tends to follow me around, which elicits “Ah, Perry the Platypus, how nice of you to join me.” Being a long haired cat, he sheds lots of fur, so we call them platypuffs. And when he uses his litter box, he deposits many platyp… well, you get the idea I’m sure.


My beagle girl was going to be called Lola, but because of too much wine the night before I collected her, in the morning I was feeling a bit “fragile” and that became Fraggle and that’s what I named her and it suits her because well, Fraggle rocks!!


My parakeet is named Ruth Bader Ginsbird for obvious reasons.


Named my fat red capped oranda goldfish Macncheese because it was the last thing I ate at the time.


Petrushka, after the Stravinsky ballet wherein a puppet comes to life to woo a ballerina. He was the kitty love of my life and lived for 16-1/2 years. I still miss him.


When we got a new kitty we offered our 7yr old a list of names to pick from. Kirby was on that list bc kitty has a very pink nose. We thought FOR SURE that she’d pick Kirby bc it was her favorite game. No. She picked Lupin. Not because of Harry Potter… which was why I chose to put the name in the list… but because “it sounds funny!” Two years later, daughter finally realizes there’s a Professor Lupin in Harry Potter, can’t believe the coincidence ?


We got two rescue cats called Buffy and Willow.

Seven years later we rescued a kitten, so we had to call her Dawn. Very few people get it.


My cat stopped growing when she was 6 months old, so she’s adorable. When you’re adorable, you can get away with more, and when you can get way with more, you do more.
I named her Minerva because she gets on my nerves (mi-nerve-a).


I know I am a little late to this post, but here it goes.

We had an old, black cat named Doobie. He was a great and affectionate cat that I had had since I was born. Anyways, one day, a dog got into our house (friendly to kids, so we were safe). Then my cat went down the stairs. The dog, as we found out, didn’t like cats. Our cat died later that day to wounds. We got a new cat a year ago and named him Dubbie, after Doobie.

**He is nowhere near as nice as Doobie was**


His name was FatManWalkin. He was a chonk and a half. My bestie, RIP


I named my Poodle Noodles, because he looks like the cutest bowl of noodles!!!


I named my furfriend Boo, because she’s a black cat. But she’s not scary in the least. She’s a sweet shy girl >^..^


I named my cat Ringo because: he has rings around his body, he had rings (I think), and because of Ringo Starr.


Thor is my dog’s name.
He’s a golden/Basset/husky mix, low and long and 100% black. As a pup he looked like a loaf of pumpernickel and the name was a bit of a joke.
He grew into it, though. He’s quiet, but when he does bark it turns heads. He’s the biggest small dog you’ve ever met and the best good boi.


My male Siamese fighter / Betta splendens didn’t have a name because, you know, it’s a fish. Apparently this isn’t acceptable in my house.

He (and every fighter I’ve had since) got the name “Flappy F**ker”. Apparently that isn’t acceptable either…


I wanted our third rescued special needs cat to be called ‘Rain’ but my husband said he was sick of hippy-dippy names and wanted something more butch. We finally decided on ‘Regen’ after my suggestion and it wasn’t until she’d been with us for a few weeks that someone told him that Regen is Dutch/German for rain….lol


Bread Cat was a foster kitten and was always very scared so she used to sit on our laps and hide her face in the crook of our arms, making her look and feel like a little loaf of bread.


My black cat has two names. Her formal name is Michonne, after Michonne from the walking dead. That’s because she is not declawed (and never will be even though she’s destroyed some wallpaper) and has sharp murder mittens. Her other name is Peanut. Because she was a literally a starving 5 week old kitten who ran up and was eating the peanuts we threw off the front porch to feed the birds. This was a cold April night. We fed her two containers of wet food and took turns keeping her in our jackets to warm up while the other one finished smoking. She had a pink, very tight collar on that would have choked her slowly to death as she got bigger (that got cut off pretty quick). She came in with us that night (which made my other cat pretty mad). Next day she went to the vet to take care of fleas, ear mites and other assorted parasites. Later had her spayed. She is now a fat, super affectionate lap cat who will still actually eat a peanut if we happen to drop one.


I was adopting a Weiner dog and his name was Oscar. My last name happened to be Meyer, and I knew he was meant to be mine 🙂 Oscar Meyer.


I have two cats (brothers) one is Milo and the other is marbles. My granddaughter named them. I wanted to call them Ronnie and Reggie as in the Kray twins. Oh well.


I told my clerk I was going at lunch to see two kittens. She was already looking through lunch menus, so she asked was I going to name them for food. I said, “Like what, Cupcake and Muffin?” She said she was thinking more along the lines of fetu and chini or maybe spaghetti and meatballs. So I said if it was gonna be food, I’d stick to Cupcake and Muffin. And I did.


I named one of my guinea pigs Toffee, because he is the colour of toffee, and I named my other guinea pig Ginger, because he is the colour of ginger hair.


Lorelei, a song by Cocteau Twins from ‘Treasure’. I thought of this when me and my wife went to pick her up. But she does go by many, many other (nick)names.


Minnie, I was 2 and i loved watching minnie mouse. She was the best doggo ever but she really sick


I have a small herd of goats with musical names (Treble, Aria, Sonnet, Melody, ect). I had originally wanted to start a goat milk soap company called The Lyrical Goat Soap Company, but babies are required for goat milk and it turns out I have a really hard time selling my goat babies. So now I just have a bunch of interestingly named pet goats.


I wanted Tokyo so I could be Godzilla. My son wanted Sam, just cause. So he is Tokyo Sam (private dog-tective)


I named my dog Athena, because in my family we believe in having strong names. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy in Greek mythology, she was a fearless warrior. So we named our snack driven, hyper, goofy puppy after her, it only made sense 😀


My two cute guinea pigs are named cookie and bickie by me because one of them is mildly brown and white just like a biscuit ( In our family we always say biscuit as bickie ) so I wanted to call him that and for the another one I wanted in matching to bickie so I named him cookie


We had a chicken who could say her name: Barack.


Dr. Sharkbody (After Dr. Chakrabarti on iZombie), Thumb-breaker Barnes (favorite iZombie episode), Gus (really called Mokey) & Tails (has no tail)


Snapdragon because I realized without knowing it my mom had started a tradition of naming female dogs after flowers. Her childhood dog was Rosy. Then we had Jasmine, next came Tulsi. Also, Snapdragons are my favorite flower.


Most of ours are where we got them (all rescues) Stewart the dog (from Stewartstown), Homer the cat (Homer City), Salem the cat (Salem Church Road), May the dog (Maytown), Shiloh the dog (Shiloh Township), Carl the cat (Carlisle Road). We also have Walter…from the book Walter the Farting Dog (even though he is a cat).


Nox and Athena

Spent three weeks in Athens, Greece in 2019 (will understand why I started with this). When Covid hit, I decided after 20 years of not having cats, that I wanted to adopt one. Found one that I loved the looks of online at the local shelter. Went down to see her, and she didn’t want anything to do with me, however her brother, was begging me to take him home. So I did.

Athena was a name I had already picked out, but that didn’t fit a male cat (a tuxedo at that) so after running the gauntlet of names a friend of mine in suggested Nox. Nyx is a Greek Goddess, Nox looks more manly but it is her Roman name – so my male cat has a female name 🙂

Since I didn’t want to leave Nox alone when/if we went back to work at the office, I adopted a second cat. A female tabby, who automatically became Athena the moment I adopted her. (In hindsight, I should have gone with my gut and adopted Nox’s sister the same day, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for two cats after not having any for so long). I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world now.


I have a beautiful, silky black cat who I named “Miss Purrdy.” The character, Carla Purty, played by Jada Pinkett in the Eddie Murphy movie, “The Nutty Professor,” gave me the idea because Murphy’s character, Professor Klump, called her Ms. Purty and I thought it fit her perfectly. Of course I put the feline spin on it (“Purr”). She’s 4 years old and is laying in my lap as I type this. The second cat I have was named “Noggin” by my husband because when he was a tiny little guy, he had a huge-looking head, or noggin. He’s Grey and white with the most piercing yellow eyes I’ve seen in awhile. He’s about 10 months old, and quite the rambunctious kitten. He has a crush on Miss Purrdy but she’s not interested. Happy holidays everyone!


I have 2 dogs named cole and cali I gave cole that name on Christmas because he looked like the color of coal.i named my dog cali that because I’m originally from california.


I named my dog Bear because she’s big, brown and fluffy and looks a bit like a small bear. She’s a very good girl and comes whenever we call.


Vesper. We had been on a James Bond kick and I loved the character Vesper Lynd. I think “V” names are just neat too!


My cat recently had kittens (they all got adopted!!!!) And she had 4, I could resist and named them after the golden girls, because I watched that show for a while and loved it.


Zoe means life in Greek. Years and years ago I saw a file where a parent explains to her daughter why she named her Zoe. I love the idea that someone can bring you ‘life’ and my 55 pound Black Shepherd mix has certainly done that. She’s everything to me.


We have two cats, brothers, who were rescued from a dump when they were only 5 days old. There were many suggestions for names, all very obvious due to the color of the coat or the circumstances in which they were found or even due to the behavior. So I decided to call them “Pintucchio and Shoxana” by the simple unusual names.


Dame Olga von Hammstein for my dwarf hamster. Olga from Michael Bond’s Olga da Polga and the rest kind of happened.

The previous hamster was Lady Abigail Hammalot (a colleague was to blame for that one) . I have also had Gin (or Djinn, he lived up to that name in both variants), Molly and Max (Maximus).


Thor is my dog’s name.
He’s a golden/Basset/husky mix, low and long and 100% black. As a pup he looked like a loaf of pumpernickel and the name was a bit of a joke.
He grew into it, though. He’s quiet, but when he does bark it turns heads. He’s the biggest small dog you’ve ever met and the best good boi.


I named my hamster Houdini because when we first got him he tried chewing on the box. So far he has lived up to his name. He has had 4 escapades.


Ok here goes….
Boxer : Remi short for Remington because his bark is loud af
Bearded Dragon: Zilla short for Godzilla (he’s currently growing into his name)
Sugar Gliders (f) Vdara after one of our fave hotels in Vegas, She had a sister (yup you guessed it Aria) but she passed. and (M) Viking because he was given to us with that name.
Birds: Val (Illiger Macaw) (rescue came with the name) Damascus (Cockatiel) his tail feathers looks like Damascus steel. Storm (Cockatiel) Rescue came with the name. Ziggy (alexandrian parrot) Rescue came with name. Rosie (Mustache Parrot) She smelled like roses, still does. Peach (Peach faced love bird) self explanatory. Bully (Blue and gold Macaw) Rescue came with it, but she is a bully. Wendy Blue and Gold Macaw) Rescue, came with it. Khaleesi (Severe Macaw) Fave character from GOT. Stretch (Blue and Gold macaw) rescue but he got his name because he constantly stretches his wings. and finally Freya (Green Wing macaw baby just hatched 70 days ago) My love of Viking Lore.


My cat is named jerry. I name all my pets after Seinfeld characters.
So far, I have Jerry, George, Newman, and cosmo. Rip Kramer and Elaine


Moxie, because she’s a feisty, brave special needs cat. Star, because she’s a little star. Regen, because I wanted to call her ‘Rain’ but my husband said he was sick of hippy-dippy names and wanted her to be called something a bit more ‘Normal’. It was only a few months after we rescued her that a friend told him that Regen was Dutch/German for ‘Rain’…lol


I named my ragdoll cat sumo because we all adore Japan, and, well, he’s fat.


I always wanted to call a cat Pippin. I went to pick up an 8 week old grey and white kitten who was supposed to be a boy so he was definitely Pippin. I ended up taking one of the little black and white spotted girls too. On the way home I just kept calling her splodge due to her markings and it stuck because I couldn’t think of a name for her.

Eanie – she was from a litter of 4 rescued kittens who were given the names Eanie, Meanie, Minie and Mo. She’s a spotty one (5 dots) like Pippin (3 dots) and Splodge (4 dots).

Inkie – from the same rescue home as Eanie. She’s jet black and I wanted to call her Snowy. Wrote both names on pieces of paper, put them in a box and the one that came out was Inkie.

The others have normal names. Jasper, Walter and Smokie (she’s a tortoise shell but her nose is all grey).

Thanks to Huddersfield Feral and Strays for Eanie and Inkie. They do a fantastic job of rehoming surprise litters of kittens, cats whose owners can’t afford vets bills and ask for them to be euthanised, unwanted or dumped cats and the capture, neuter and release of feral cats.


We adopted a cat and her son, who we named Peanut and Snoopy, respectively. Sadly, Snoopy died a couple weeks after we got him.


I named my dorking (chicken) Hata Mari (Hattie for short because as a chick she had eye markings that looked like eyeshadow. she is very spoiled lol.


Widget is my dog’s name. We got her when I was little, around the time that I used to watch “Wow Wow Wubbzy”. So yes, My dog is named after a pink rabbit. And I love her.




Me and my Mom named my dog Maze after Mazikeen, and it fits so well because he is a little devil


I named my hedgehog Klaus because Assassin’s Creed Odyssey had just come out not too long ago and I really liked the name Nikolaos but it was too long. Thought of Nico but a friend suggested Klaus and it just fit


We started calling our youngest cat “Fartface” because we weren’t going to keep him at first. We kept him and the name.


We named my Kitten JellyBean, because my nickname includes “Bean” so its [My name] bean and Jellybean


I named our Maine C**n Merlot, because he is red.
I name our other Maine C**n Kashmir because I think it is elegant just like he is.


Dr Thomas. Came to us when was a little kiten, I just put him on the floor and was like he knew what to do, where to go, he went to my mom’s sick bed, and jumped to her shoulder pourring so loud. She was better 3 days later. He is mom’s doc


Long story, but when we went to the breeders to pick our dog, my dad insisted on a male, because our family had 4 females, and he was lonely. After we chose our dog, we were debating names, and since we’re all soccer fans, especially Real Madrid, we decided on Nino, little boy in Spanish.

Well, two months later, we go pick up our dog and found out that the breeder made a mistake, we got a female dog instead. Poor girl was called little boy


The Bull dog we have is named MaGilla Gorilla. The deal with my husband and I was, he got to pick out the pup, I got to name it. I was at work when he picked up the pup so the first time I saw MaGilla was when I walked into the living room and this tiny little puppy was trying to pick up and carry my husbands size 14 shoe and carry it. It was an exercise in frustration for him. Every time he picked up the shoe his rear legs popped up into the air and he would paddle his rear legs desperately trying to walk and couldn’t. What better name than MaGilla?


My current cat is Aida, after the title character of the opera. Aida is the first opera I ever saw – and I instantly fell in love with the art form! Even though Aida is a random-bred “Heinz 57,” she could almost pass for Siamese because she has the dark points and beautiful blue eyes.

Before that I had Ragamuffin. She was a long-haired stray, and I named her thusly because she looked rather scruffy.


We named our white cat Salty; he’s definitely more salty than sweet.


Named my turtle Flip because we felt like it.


I named my cat Missy because she is so sweet and loving (is also my little princess :3). I named my other cat Pepper because the pattern on her belly looks like someone ground pepper on it. 🙂


we named my black mini schnauzer mix oliver because of Oliver Wood from harry potter. We named my cream/ blonde colored mini schnauzer mix petra because of petra from jane the virgin who has blonde hair.


I named my puppy Suki because it was the only name she will respond to! (Technically she chose her name, not us..)


Dec 2019, we got an orange tabby kitten. My daughter named him Simba, but I mostly call him Orange Boy.

For Simba’s first birthday, Sep 2020, I got him a friend, a female kitten. Looking for a name, I researched tabbies and learned that she’s a “mackerel tabby” because of her stripe pattern, and she was a scrapper when the bigger one pounced on her, so she’s Mackerel Scrapper, Mackie for short.

They are besties.


Gary the cat is named after Scottish Gary on Masterchef the Professionals. We just always loved the way the show announcer pronounced his name. We’re not Scottish


Flurry, because she was white and fluffy and a flurry of activity. She also answered to Frou, Froully, and for about a year “stinkypants.”


I was on my way across several states to pick up my new Maltese puppy ( a barter, no cash ) and listening to a radio broadcast. The lady on the broadcast said Tseramilla was an ancient Croatian word describing how a soul felt when it found it’s true home. The minute I saw my beloved Lady Tseramilla Bella, I knew it was the perfect name. Bella means beautiful. My beloved Millie passed away at the age of 13 & 1/2, just 4 days after the vet announced she was in amazing good health. I still cry.


My cats are named after my mum, “Wilhelmine”, and one of my aunts “Roswitha”, who were part of 13 silblings and stuck together most of the time. The cats are sisters, Roswitha is sturdy and nosy as my aunt, Wilhelmine is slenderly built and a little bit shy as my mom. Just as they in her childhood 😉


I got a 7 oz, 6 week old calico kitten who was the product of a feral mother. We got her in October so the wife named her “Punkin” (Orange, Black, White… you get it!) Everyone started calling her “Punkie” or “Punks” until she grew into a 17 pound ball of loveable hell with a head the size of a grapefruit. This “queen” of the house was affectionately (and now officially) called “Miss Punx.” She’s huge and she’s bad a**! Oh and a water cat to boot. (Yeah, she likes water… and bacon, and ham… )


My girl is named Boudicca-Siggy. Boudicca was the Celtic queen who united England against the Romans about 1,000 years ago and Siggy was a character from the tv show Vikings. We just call her Siggy. My boys are Thor and Loki because my partner and I are fans of Norse mythology.


My black cat is cricket because she hops around like a cricket. Her mom is Kit-Kat because we couldn’t decide what to call her so the nick name stuck. For a few days we had a hawk we rehabbed and obviously called him Tony Hawk.


Many years ago, my sisters and I had a polydactyl cat. We named her “Twinkle Toes” because of her extra toes.
The cat I have now is named “Dixie.” She was a stray but had a sophisticated “air.” She reminded me of Julia Sugarbaker from “Designing Women” but didn’t look like a Julia. I named her Dixie after Dixie Carter who played the role of Julia Sugarbaker.
Our dog is Darla. When we adopted, her name was Darlene. We live in a somewhat rural area but do have neighbors and I just couldn’t see me on our back porch calling “Darlene! Darlene!” so she became Darla.


Our ringneck is named Summer Pops because he’s a mix of yellow and green, but he thinks his name is Baby since that’s what we call him most of the time.


We have four cats.

The oldest is Rory Sherlock Stormageddon (Dark Lord of All) named for Doctor Who’s Rory (because he’s got nine lives), Sherlock because he figured out how to open the cabinet doors to get the treats, and Stormageddon (Doctor Who again) because he thinks he’s this big bag thing and in reality, he’s a cuddly baby.

Then there’s Tauriel Jane Romanov, named for the Hobbit character because of her ability to track down and attack her big brother anywhere, Jane for Captain Janeway of Voyager, because she does things HER way and doesn’t care about what anybody else thinks. Romanov is both a reference to the Russian royal family (she’s a little princess!) and Black Widow (again, she loves to attack her brother).

Loki James Velociraptor is the next, Loki because he’s ALWAYS in trouble (and thinks he should rule the house), James for James T. Kirk of Star Trek (I swear 1/2 of that series is everyone going “Kirk, don’t do that” and Kirk goes and does it… just like this fuzzy child), and Velociraptor because, well, he bites. Hard.

The last is Georgina Louise Babyshark. Georgina is for my grandfather, who found her all huddled by herself and passed away soon after. Louise is after the Bob’s Burgers character – she’s a sassy little thing! And Babyshark is both because SHE bites (she learned it from Loki) and the fact that the only way to hold her is to sing Baby Shark to her.

Spoiled babies.


We named our dog Lucy because the night we got her as a puppy she was whining a lot and it reminded my mom of one of the preschoolers in her class who would just go sit in the corner and cry all day until pick up time. She wasn’t even suggesting the name, just telling us about the little girl, and it was some how the perfect name.


I have/had three cats:

George (died in October): We didn’t name him, so idk

Mazel: based of Mazel tov, a Jewish phrase (im a Jew)

Kishi: Named after Claudia Kishi from BSC.


not mine, but my dads friend. He wanted a dog. Couldnt get a dog, got a cat. named cat D.O.G. not dog, D.O.G. like the letters.


Pamela Anderson: 8 years old Am. Staf. exploited by breeder had tits hanging to the ground. (yes she had surgery to correct).
Agrafka (translates as safetypin). Pittbul who had been beaten up and left to die. Facial half paralised and a smashed jaw so she didn’t have much bite power left.


My family has had four dogs altogether. The first dog was named Ava, since we really liked the name. The second dog was named Pod ( Prince of Darkness ) because his eyes wouldn’t show up in pictures the adoption place took of him. We named our third dog Evie because she came on New year’s Eve. And our last dog Suki, was named after a character in Naruto.


My doggo is named Akela. It’s the name she came with when we adopted her and it’s Hawaiian for princess.


I named my dog pippi because she has red hair and Im swedish, just like pippi longstockings.


Siobhan……..the most beautiful name ever and for my horse, Rockabilly. It suited him.


Our rescued Staffie came with the name Dyce but we decided to change it. All the family put names in a hat. The one we pulled out was written our 7 yo son whose suggestion was “scented poo bag” not surprisingly I vetoed this and we kept his original name. It eventually morphed into Dyson…


Our little kitten is named Simon after my brother because there is nothing funnier than one of the kids saying “Mum! Simon has poo on his paw!” “Mum! Simon farted in my room!” “Simon, get your butt out of my face!”


My cat is dustbunny, when he was born he looked like a grey poofy dustbunny and he grew into a 18lb longhair dustbunny! Had one named nuts because he got on myoms bird cage and was batting at her through the bars(she was a scarlet macaw) and when I saw that I yelled “cat you’re nuts!” And he came and sat in front of me. Siamese cross named bumble for the abominable snowman in the old Rudolf movie. And my moms dog came with the name evie, but responds to taco dog since she looks like the taco bell dog.


Brutus the Rottie, he’s a real brut & quite the protector, he’s our bodyguard when my hubby goes to work nights as a Security Guard, my family feels safe against home invaders/thieves etc. ?❤️?


Yesterday, on Christmas eve, me and my brother got guinea pigs! One of them is black with a few white areas, and the other is mostly brown with a white stripe around her waist. I named the black one Leila, which means “dark as night”. The other is named “Sophia” after Sophia Petrillo from The Golden Girls


Piggie- standard type American Bulldog son was 4 and since dog could snort and make strange noises and has the same sort of fur like a pig he called her the piggie


People ask us why we named our dog Kodo. We explain that we adopted him from the Humane Society and we kept the name he already had. We decided he didn’t need a new name. 🙂


Deuce, short for Caduceus. And he’s my 2nd snake.


I named my cat Minnie beacause when she was a baby her ears were big and reminded me of Minnie Mouse!


My daughter had a cat she named Binx, after the cat in Hocus Pocus. He later became mine. He was a huge cat, the size of a spaniel. Her other cat I inherited was Mrs. Norris, from Harry Potter. Nicknamed Norri.

I used to keep beta fish, they pretty much were all named Zoid. Star Trek fans will get that one 🙂


My daughters 2nd fish was named “Don’t Touch”.


I give my pets Greek & Roman names because I aspire to have ownership of a Pharoah or Queen.
Originally, thought to use names of famous Thanes, but can not stand all the Mac & Haggis.


One of my dog’s name is Sox because he is black but just his feet are white and he looks like he’s wearing socks.


Mando from the Mandalorian. It also means deserving of love. It fits him well since he was a stray.


I named my dog Daisy because when we got her she had little daisies on her collar.


My cats are Gode (from bigode – mustache in portuguese) and Nina (from pequenina – she was quite small when she was a feral.. now its getting chubby)

Dog is Flaquito (weak in spanish). Another one in the house that is getting chubby ?


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