Best Jumpsuits at Banana Republic


No piece of clothing in your closet can make a big style statement with little thought quite as easily as a jumpsuit can. Although easy to wear, these one-pieces can be tricky to shop for — but Banana Republic has a crop of options that, in most cases, come fitted for regular, tall, and petite bodies.

Once you hone in on the sizing, there’s lots of fun to be had in the details. The most effort you’ll need to put into wearing a jumpsuit is deciding which shoes and accessories to pair it with. But that all depends on the style. Consider a higher heel or even a wedge for a wider-leg pant. Or give a more formal or tapered jumper a laid-back vibe by topping it off with a pair of sneakers. Either way, there’s a jumper for all occasions waiting with your name on it at Banana Republic.


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