184 Times People Caught Cats Looking So Cute In Their Sleep, They Just Had To Share The Pics Online (New Pics)


My sleep-deprived eyes fill with envy whenever I see a cat dozing off in a shoe, or a glass, or any other of the gazillion places they might choose. These adorable creatures can pass out anywhere! But that’s not all; they have another superpower that’s equally impressive. No matter where, no matter how they sleep, cats always look too darn cute. Take a look at this list compiled by Bored Panda for example. A kitty laying down completely straight on its back? Cute. Three critters dreaming in a ‘cat wheel’? You bet. No drool, no nothing. Just purrs and awws.

#1 The Time I Rescued A Crying Kitten Outside. My Cat Cuddled Her

Image credits: zozozkittykat

#2 A Stray Kitten Just Came Up And Took A Nap On My Lap. Best Moment In This Whole Miserable Year

Image credits: Flaty98

#3 A Tired Little Man

Image credits: chavata2023

#4 When You’re Napping But You Also Have To Practice Your Ballet

Image credits: poshslug

#5 We Sleep With Our Toes To The Sky

Image credits: Custergrant

#6 My Dad Has Never Had A Cat But Loves Mine. He Found A Kitten Crying Outside A Couple Days Ago Who Prefers Sleeping Like This

Image credits: robcantplayhockey

#7 Napping With Mommy

Image credits: nooneknowsme_xx

#8 My Cat Insists I Hold His Paw While He Sleeps On My Lap. Never Once Has Scratched Me. It’s A Very Trusting Relationship Kind Of Thing

Image credits: ryanechols

#9 Kitten Sleeping

Image credits: unknown

#10 He Likes To Nap In My Arms

Image credits: onceIate18cakes

#11 His Favourite Sleeping Spot

Image credits: gingerraspy

#12 Yesterday I Adopted A Kitten But I Think They Gave Me A Meerkat

Image credits: GMRpt

#13 Kitten Wheel

Image credits: kittenxlady

#14 He Sleeps Like This

Image credits: salty_melon

#15 An Interesting Sleeping Position

Image credits: spacecupcakez

#16 Moms Kitty Cat Loves To Nap In A Vase

Image credits: PancakeMaster999

#17 My New Cat Only Sleeps On My Head. Meet Newt

Image credits: pawnteac

#18 She Sure Is Really Happy When Sleeping

Image credits: Yoshi-Chan-YT

#19 Sleepy Kitties

Image credits: machiyominoura

#20 Baby Kitty Sleeps With Mom

#21 I Wanted A Dog, My Husband Wanted A Cat Because Dogs Are “Too Needy”. So Instead We Got A Cat

She won’t leave my side and loves when I hold her little paw while she sleeps.

Image credits: sileesaurus

#22 Found These Two Sleeping Like This

Image credits: CatLovingCatlady

#23 I Was Freaking Out Cause I Couldn’t Find Him. Finally Found Him Sleeping Like This

Image credits: book_worm200414

#24 Man And Kitten Taking A Cat Nap

Image credits: jdubsxixi

#25 This Is How My Roommates Cat Decided To Sleep On Me Today

Image credits: caylinmay51

#26 Just These Brothers Sleeping. You’re Welcome

Image credits: Hopeful_Brilliant625

#27 Being Snuggled In A Beanie Made The Screaming Cotton Ball Go To Sleep

Image credits: Venyxia

#28 Most Adorable Sleeping Loaf Of Bread

Image credits: unknown

#29 Just A Bebby Sleeping

Image credits: 3972684290

#30 Coco Likes To Nap Like A Birdy

Image credits: OfficialDampSquid

#31 Hobbes Is Very Tired From Not Helping Us Move

Image credits: meeoowwzzuuhh

#32 Having A Nap In The Sun, Really Liked How This Photo Looks

Image credits: Biggity_Biggims

#33 Sleepy Pancake Kitty

#34 Bundled Sleepy Kittens

#35 This Is How My Cat Sleeps Every Night

Image credits: acenia17

#36 Meet Kendrick. He Likes To Sleep Like This

Image credits: probablywitchcraft

#37 Kitty Had A Hard Night

Image credits: SgtLemming

#38 The Cat Is Sleeping While My Boyfriend Plays

Image credits: ritinha_fig

#39 My Daughter And Our Cat Always Have To Be Touching When They Nap. Today It Was Foot To Foot

Image credits: Strongpillow

#40 The Girls Napping

Image credits: Vtscott

#41 Caturday Nap

Image credits: Radish00

#42 My Cats Formed A Smiley Face Today

Image credits: SpookyMookyHours

#43 A Kitten Burrito

Image credits: Woodsy_Flames_Boy

#44 I Woke Up To Him Sleeping Like This Next To Me This Morning. I Think At This Point, We Need Modelling Agencies For Cats

Image credits: Goldenoir

#45 This Is Chata, The Munchkin. This Is How He Sleeps

Image credits: chavata2023

#46 They Fight All Day But Sleep Together At Night

Image credits: disciplinq

#47 Always Been A Dog Person. Never Had A Kitten Or Cat In My 26 Years. Today My SO Convinced Me At The Humane Society. Couldn’t Be Happier. Here’s Her And Jupiter Taking A Cat Nap

Image credits: PM_ME_UR_FULLBODY

#48 I Was Playing Some Games On My PC, He Jumped On Me And Slid Into My Hoodie Before Taking A Nap. I’m In Heaven

Image credits: Trxshpotato

#49 A Stray Cat Walked Into A Cafe And Decided To Take A Nap In My Arms

Image credits: butimshy

#50 Meet My Cat Garfield, He Likes To Sleep Like This After A Long Day Of Doing Nothing

Image credits: Hatsjoe1

#51 This Pocket Is Just Right For This Little Kitten

Image credits: tonobodysdelight

#52 My Beautiful Max Who Loved Sleeping In Bed And We Would Often Find Him Curled Up Way Underneath The Covers

Image credits: A-RATAY

#53 Everyday Momo Cries Until My Boyfriend Puts Him In His “Hammock” For Nap Time

Image credits: ladymistborn

#54 Found Her Sleeping Like This

Image credits: AntisocialKitten

#55 My Exhausted Daughter Fell Asleep. Her Kitten Decided To Join Her

Image credits: goodlyearth

#56 We Got A New Kitten, But I Think Our Cat Got A New Kitten

Image credits: emilyrebekah

#57 My Friend’s Cat Sleeps Like This And It’s Too Precious For Words

Image credits: ifoundyourtoad

#58 The Kitten We Rescued. Meet Luna, Sleeping With Her Toy Mouse

Image credits: CasMaSas

#59 My Daughter Made Him A Bed And Gave Him A Bear

Image credits: mamapfresh

#60 This Is My Corona Cat, We Adopted Him In March

His name was originally Sam but unfortunately, that’s my name so we renamed him to Spam, but he also goes by Spammy and Spamuel L. Catson. We put him on diet and he’s so much healthier now. His hobbies are sleeping and chasing lizards.

Image credits: sklivid

#61 Last Week We Picked Up Sam, Our Newest Addition To The Family. This Was His First Nap In His New House

Image credits: donjuamon

#62 One Playful Boy And One Sleepy Chonk

Image credits: cronkamite

#63 Throwback To July, When My Cat Was Still A Smol Sleepy Bean

Image credits: FloofyCockatiel

#64 Cat From Nearby Farm Brought Her Kitten

Image credits: SbsBraavos

#65 My Cat Caesar Sleeping

Image credits: ZerseusTheGreat

#66 A Cat And An Owl Sleep Together At A Cat Cafe

Image credits: hukuloucoffee

#67 They Can’t Sleep Without Touching Each Other

Image credits: nativebloodprince

#68 How My Newly Adopted Baby Girl Decided To Sleep On Her First Night In Her New House

Image credits: 2intld

#69 Got My Dog An Emotional Support Kitten, This Was Their First Week Together

Image credits: aura-li

#70 This Is How My Wife And Our Cat Sleep Every Night

Image credits: Lieutelant

#71 Last Week I Adopted A Furry Friend For My Cat. This Is Them Sleeping

Image credits: Myxgb

#72 Sleep With One Eye Open, Blepping Your Pillow Tight

Image credits: dontpour0verme

#73 I Got Her A Week Ago, And She’s Been Bleping Every Time She Sleeps. I Think It’s The Cutest

Image credits: dankdegl

#74 Meet My New Kitten Bruce (Aka Bruce Wayne Because Of The Pointy Batman Ears) Having A Nap Between Fighting Crime

Image credits: Diabod07

#75 Whenever I Get Home From Work And He Happens To Hear My Car Lock, He Shoots Out Of Nowhere And Follows Me To My Door Meowing Till I Sit Down And Allow Him To Take A Nap On My Lap

This cat is not my cat. 10/10 would pet again. 

Image credits: bunnyxjam

#76 Teeny Foster Babies Enjoying Nap Time

Image credits: elainetheelephant

#77 Pierre Sleeping On The Job This Morning

Image credits: almondmilkandweed

#78 Timber Always Has To Be Touching One Of His Humans When He Naps

Image credits: jbird221

#79 The Tiniest Of Sleeps

Image credits: vaamps

#80 I Wanted To Play. She Decided It’s Nap Time. Send Help, It’s Been An Hour And I Need To Pee

Image credits: KrezyKjutKet

#81 My Girlfriends Cats Hold Paws When They Sleep

Image credits: cutesymonsterman

#82 A Box Of Sleeping Bengal Kittens

Image credits: unknown

#83 We Find Our Cats Sleeping Like This Every Morning (P.s. They Are Sisters)

Image credits: lizzssna

#84 My Friend Adopted A Cat And Texted Me: “My Cat Is Broken, She Doesn’t Know How To Sleep”

Image credits: DawnS19

#85 Very Smol Floof Thinking A Plastic Cover Is For Sleep

Image credits: goodtoknow92

#86 My 6-Week-Old Kitten Taking A Nap

Image credits: missbrimarie

#87 My Boys Having A Nap

Image credits: kittenkerfuffle

#88 Little Guy Has Cancer. At Least I Work From Home And He Can Have Lap Naps. Keep On Eating Friend

Image credits: ejwestcott

#89 My Cat Covers Her Eyes When She Naps During The Day

Image credits: ExMachinas

#90 Raise Your Paw And Stick Out Your Tongue If You Love To Nap All Day And Run Around Like A Crazy Goon All Night

Image credits: longlickgets

#91 Nap.Exe Has Been Installed Successfully

Image credits: buttersauces

#92 My Boy Was Taking A Nap Looking Like A Fancy Little Fox

Image credits: ktgaspard

#93 Just Taking A Nap

Image credits: mockitt

#94 Blissful Cat Nap

Image credits: OhKerrn

#95 My New Kitten Finally Began To Like Me And Fell Asleep On My Arm. Can’t Move Now

Image credits: Furkaan125

#96 Our Kittens’ Sleeping Pose. I Have No Words

Image credits: danieladamsagi

#97 My Cat Sleeping By My Turtles

Image credits: flawlessvictoryGER

#98 When He Was Little He Slept Like This During My Naps

Image credits: liangx4

#99 This Is His Favorite Sleeping Position

Image credits: mimism

#100 She’s Got Sass Even In Her Sleep

Image credits: nameehasan

#101 Scarlett Has To Hold Hands While She Naps

Image credits: BodhisattvaJones

#102 Naps Are The Best

Image credits: EnleeJones

#103 Sleepy Cat Has His Own Tiny Bed

Image credits: 23_fusafusa

#104 It Took Our Rescue Kitty Over A Year To Really Warm Up To Us, But Warm Up He Did! He Sleeps Like This Every Night

Image credits: poopmypantsMcGhee

#105 Found Her Sleeping Inside A Pillow. Meet Lily

Image credits: Asdant

#106 I Lost My Beautiful Maine Coon, Elise, In January. My Heart Is Still Broken, But Seeing Our New Kitten Sleeping Under Her Portrait Makes Me Believe All Will Be Okay One Day

Image credits: mehraaza

#107 We Found This Little Baby On The Street A Few Weeks Ago. She Absolutely Loves To Cuddle And Sleeps Like This Every Time

Image credits: Issieaka

#108 It’s Been Almost A Year Since We Took In The Neighborhood Stray And My Son Still Insists On Tucking Him In When He Naps

“So he knows that he lives at our house and will come back.”

Image credits: sympson2612

#109 This Is How My Kitten Is Napping Right Now. I Think He Is Broken

Image credits: CasuallyMediocre

#110 Day 5 Of Never Having To Sleep On The Streets Again

Image credits: letsadoptanalpaca

#111 My Cat Likes To Sleep Wrapped Around The Tree In The Flower Pot, With A Leaf As A Cuddle Buddy

Image credits: mabmab2000

#112 My Cats Sleep In My Desk Drawer When I Work From Home

Image credits: DrBertoSquirto

#113 My Daughters Cat Sleeps With Her

Image credits: camlmlm

#114 We’ve Had Her For 4 Days And I Still Can’t Stop Staring At Her While She Sleeps

Image credits: HunsenAbadeer

#115 She Rarely Sleeps In Bed With Me, But I Had To Take A Sick Day Today And Woke Up From Nap To Find Her Right Next To Me. She Really Can Make Anything Better

Image credits: ShannonKayG

#116 Nap Circle

Image credits: Scaulbylausis

#117 Sunshine Will Not Stop Nap Time

Image credits: AZooZooQueen

#118 Heres A Photo Of Lina Sleeping

Image credits: deniz_2258

#119 Passed Out On The Couch, Must’ve Been A Hard Day At Work Being So Cute

Image credits: keelinepie

#120 This Bucket Is Her Favorite Place At Home To Sleep In. Small Blep

Image credits: foreverhonger

#121 Look Who I Brought Home From The Shelter Today! Let The Sleep Deprivation Commence

Image credits: cpics_traveler

#122 All Jack Jack Does Is Sleep

Image credits: pkcook5633

#123 My Sweet Gary Napping In His Spaceship

Image credits: cecebutterluv

#124 Just Want To Share A Pic Of My Family’s New Cat, Cosmo, Taking A Nap On A Snack Table

Image credits: Ojo46

#125 Foster Cat Neko Likes To Take Afternoon Naps Like This, Prevents Me From Doing Anything Else Productive For An Hour (Which I Guess Is Okay)

Image credits: 4ofclubs

#126 This Is How My Kittens Nap All The Time

Image credits: desigrlbkny

#127 This Is Not Even My Cat. She Just Enters My Garden Every Day Cause She Likes To Come And Take A Nap On My Lap

Image credits: 0fiuco

#128 Found Him At 4 Weeks Old. This Is How We Nap

Image credits: wednesdaythelion

#129 Every Morning After My Kids Leave For School, This Little Peanut Curls Up On My Chest Like This And Takes A Nap

Image credits: twinmama7

#130 My 18-Year-Old Baby Girl Azrael. She Snores, She’s Deaf And She Does Not Appreciate It When She’s Awoken Early From Her 18 Hour Naps. She’ll Always Be My Baby

Image credits: dundeegimpgirl

#131 She Needs To Be Beside Me At All Times. Even If It Involves Squishing Herself In A Puzzle Box For A Nap

Image credits: xkxtx

#132 My Little Man Rolls Off The Edge Of The Couch While He Sleeps. My Girlfriend’s Arm Is Exhausted But She Doesn’t Have The Heart To Wake Him

Image credits: thepervywizard

#133 I Show You My Kitten

Image credits: sixxbomb

#134 I’ve Always Been A Dog Guy As A Former Marine And Outdoorsy Type But Yesterday I Found This Tiny Kitten And Man Oh Man. Maybe Cats Are Okay After All

Image credits: GigantapenisaurusRex

#135 My Current Foster Kitten

Image credits: kateskittens

#136 My Sister Just Got A New Kitten & Sent Me This

Image credits: HairProductInExcess

#137 My Boyfriend’s Kitten The Night He Was Adopted. Meet Asparagus

Image credits: bunnihime

#138 Went To Sleep With A Window Open, Woke Up With A Guest

Image credits: MaxFaxRelax

#139 My Cat Loves To Sleep Like This And It’s Undeniably The Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Experienced

Image credits: ducklady92

#140 My Husband Is A Side Sleeper But Every Morning Our Cat Meows And Yells At Him Until He Rolls Onto His Back Just So That My Cat Can Sleep On Him

Image credits: pnda0828

#141 She Comes And Sleeps On My Pregnant Wife Like This Every Night

Image credits: timehack

#142 That’s His Newest Pose While Sleeping

Image credits: ZerseusTheGreat

#143 I Found Her Sleeping Like This In My Living Room

Image credits: Hinoarashi9

#144 I Potata Sleep Here Ok?

Image credits: bobeth1

#145 Little Archie Taking Her Nap

Image credits: AJP14699

#146 Doodle Sleeps Like The Dead For About 10 Minutes And Then Is Chaos Incarnate For The Next 4 Hours

Image credits: DEL_Star

#147 He Sleep

Image credits: Elven_maiden

#148 Boyfriend And Cat Enjoying A Midday Nap Together

Image credits: ktemw

#149 Our New Lil Bean Sleeping With His Favorite Giraffe

Image credits: shytesticle

#150 This Is My Neighbors’ Cat. He Follows Me Into My Apartment And Naps On Me About 3 Times A Week

Image credits: TheBioethicist87

#151 Grandma And “Her” Kitten. Still Napping

Image credits: kixu6964

#152 Just Put My Kitty To Sleep. The Fan Is On Low. He’s Very Warm And Cozy At The Same Time. Kozzmo Welcome Home

Image credits: Alexauce

#153 My New Kittens Having A Snooze

Image credits: withheld_mcfakename

#154 Snoozing Marshmallow

Image credits: Yonburg

#155 We Picked Up Miss Katy Kat After She Washed Up In A Storm 2 Weeks Ago. She Sleeps Next To Me Every Night

Image credits: dreadway90

#156 Time For A Cat Nap

Image credits: savage_garden_

#157 The Boys Napping

Image credits: _Carmines

#158 Took My New Kitten To PetSmart Today. So Tired After All The Lovins

Image credits: coreeye

#159 This Morning She Took A Picture Of Him Napping On Me As I Slept. My Heart Is So Full Right Now

Since moving in with my GF, her cat has been okay with me, but never as snuggly as he is with her.

Image credits: Chatmat89

#160 Jeffree, Just Napping And Being His Adorable Little Self

Image credits: greenhouselimpbizkit

#161 Cat Nap At Its Finest

Image credits: enirehtahk

#162 The Pair Of Kittens That Live In The Shrubbery Outside My Library, Napping In The Evening Sun

Image credits: Pixel_Hound

#163 Buddy And Holly Taking A Nap After An Exhausting Day Of Doing Absolutely Nothing

Image credits: zimmybob

#164 Sleepy Max

Image credits: BambiAnnie

#165 I’ve Started Letting My Cat Sleep On My Bed. I Think He Likes It

Image credits: SomedayShambles

#166 We’ve Been Recycling Some Of Our Son’s Old Baby Toys Into Cat Toys. Here’s Carl Sleeping With A Ducky

Image credits: ManyRan

#167 Please Scroll Softly, I Am Trying To Sleep

Image credits: AdministrativeMoment

#168 Caught My Cat Marcy All Sprawled Out Sleeping, Looks Comfortable

Image credits: PewPewChicken

#169 Every Time The Bed Is Made, Scout Tucks Herself In. Her Favorite Thing To Do Is Finding Pockets In Blankets, Towels, And Anywhere She Can Wiggle Herself To Nap

Image credits: Colombian_Queen

#170 Ragnar Taking A Nap

Image credits: ZombieFrankReynolds

#171 Smollest Toy Thief Sleeps With His Catch

Image credits: Normal-lad

#172 Sleeping Monster

Image credits: bunny4president

#173 This 3-Month-Old Demon Has Dominated 3-Year-Old Established Cat Within 2 Months And Is Now Sleeping On His Spot

Image credits: laraib0110

#174 Any Playtime With Mr. Waffles Turns Into A Nap

Image credits: DNAist

#175 Jiji Sleeping With His New Toy

Image credits: _anhart_

#176 Being This Cute Must Be Exhausting

Image credits: juliac775

#177 Sleeping Between Her Crimes

Image credits: pandabear948756

#178 Tiny Criminal Attempts To Smother Owner In His Sleep

Image credits: FNxIceman

#179 Too Smol To Sleep Alone

Image credits: FlowerFaerie13

#180 This Is Apparently How I Was Sleeping Last Night. Glad He’s Still A Tiny Kitten And I Could Breathe

Image credits: kgofo001

#181 This Kitty Thinks I’m Her Mama. Keeps On Crying When Not Sleeping On The Bed With Me

Image credits: madddssssz

#182 This Is My Baby Girl, Having Her First Nap At Her New Place

Image credits: Lichewitz

#183 So This Is Mary Kate. She’s Just 8 Weeks. Came Home Today And Jumped On My Bed To Nap

Image credits: ImAWoolyMammoth

#184 Sleeping Soundly. Doesn’t Give Two Hoots About His Crimes

Image credits: vicky0159


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