People Post Pics Of Hidden Dogs And The Difficulty Of Finding Them Ranges From 0 To 100


‘Where’s Waldo’ is the past—it’s all about ‘Where’s Doggo’ now! Pet owners are going nuts over the #HiddenDogChallenge. They’re sharing photos of their dogs hiding in the 1.1-million-member strong Dogspotting Society Facebook group and they’re making our day. It turns out, it’s not just our feline Overlords that are great at blending in with their surroundings.

Some of these dogs are so hard to find, they look like they’re wearing ca(nine)mouflage. Others are straight-up impossible to spot while some are just goofing off. Can you find all the hidden dogs, dear Pandas? Can your friends? Let us know in the comments.

Done scrolling through this list and upvoting your fave hidden doggos? Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more canine buddies for you to pet through the screen. Check out Bored Panda’s posts about the previous wholesome best boy and girl Dogspotting challenges here (#SmilingDogChallenge), here (#GuiltyDogChallenge), and here (#‎DidntWantADogchallenge‬).

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#1 Please Don’t Ruin It For Others That Are Still Looking For My Really Sneaky Dog

Image credits: Andi M. Johnson

#2 Cookie Is In Both Photos, But You Can Only See Her In The 2nd. This Was Almost 2 Years Ago. She Decided Not To Answer When I Called & I Was Having A Mild Panic Attack Trying To Find Her. Turns Out She Was Asleep Behind Some Books

Image credits: Katherine Cone

#3 Nope, No Dogs Here – Just Plushies!

Image credits: Mel Ody

A representative of the Dogspotting team revealed to Bored Panda that they’re stuck on a few photos from the challenge as well. (So it’s alright to miss one or two of these pics.) “Some are definitely really hard! You really have to be an expert at Dogspotting to find them.”

According to the representative, whether or not a dog is stealthy and sneaky depends more on the environment than the actual dog. “For example, a huge white dog could be virtually impossible to find on the side of a snowy hill! Or a tiny chihuahua curled up in a blanket on the couch with only their little nose poking out. So it really is the perfect combination of dog and environment that leads to this fun challenge.”

But let’s say that your dog’s a pro at hiding. And they like to tease you a bit, so they don’t want to come out even when you call their name. The rep told us that food is the way to go if you want to coax it out of its hidey-hole. “Personally, my dog can’t resist the shake of the treat bag. No matter where he is or what he is doing, if he hears a wrapper he will come running. That is usually my go-to,” they said.

#4 Chester That’s The Best Hiding Spot Ever

Image credits: Krystal Padden

#5 Can You Find Her?

Image credits: Ashley McAlpin

#6 I’ve Been Searching For Hours, And I Just Can’t Find Her

Image credits: Melanie Loyley

While the dogs in this list are hiding because they’re having some fun and a bit of a laugh (or bark), these aren’t the only reasons to be sneaky. Some dogs find dark spaces comforting and they sneak into them when they feel stressed or scared, explains Dr. David Dilmore. They can also do this when they feel confused or if they’re in an unfamiliar situation and need reassurance.

If there’s a lot of change going on recently and your pet keeps disappearing, you might want to consider spending some extra time with your dog. Calm it down and make sure that it isn’t feeling stressed.

Bored Panda previously spoke to a representative of the Dogspotting team and they explained that it’s their community members who are initiating a lot of these hashtag challenges on Facebook. Now that’s the kind of active community we can get behind! We’ve seen a lot of wholesome challenges so far and we can’t wait to see what the future brings, too. Even though these future challenges are still a mystery to us, we can be sure about one thing—they’ll feature lots of gorgeous dogs that will melt our hearts.

#7 There Is In Fact A Ghost In This Picture

Image credits: Natashia Saurey

#8 Has Anybody Seen Dottie? She’s Got To Be Around Here Somewhere

Image credits: Laura Gibbs

#9 How Many Of My Babies Are In This Pic?

Image credits: Vanessa Ryan

And in case this list made you want to get a dog (or to expand the friendly zoo you’re keeping at home), the Dogspotting team told us to just go for it and adopt.

“Now is a great time to do it! With so many people working from home, you’ll have more time to bond with your new best friend!” they said. “Contact local animal rescues and shelters in your area and they’ll be able to help you! We know this year has been very difficult for a lot of our members and the challenges have added a bit of levity for everyone.”

#10 Can You Find The Pup?

Image credits: Jesslin Ortega

#11 I Know This Is A Tough One, But Look Closely! She’s A Master Of Disguise!

Image credits: Michelle Mabarak Steiner

#12 Roscoe Prefers Under-The-Tree-Stealth-Mode

Image credits: Erin Binx

#13 I Can’t Seem To Find Her. Level Champion Hider

Image credits: Mindy Halsey-James

#14 Hidden Dog Challenge

Image credits: Leslie Swales

#15 I Know She’s Not The Best In Hiding But Please Don’t Find Her Yet. She Tried So Hard

Image credits: Clarisse

#16 I Thought It Was Obvious Where He Was At When I Posted This On My Own Page But Everyone Just Kept Commenting On The Yellow Chair. I Think Only A Couple People Realized My Dog Was In The Pic. Lol

Image credits: Brianna Bodin

#17 I Promise There Is A Dog In This Photo. Not My Dog But A Very Clever Dog That Is Good At Camouflage

Image credits: Patricia McCarthy

#18 “Where’s Phil!?”

Image credits: Troy Donaho

#19 Bet You Can’t Find The Second Dog In This Photo

Image credits: Alanna John

#20 If Taco Can’t See You, You Can’t Find Him!

Image credits: Melissa Budetti Murphy

#21 This Challenge Is Way Too Fun My Dog Abby Is In Here Somewhere, How Long Did It Take You To Spot Her?

Image credits: Bryson Leggitt

#22 When Asked If She Wants To Go For A Walk, This La-Z-Girl Tries To Blend In With Her Bed

Image credits: Kristen Muir

#23 Hidden Dog Challenge And It’s Not Piglet

Image credits: Katelynn Buda

#24 Aving To Fold Laundry Plus Not Wanting To Disturb Abigail Means Getting A Cute Reward Once All The Laundry Is Put Away

Image credits: Alyssa Ann Brose

#25 Mum Is Leaving And Will Never Find Mehhh.. Shhh, No One Can See Me!! Where Is Snoops

Image credits: Mindy Hardy Adams

#26 Where Did Lola Go?????

Image credits: Harley Greco

#27 Got A New Mysterious Plant From Bunnings

Image credits: Tuyen Michelle Vo

#28 Oh No, Bear Is Missing!!!

Image credits: David Scott

#29 This Is Easy Compared To The Others. But I Have To Participate

Image credits: Jessica Vidales

#30 I Can’t Seem To Find My Boy. Daddy Is Covered In A Fluffy Blanket In His Chair, But Where’s The Dog? He Was Hiding From His Medicine

Image credits: Stacey Akin

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