Nearly 80 Shelter Animals Get Treated To A Festive Thanksgiving Meal


Even though this festive season is a lot different than it usually is, we can still come up with safe ways to appreciate those around us and give our love to the ones who need it the most. And this couple from New York have found the perfect way to do that.

If you recall, around a month ago, we talked about a woman who decided to surprise shelter doggies with yummy “puppuccinos.” We’ve also discussed a Halloween-themed feast at Pairi Daiza animal park. This time, a couple from New York decided to brighten shelter animals’ Thanksgiving Day by treating nearly 80 of them to a special festive meal.

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Rob and Hillary Dunn from New York are long-time volunteers at Stevens Swan Humane Society

Image credits: Hillary Snogles-Dunn

This Thanksgiving, Rob and Hillary Dunn, who are long-time Stevens Swan Humane Society volunteers, decided to surprise nearly 80 shelter dogs (along with a few cats) with special Thanksgiving meals. Turns out, their tradition to celebrate Thanksgiving with shelter animals was born last year.

This year, the couple decided to surprise shelter doggies with a festive Thanksgiving feast

Image credits: Hillary Snogles-Dunn

Hillary posted some pictures capturing the feast on her Facebook profile. “Thanksgiving for 80ish shelter dogs and plenty of pumpkin left over for the cats. Most of the dogs even ate the green beans and pumpkin! This is Stevens Swan Humane Society and if you’re interested in any of these dogs please see the album of adoptable dogs on their page for more information,” she wrote in the caption.

Each of the plates was filled with white-meat turkey, green beans, and pumpkin

Image credits: Hillary Snogles-Dunn

As you can probably tell from the photos, each of the doggies was treated to a festive plate filled with white-meat turkey, green beans, and pumpkin. A few of the cats got their own plates as well.

Even some of the cats got a little something

Image credits: Hillary Snogles-Dunn

The post with the pics from this adorable Thanksgiving celebration currently has over 19,000 likes, more than 7,000 comments, and has been shared over 90,000 times! People in the comments seem to be absolutely in love with this thoughtful idea to surprise shelter animals at this time of the year.

The pics from the feast were shared on Facebook and they currently have over 19k likes along with more than 7k comments

Image credits: Hillary Snogles-Dunn

“That’s wonderful that they all got Thanksgiving. Thank you,” a user wrote in the comments. “God bless you for taking such sweet care of these babies. It’s so heartbreaking to see them in there. I wish people wouldn’t treat pets like disposable options,” another user added.

“God bless you for taking such sweet care of these babies,” someone wrote in the comments

Image credits: Hillary Snogles-Dunn

The animal shelter also went on Facebook to share their appreciation for the kind couple. “Today and every day we are thankful for the amazing staff that care for our animals,” Stevens Swan Humane Society wrote in their post. “Many of you have met Rob and Hillary Dunn over the years and see how much they do for shelter animals. Last year they started the tradition of cooking Thanksgiving dinner for all the dogs in the shelter.”

Image credits: Hillary Snogles-Dunn

“This is just one of the generous things they do to make the animals in the shelter feel loved. Please join us in thanking them for doing something so special. Each of the almost 80 dogs got their own plate and even some of the cats joined in. Thank you Rob and Hillary from all the animals at SSHS,” the shelter team added.

Image credits: Hillary Snogles-Dunn

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