I Illustrate Unusual Facts About Animals (12 New Comics)


HEY GUYS! I began my comic ZOODRAWS in early 2020, right before toilet paper replaced our currency. I set out to draw some lesser-known animal facts in relatable ways. Sometimes that includes a Scarface reference or exploding genitals, but that’s okay.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always viewed wildlife through an empathetic lens. Just knowing that a mother wolf spider carries her hundreds of spider babies on her back… everywhere she goes…for WEEKS. Somebody buy that Mama a drink! Or how unfair is it that a group of crows is called a “MURDER”? Who even decided that? It’s bad PR and they deserve better.

My favorite thing about working on Zoodraws is the amount of new knowledge I gain when I research an animal, and I gain even more respect for it. Seeing so many readers all around the globe express the same sentiment, while having a good laugh, makes me happy. I hope to now compile these “sometimes appropriate” animal fact illustrations into a book to both educate and entertain!

I hope you enjoy these facts! And if you’ve got any that you’d like to share, tell me down below!

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#1 Call Your Mom!

#2 Three Years!

#3 Why Can’t We Be Friends?

#4 Level Up

#5 One And Done

#6 The Moonwalk

#7 Grandpa

#8 Late Fees

#9 2020, The Comic

#10 Party Animal

#11 Halloween 2020

#12 Public Relations


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