Hey Pandas, Tell Us About The Funniest Moments Of Your Cats


I love cats. I really do! I even love every single cat! And I want to see more of the silly and funny cats you own. 


My cat gets jumpy sometimes. So one time me and my friend were having a sleepover. Then I touch Ringo (my cat) and he jumps up maybe a foot then lands on his hind feet, then jumps ANOTHER time and repeats two more times. IT WAS HILARIOUS!


My cat is a cuddler, she’ll get her cuddles/pets when she wants them, so one time I was sitting under a blanket, and she just crawls on in, lays down, and goes to sleep, and uh, I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood still


Years ago, my mom’s cat was a lover and not a fighter. But he was best friends with my brother’s dog. So the dog dug a cat sized hole under the gate and when the cat who was a bully chased him he would head for the gate and slip inside. Had to ask my mom to stop filling in the hole.


My girl is very polite but she’s still a cat so things get interesting some times. She’ll jump on someone’s lap and waits for them to give her a couple of pets before she’ll lay down on them. It’s her way of asking permission. If you don’t pet her she just looks at you like ‘what are you waiting for, the deal is you pet me I sit, cause I’m polite’ and it gets a little weird because she just stood moving and stares at the human like it’s broken. She’ll jump down and get all offended after that.

She also comes to a whistle. She has very specific meows so if I haven’t seen her for a while I’ll whistle and I’ll get her ‘I’m still alive but not moving’ meow. She loves the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow, so I whistle or sing it to her. If I sing something she doesn’t like she’ll try to bite me but she doesn’t have teeth anymore.

Once had a cat that legit would turn her back on you if you undressed or were naked. She was very prim and proper. God forbid you accidentally looked at her while she was grooming herself or using the litter box. She’d be offended for days.


When your cat with anxiety hops on the table spawning Satan because he wants to summon the devil to murder our dog…


My Spanish report card said, and I quote, “***** is a great student and very hardworking, even with la gata on her desk and her lap”. (Keep in mind this is on zoom) Also, all of my classmates know my cat’s name. (Arial)


One time, I made up a story to impress my friends, but then it actually happened. So I walked into my room and laid down on my bed. Then, suddenly I heard I noise from the closet. I don’t know what I thought it was, but I was so darn scared, that I grabbed my knife (Which I keep in my room JIC=Just In Case.) I grabbed all of the courage that I had and opened that door. My cat jumped off the shelf in my closet and onto my face. I still have scars from where she scratched me! Haha! Good times…..


Once I thought that my cat Lola had a piece of string in her mouth. I went closer, and it was actually a lizard. I spent the next few minutes watching the lizard try to escape, but Lola ate it in the end.


Because of COVID-19 my Meetups are now by videoconferencing. One time I was on Zoom (or something similar) and I didn’t realize my cat Aida, who likes to jump up on my desk when I’m on the computer, was in camera range till one of my friends pointed that out.


Slowly, a lump emerged under the cover from the side of the bed. Ever so carefully, the cat crept towards it, not daring to make a sound. Everything seemed to be standing still as she prowled closer. She took a sniff at the mysterious lump and AHHHHH! Cat #2 sneak attack!


One of our cats would sniff at a random spot on the family room carpet, jump at least a foot into the air, run out of the room, run a lap through the house, then walk back into the family room from the other hallway.


My cat sketch who is a blue Russian is an indoor/outdoor kitty . Last summer for a week straight he brought me a fish . I do not live near water and I’m sure there is an angry neighborhood somewhere with a empty pond . I felt awful and he was so proud . 7 days of raw fish left at my front door !


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