This Online Group Is All About The Fluffiest Cats In The World And People Love It (121 Pics)


Happiness can come in many forms, and sometimes it can look like a ball of fluff. Adorable, meowing, purring balls of fluff. If you’re feeling a bit down lately (which is perfectly understandable and relatable), we’re hoping that these cute photos of so-called ‘floofs’ will cheer you up in no time.

There’s a whole subreddit dedicated to these majestic creatures, so we handpicked you the most gorgeous, most popular, and the most upvoted photos of the fluffy cats posted there. Scroll down below to find 121 fluffy puffy felines and as always, vote for the ones you liked the most!

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My best friend for over 18 years just died and I felt like paying my last respects. RIP Maxi 1999-2018

Image credits: svn_at


Sir Floofytail

Image credits: eWasteman


This floof was abandoned and without food or water when she was found three weeks ago. This is her excitement moments ago on the way to her forever home!

Image credits: coolhandlex


Rumble, just turned 1

Image credits: TheJTizzle


June 2017 to December 2017

Image credits: purrrmaid


Not my picture but definitely thought it belonged here

Image credits: alphajay777


Very tiny floof

Image credits: IntensifyingMiasma


Today I lost the greatest, strongest floofs out there. He got me through some of the hardest times while hiding the fact that he was in constant pain. I love you Oscar.

Image credits: pschlick


His name is Sebastian, but he goes by Furry Purry because he’s furry and purry

Image credits: NiceSocksLOL


Cereal in winter

Image credits: patatacat


My huge floofy boi cuddling with me ?

Image credits: levyhime


Someone ate all his Halloween candy already ?

Image credits: Madfluffs


Rainbow Floof.

Image credits: unchaineddegree


There’s a reason why Storm’s nickname is “Storm Cloud”

Image credits: ZippoS


Recently moved house and this fluffy boy has started appearing at my window.

Image credits: hanana182


This is Frami. Today he needs our love and support because tomorrow he’s scheduled for multiple surgeries following a hit-and-run.

Image credits: wakeuplove


We brought this little floof home today! Meet Castiel, and his magnificent whiskers

Image credits: HazelKathleen


Fluffy Mainecoon Cat

Image credits: mbreti3gut


Susanna’s head is slowly being engulfed by her own floof.

Image credits: Low_Effort_Shitposts


Bubo the floofy void begging for something cronchy

Image credits: curiosityasmedicine


Boyfriend and floof take a snooze

Image credits: adventuresoftors


he’s as soft as he looks ❤️

Image credits: marie_inTO


Daintily crossing her floofy feet.

Image credits: Bortron86


She’s so photogenic it hurts

Image credits: lyss_is_more


Freshly brushed Double Floof

Image credits: cjhamill515


My floof begging me not to go away again for work (reposted from earlier, had to crop)

Image credits: cholulachic


Husky is unaware how beautiful he is.

Image credits: qzz5028


My gf wanted a cat, but I didn’t think I’d like a cat. However, a year later and I’m connected to this animal on a spiritual level

Image credits: greek_stallion


90% Floof

Image credits: hello_zeus


stunning floof

Image credits: icant-chooseone


I am sure you’ll fall in love with this cutie at first sight…

Image credits: mbreti3gut


Winter floof is starting to show up finally.

Image credits: TheJTizzle


Long time follower, first time poster. Here is my floof ❤️

Image credits: violetblues_16


This gorgeous creature.

Image credits: WifeyMommyBossy


Queen of floof

Image credits: 14oktober


The floofiest boi

Image credits: mhtravis


My floofy boy passed away this morning. RIP Kioko

Image credits: Admiral_Fancypants


We decided on a name. Reddit, meet Ziggy.

Image credits: dojofizz44


My friend’s kitten (yes, kitten) is a floofy king. He’s not even full grown yet ?? Maine coon who can’t wait to be king!

Image credits: Catsandhedgehogs


I Am the Night

Image credits: nagatofag


“Maybe if I act really cute and lay on her backpack she won’t go to work…”

Image credits: egracef


His chest floof is impressive to say the least.

Image credits: jonsey93


Just adopted this 14 year old, 7-pound petite floof! Her name is Sabrina and she loves everyone, even the vet!

Image credits: This-is-Peppermint


Our first picture of Gary, right after he came home from the shelter

Image credits: vpdots


My floof Gary, enjoying the fresh mountain air.

Image credits: vpdots


James at 19 weeks is already almost 10 pounds and the vet said he needs to eat more because he can feel his ribs ??. How big is he going to be. ??

Image credits: missjackieo


This floof’s name is Cho’Gath. She likes to yell at me often.

Image credits: FRAGM3NT


No Gary, that isn’t *your* castle.

Image credits: vpdots


This lil guy joined the household this weekend, he’s already at a good 90% on the floof scale

Image credits: myghostfellout


This is Eve. Our floof to be ?.

Image credits: kikiinpurgatory


“Hurry up, loser. We’re going on an adventure”

Image credits: vpdots


Unimpressed floof

Image credits: vpdots


Mr. Atticus patiently waiting to be fed

Image credits: jlpeaches13


Gary! It’s too cold for swimming!

Image credits: vpdots


My floofy princess, T-rah

Image credits: AzureLonegirl


Moved across the country alone and got lonely. Rescued this beauty from the local shelter. Everyone meet Mimi!

Image credits: OyabunRyo


Persephone gets floofier every time I turn around! She’s a former street cat, but does she look like a Turkish angora to anyone else?

Image credits: unbearablylight


This is Emmy, our floofy Birman. Whenever you go and pick her up, she‘ll transform into jelly

Image credits: iphoneman321


She definitely fits her name, Marshmallow

Image credits: JAlexaS


Dustball, the smallest, roundest floof

Image credits: thesupersalad


Floof with little white peets

Image credits: fliedlicepaladise


my neighbor’s fluff boi was on my car this morning

Image credits: ittybittykangaroo


My new floof

Image credits: Knekebrot


Just chilling in the bathtub, looking regal.

Image credits: PhosphorescentWoman


Happy floof in the snow !

Image credits: Isakitty04


My gentle little Floof

Image credits: ohhanna


Little lollie with her Winter Floof

Image credits: MieiM


My floofiest: Marilyn

Image credits: [deleted]


Everyone asks about the picture of himself Gary wears on his collar – this is it. Taken just after he was adopted.

Image credits: vpdots


Icy Eyed White Walker Floof

Image credits: lenerz


Purfect fit!!

Image credits: fdsa124365


This floof had a very short time to enjoy the fall last week, because this week everything is buried under a foot of snow.

Image credits: AaronZOOM


My majestic floof, Neville

Image credits: flanface87


Eve saw her first snow.

Image credits: semmsterr


Floofy Feets

Image credits: TherapistWow


One year floof progress

Image credits: toolatetodieyoung


Gary, enjoying a snow day

Image credits: vpdots


She is meaty but mostly soft. Feels like an expensive blanket.

Image credits: marrowofabone


The bowtie collar didn’t last long, but it was ADORABLE while it did!!

Image credits: dojofizz44


A fluffy fluff

Image credits: mbreti3gut


Say Hello to Alex, the siberian from Netherlands!

Image credits: mbreti3gut


He’s a healthy weight, but at least a pound of it is floof.

Image credits: CapRavOr


He’s so Floofy now he looks like a Japanese Squirrel

Image credits: Nassegris


It’s my cake day so here’s a picture of my senior floof, Michiko

Image credits: BrownSugarSandwich


Best part of owning a senior kitty: sleepy snow days!

Image credits: Gogomagickitten


Only one month left until Christmas. Gary can’t wait!

Image credits: vpdots


My beautiful floof

Image credits: ghostygal


I think she’s ready for the weekend.

Image credits: PhosphorescentWoman


Growing her floof out

Image credits: Sophiecatsmom


My Floof, after hours of hard work (bird watching isn’t easy)

Image credits: patsfan038


Meet Cimka. Due to an illness she lost all her teeth, so she always make this face.

Image credits: Arachnee-ya


Furry alarm clock. Comes in many different colours, with random alarms. Includes silent mode… where you wake up feeling like you’re being watched.

Image credits: pjkioh


Sunset walks with Gary

Image credits: vpdots


Right after I blew in his face. This is his “Mom wtf” look ?

Image credits: MoarKelBell


Meet Scampi. The resident floof at my local watering hole.

Image credits: Shazmataz33


My cat shadow passed away 6 years ago, but she was a top tier floof and I thought you guys would enjoy

Image credits: hasanyonereddit


Bella heard her doppelganger was here, goes by the name of Squid?

Image credits: HaltJay


My precious

Image credits: floofandbeans


Found this little floof in my backyard!

Image credits: GoomyGirl


Our handsome floofball Archer

Image credits: grrbear-ca


Evolution of Floof 9 years in making

Image credits: spikefonzie


On my cake day, I present Party Mango!

Image credits: poddan


“I am the Lord of all the beasts of the earth and fishes in the seas!” – Gary, probably.

Image credits: vpdots


Our first batch of foster floofs…24 hours in and I think they are adapting well ?

Image credits: amandaromine11


From baby floof to super model floof.

Image credits: m4rceline


She actually lets me put my face in it.

Image credits: guyamassonora


Went to a cat cafe and found this lil man right here

Image credits: triomfantelijk


This is Beans, she is very pretty but also gassy

Image credits: MayorofTaylor


My roommate’s cat midplay. I wish I had a caption but insomnia blocks my brain. He certainly looks shocked.

Image credits: exile2600


I too have a new floof

Image credits: nolannator


Her name is Cake and this is the only way she ever sits

Image credits: snorah


I parted my cat’s floof

Image credits: aufwachen


“I demand attention hooman.”

Image credits: cosmiqque


I’m living in New Zealand, away from my floofs. This handsome gentleman hung out with me on my way home today, made my day. All you need is floof.

Image credits: wiscobryo


Emmett the Floof rockin’ his winter hoodie.

Image credits: DanishWhoreHens


Winter is coming, bundle up

Image credits: rafaelvicario


After a year without my girl I’m moving into a cat friendly apartment next week ?

Image credits: farfromsarah


Sporting her new winter coat

Image credits: sf_bee_girl


When you know you’re the prettiest floof in town

Image credits: jamiiee444


Me: Request to make the bed. Floof: Access Denied

Image credits: hemlockhero


Here’s my 5 months old floof. He’ll be getting floofier for sure!

Image credits: SatanicPriestess

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