My White Tabby Rescued Cat Saved My Childhood Artist Dream (9 Pics)


My name is Bikky and I lost my dream once. I gave up years of training as an artist to survive my volatile world by climbing the corporate ladder. For years, my paint brushes sat quietly in the wardrobe collecting dust behind suits and heels. As my corporate career progressed, I got unhappier.

Since then, I’m lucky enough to have love-at-first-sight happen to me twice – once when I met my life partner, and the other time when I found Broccoli at the shelter. Inspired by their characters and strength, I found the courage to repursue my passion. I still catch the same train to work for bread & butter, but I can sleep better at night remembering the magic touch of brushstrokes.

Broccoli was an abandoned white tabby kitten with a coffee stain on his chin, and a bent tail – quirky, bubbly, and sometimes unsure, just like me. Whether it’s the ability to stop and smell the flowers, being unafraid to embrace one’s true nature or the courage to let curiosity lead one through the deepest and darkest fear, I’m lucky to have him show the way.

There’s very little room for imagination in adult lives. Broccoli carries my daydreams and lives care-freely in my paintings. Though I’m trained in multiple disciplines including oriental watercolor, pencil sketching, and acrylic, I now paint digitally and take great joy in infusing different techniques together in creating fun and unique artworks. The real world is chaotic, I hope my paintings bring you the same calmness, magic, and innocence that Broccoli bestows upon me.

Below is the box Broccoli came with on the day of being adopted – along with an old towel and a dog toy.

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#1 Spring Fling

#2 Summer Play

#3 Catwheel

#4 Paper Boat

#5 Autumn Leaves

#6 Winter Snow

#7 Hope

#8 Love Over The Magpie Bridge

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