152 Dogs That Are Absolute Units


When you welcome a smol awoo into your home and heart, you don’t want to think about the day when it grows up and loses its puppy fat. But the day comes when your pupper grows into a dog. And keeps growing. And growing. And doesn’t stop. You check the Canine Instruction Manual that came with your pet and you finally realize—aha! You forgot it’s one of those giant dog breeds that make you think Clifford, the Big Red Dog might be real.

Bored Panda has collected photos of the biggest, most playful, floofiest, and young-at-heart dogs that you’d want to hug all day long and get lost in their fur, so scroll on down and give the bestest boys and girls a boop on the nose with an upvote. Is your soul yearning for some more giant dogs who don’t understand how big they are? Check out our previous big doggo posts about canines who forgot their size here, here, and here.

However, just because a dog is big, it doesn’t mean that it has to be obese (aka a chonky chonk). All jokes aside, if you want your family pet to live a long and happy life, it’s vital that you help it stay lean and avoid entering the ‘overweight zone’ which requires extra effort on your part. Bored Panda spoke about canine fitness and doggo diets with the UK’s leading vet charity, the PDSA. Read on for our full interview with them if you want to learn how to help your dog live a quality life.

#1 This Is Ben. He Has A Beard. And He Is Human-Sized. We Get Fun Looks In Traffic

Image credits: TheGospelOfMark

#2 He May Look Like A Bear But He Identifies As A Lap Dog

Image credits: fadedcommunity

#3 This Christmas Tree Farm Has Newfies That Will Cart Your Tree To Your Car For You

Image credits: yetisa

The PDSA explained to Bored Panda that a dog’s food is “an essential part” of their fitness. So you can’t just focus only on getting lots of movement—you need to give dieting and nutrition some proper attention, too! Similarly, you can’t get just the diet right while ignoring the importance of exercise.

“Making sure they are fed on a complete diet which keeps them at their ideal weight is important to keep them fit and healthy. As a general rule, we tend to give our pets too much food which can lead to obesity and reduced activity levels,” a representative of the PDSA told Bored Panda.

#4 My 85 Lb Dog Is Scared Of My Sister’s 1,5 Lb Foster Kitten

Image credits: idkbruhlifesucks

#5 Bruce Wayne Is A Big Snuggly Cane Corso

Image credits: Unicornglitteryblood

#6 Meet Carl The 150 Pound Lion/Good Boy Hybrid

Image credits: Attentive_cactus

It’s better to err on the side of too little food than too much when we’re living in a society of overabundance, then. What’s more, you should do a bit of personal research to learn what the ideal weight for your dog breed is for its age. If in need, talk to a professional to get their take on what’s what.

Getting serious about health means putting in the time and energy to make your dog’s life better. And that means treating your pet’s health like you would your own if you’re all about fitness. So get your kitchen scales out!

“The best way to monitor your dog’s food intake is to weigh both them and their food. You can discuss your dog’s weight with your vet and check their body condition at home. Once you have a starting point and know what their target weight should be, start weighing and monitoring their food and treats to see how much they’re getting,” the PDSA said.

#7 Big Dogs Can Be Scared At The Vet Too

Image credits: PussyandBagels

#8 Bonner, Newfoundland, Can Often Be Spotted In Our Rehabiliation Unit Encouraging Patients

Image credits: Children's Hospital Los Angeles

#9 Here’s Another One Of Our Rescues, Yuki

A bad dog owner dumped this wolfdog at a kill shelter when he got too big and too much to handle. Luckily a sanctuary took him, instead and saved his life! His DNA testing came back as 87.5 % Gray Wolf, 8.6 % Siberian Husky, and 3.9 % German Shepherd.

Image credits: Shy Wolf Sanctuary

“You might want to try weighing out their portions at the start of the week to make it easy to keep track of what’s being fed. Reweigh your dog after a few weeks and see if they’ve gained, lost, or maintained their weight, then adjust their amount of food to fit your goal.”

Just remember—you’ve got to take into account any leftovers of extras that you might be giving your dog. So no munching on cheeky treats in secret!

#10 Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog

Image credits: vladgrinch

#11 One Year Old Today. 97 Pounds. 31 Inches Tall

Image credits: doods.gus.and.ollie

#12 Our Daughter Who Is Now 3 And One Of Our Saint Bernards Who Is Now 9

Image credits: Rachel_Bolin

#13 There Was A Giant Traffic Jam In The Walkways At The Expo. I Finally Found Out What Was Slowing Everyone Down. This Giant Bear Dog Was Getting Pets By Thousands Of People

Image credits: GreenDethKing

#14 Monty The Big Friendly Giant

Image credits: ttin89

#15 Lapdog

He is such a gentle beast (a mix American wolfdog and malamute).

Image credits: Swedishbouldering

#16 Ridiculously Massive Doggo Spotted On The Underground

Image credits: shaigolan810

#17 Lazy Giant

Image credits: selbythesamoyed

#18 Saw A Gentle Giant At The Vets. She Was A Darling And Sat Down With Her Owner While They Waited

Image credits: Chimtori

#19 Seamus The Irish Wolfhound Is A Gentle Giant

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#20 Meet Heisenberg. He Likes Hugs. I’m A 6’1″ 300 Lbs Man. He’s Almost As Big

Image credits: photodw

#21 Majestic Malamute

Image credits: pernilleberglund

#22 In Person, Zammy’s Bigger Than Life. Seriously. He Just Astonishes The Expecting Passers-By

Image credits: zammypup

#23 My Old Gym Teacher Beast Of A Dog. He’s 6’3ish”

Image credits: Skierdude821

#24 Just A Little Girl In A Big Dog World

Image credits: YeAreaSaysYay

#25 Big Doggy

Image credits: AAlexanderK

#26 Big Boy

Image credits: JoThePro10

#27 Big Boi

Image credits: ENZOxDV1

#28 This Dog. The Photo Doesn’t Do Him Justice. He’s A Beast

Image credits: tautly

#29 Lincoln The Dane

Image credits: bmoc9891

#30 My Dad And My Dog (Dad Is 6’2″)

Image credits: ScottPuppy

#31 Meet Simba. He’s A Leonberger

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Spanish Mastiff U N I T

Image credits: cassious64

#33 Absolute Unit Parked Next To Me At A Gas Station

Image credits: SaveCachalot346

#34 “A Rottweiler? Well I Must Admit I Have Always Preferred Lap Dogs” Granny Before She Met Gus

Image credits: Fishmike52

#35 I Look Like Walrus? But I Am Dog. I Big Sof Floof. No Walrus. Bamboozled

Image credits: stopthesteal

#36 Am I The Only One That Needs A Little Help Getting In The Car?

Image credits: ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss

#37 This Heat Is Unbearable For Ralphie The Newf

Image credits: ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss

#38 A Dog Or A Pony?

Image credits: northwestmommy

#39 This Puppy

Image credits: Muntsville

#40 170 Pound Lap Dog

Image credits: ImmunosuppressivePip

#41 My Wonderful Teddybears

Image credits: Mrscone46

#42 Warning: Bear Spotted In UK

Image credits: gellertgrindelwald

#43 I May Have Gotten Bigger, But My Desire To Be Held Has Remained Constant

Image credits: bunsenbernerbmd

#44 Tiny Kitten Observes Big Dog Yawn

Image credits: storyofohno

#45 Absolute Unit Of A Scrub

Image credits: m0lliefuckitch

#46 My Friend’s Dog Did Not Like Being Picked Up

Image credits: ScotchtapeCabbage

#47 Our Now 6 1/2 Month Puppy. The Vet Has Said He Is Not At All Over Weight Just Big Boned

Image credits: prudencethe3rd

#48 My 1 Year Old Son Met A Gentle Giant Today. My Son 23 Lb, The Giant 130 Lb

Image credits: theimaginaryzebra

#49 Thicc Boi Chonk

Image credits: BufordTeeJustice

#50 Met A Hefty 225 Pounder Malamute Yesterday. Giant Is An Understatement

Image credits: jacksonpanda

#51 Koji, My Gentle Giant

Image credits: 5th_Invictus

#52 I Swung By My Old Place To Help My Former Roommate With Some Things. The Neighbor’s Dog Recognized Me And Gave The Perfect Greeting. Believe It Or Not, This Guy Is Still A Puppy

Image credits: Atxflyguy83

#53 In Awe At The Size Of This Doggo On A Plane

Image credits: icecreamboats

#54 16 Months Apart

#55 Golden Doodle Puppy To Brown Bear 9 Months

Image credits: Hghgrad

#56 My Unit Of A Dog

Image credits: sharkyboyo564

#57 Giant Slobber Dog

Image credits: imgur.com

#58 The Majestic Mountain Giant

Image credits: ttin89

#59 My Giant Lapdog

Image credits: Akschmalz

#60 Our Neighbor Sent Me This Adorable Display Of Pure Joy Between Our Dogs. They Finally Got Him A Stool So He Could Greet His Big Friend Properly

Image credits: Beetlejuicex3babe

#61 Big Old Bedwarmer

Image credits: digdilem

#62 My Dog Thinks He’s A Lap Dog When My Grandma Stops By

Image credits: JChilly12

#63 My 93 Lb German Shepherd Is Pretty Pleased With The Amount Of Inconvenience He’s Causing

Image credits: wellhellooosailor

#64 Mom’s A Shorty

Image credits: toro_canecorso

#65 My Boy Doing A Very Big Grow

Image credits: uncle-skeeter

#66 Shinji Being Helpful In The Kitchen At The Cabin

Image credits: chatochula

#67 Meet Monty: He’s Goofy, He’s A Newfy And He’s Rarely, Quite Bear-Ly Allowed On The Couch

Image credits: Monty_Goofy_Newfy

#68 Buddy The Great Dane. I’m 5’4 For Reference

Image credits: doctor_drugdealer

#69 Happy Thanksgiving From My Boyfriend And His Grandmother’s Absolute Unit Of A Dog

Image credits: kophiphi

#70 Caucasian Mountain Dog / Russian Bear Dog

Image credits: nsfwdreamer

#71 Gandalf You Are The Kindest And Simply The Best Dog Ever

Image credits: borzoi_gandalfthegrey

#72 Little Loxley. Irish Wolfhound

Image credits: nadineweston

#73 Big Boy Still Thinks He’s A Pupper

Image credits: lord_senpaai

#74 A Tremendous Amount Of Good Boy

Image credits: RosenpugTrashDog

#75 Thicc Boi? Famous Dog At My College

Image credits: Matteo1234568

#76 When U Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night

Image credits: lovableloli

#77 Next-Door Unit Named Grizzly Bear

Image credits: Bern-turnSanders

#78 Look At Him

Image credits: Yolandi1312

#79 Just A Big Ole Softy

Image credits: digdilem

#80 This Is Otis. He Thinks He’s A Lap Dog. I Don’t Have The Heart To Tell Him Otherwise

Image credits: HD_VISION

#81 He May Be Just A Little Bit Large To Be A Lap Dog

Image credits: ruthwhipkey

#82 95 Lbs And He Still Thinks He’s A Lap Dog

Image credits: theNavidsonretort

#83 160 Lbs. Of Pure Floof

Image credits: Seanannigans14

#84 Big House Cow Meets Little House Cow

Image credits: beautifulntrealistic

#85 The Elusive 180 Lb Lap Pupper

Image credits: forever_cat_lady

#86 An Old High School Friend Of Mine And Her Lap Dog

Image credits: ladydanger2020

#87 Bruce Wayne’s Life Lesson For The Day: Hold Your Friends Close

Image credits: jasoncorey411

#88 Pet Sitting Bear

Image credits: gothikmilktea

#89 My Moms Big Baby

Image credits: imgur.com

#90 You Don’t Love Me Like You Used Yo When I Was Small

Image credits: SlimJones123

#91 My Heated Blanket… That Breathes Loudly

Image credits: mbake

#92 My Dog Is A Unit

Image credits: Weedvape69

#93 This Unit I Ran Into

Image credits: Binky182

#94 This Is Shadow. He’s A Lap Dog

Image credits: DwightCharlieQuint

#95 Internet, Meet Betty, Our 10-Month Old Wishful Lap Dog

Image credits: BettyAndTheJets20

#96 He Also Thinks He’s A Lap Dog And I’m 6’3″ And 240 Lbs

Image credits: treymdnc

#97 My Oldest Has Been Battling A Cold. 95 Lbs Of Lap Puppy To The Rescue. Such A Good Boy

Image credits: Akschmalz

#98 My St. Bernard’s Reaction To Seeing A 3 Lb Kitten And Getting Scared

Image credits: JerBear_2008

#99 If I Sits, I Fits

Image credits: JohnRush32

#100 The Real Giant

Image credits: toro_canecorso

#101 Just A Girl & Her Protectors

Image credits: little.monty.mammoth

#102 31 Weeks Old And 134lbs. Still Room To Grow

Image credits: samskyemclaughlin

#103 A Giant Dog At The Market

Image credits: TheLion357

#104 This Is Maynard. He Is My Best Friend, And Soon He Will Be 3

Image credits: imgur.com

#105 Nothing Like A Long Road Trip With A Giant Dog… Or Two

This is a photo my sister sent me of my niece. They are on a road trip and needless to say space is at a premium. There are THREE great danes in the car by the way.

Image credits: deohio

#106 Big Boy

Image credits: anadolukangall

#107 He Knows He’s An Absolute Unit

Image credits: mkunnari

#108 The 140 Lb Reason I Come Home From College

Image credits: samanthaboring

#109 For My Cakeday I Present You My 205 Lb. Newfie

Image credits: overweightduck

#110 My Absolute Unit Of A Dog

Image credits: kenzbeanz

#111 Really Big Doggo Cuddles. 180 Lbs And 165 Lbs Respectively, But Think They’re Smol Puppers

Image credits: pan124

#112 This Big Boy With His Pooh

Image credits: drak0bsidian

#113 1/15th Giant! Same Big Little Pup That Was Being Carried In A Backpack Just 4 Months Ago. Happy 7 Months Of Stiegs; We Convinced Some Kids That Stiegs Was The Biggest Dog In The World

Image credits: giantdoggo

#114 What’s All This Talk About 100 Days Of School? Heck We Survived 518 Days With The Crazy Rambunctious Kid

Image credits: ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss

#115 Not The Small Puppy He Once Was

Image credits: imgur.com

#116 Puppy

Image credits: loganpaul

#117 Once A Puppy, Always A Puppy

Image credits: lionzion

#118 I Love This Selfie

Image credits: alaskan_wolfdog

#119 Shameless Giant Dog Christmas Selfie

Image credits: LeDarkMagician

#120 This Other Dog Had Really Big Ears

Image credits: snapsgoal1

#121 Spotted A Bear On The High Street

Image credits: LocalWap

#122 “Little Spoon”

Image credits: blissconsin

#123 Gertie, An Irish Wolfhound, Is Such A Sweet Girl, But If She Wants You To Pet Her… You Better Pet Her

Image credits: VeganSteven3

#124 115 Lbs Of 9 Month Old Lap Dog. Who’s Terrified Of Everything

Image credits: LazyTyrant

#125 We Went To The Pound Looking For A Small Dog And Left With A 100 Lbs Polar Bear

Image credits: The_ryanmister

#126 Grandpa’s Dog Is Huge

Grandpa came to visit. He brought his polar bear dog. The breed is Great Pyranees. He’s 120 lbs, gentle and calm. Kiddies love to hug him.

Image credits: somethingsomethingmcbob

#127 Sirius Owning This Couch

Image credits: samskyemclaughlin

#128 My Dog Adopted My Sister’s Baby

Image credits: buddyGG

#129 He’s Probably 60+ Lbs Now And Can Only Carry Him For 10 Seconds Or Less

Image credits: churroandtoffee

#130 The Biggest Dog In The World? I Was So Surprised

Image credits: laura_treimane

#131 A B S O L U T E H E C K I N U N I T

Image credits: shaunlew10

#132 Our Big Dog Diesel

Image credits: Malliemomx5

#133 In Honor Of Take Your Dog To Work Day, Meet Our 130 Pound Lap Dog

Image credits: petplan

#134 Every Dog Is A Lap Dog… And Every Lap Is A Seat

Image credits: saucinondatass

#135 I Think Mummy Is Happy To Be Home So She Gets To Chill With Both Of Her Babies

Image credits: herculessaint

#136 My Dog May Be Huge But He’s Also Awww Worthy

Image credits: jek454

#137 Floofy Pupper Doin A Heckin Grow Into A Big Ol’ Woofer

4 months vs. 7 months

Image credits: JaxTheHobo

#138 Big Boye Doing A Hecking Sit 13/10 Would Pet

Image credits: NickSkye

#139 This Dog Named Phil

Image credits: Emergency-Boat

#140 Saw This Huge Dog Today. On The Right, You Can See One Of His Li’l Owners

Image credits: Jackie_Bill

#141 Oh Hey Doggo

Image credits: vixterrr

#142 Huge Doggo

Image credits: berniceeb

#143 A Big Hug From My Favorite Dog. 10 Month Old Giant Wully. Hes A Monster

Image credits: theshitstormscominrandy

#144 He’s A Big Boy, But This Camera Angle Makes Him Look Huge

Image credits: reddit.com

#145 My 85 Lb. Dog Likes To Climb On To The Bathroom Counter. He Can’t Get Down By Himself

Image credits: SarcasmicShock

#146 9 Months Old And 145 Lbs

Image credits: wwjenniww

#147 100 Lb Malamute Thinks He’s A Blanket

Image credits: PassportToHappy

#148 Little Derp Will Never Be Too Big For The Couch

Image credits: CJCray8

#149 This Absolute Unit Of A Doggo

Image credits: DeadcthulhuX

#150 Our Five Month Old Saint Bernard Loves To Dance And Cuddle

Image credits: Adventuregal21

#151 Just Another Picture Of A Friends Giant Dog. Seriously, Giant

Image credits: imgur.com

#152 Giant Doggo

Image credits: rhiannon_martsey


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