50 Hilarious Pets That Got Shamed In This Facebook Group For Being Naughty


Exploring the world. Depleting overwhelming energy levels. Testing their owner’s boundaries. There are many reasons why pets misbehave. Bottom line is, if you’re caring for an animal, at some point they will push your belongings or nerves (or both) to their breaking point. For your pet’s and your own sake, however, it’s important to keep cool during these times. Accept these challenges as opportunities for growth. But if you really think your companion needs to be punished, you can always shame them online.

There’s a Facebook group called Pet Shaming (surprise, surprise), and it’s the place people turn to showcase just how naughty their animals can be. From dogs eating money to cats bringing home their dates, here are some of the most popular posts on the group!

#1 Pet Shaming

Image credits: Thera Anders

Geneve Clelland, the person who runs the group, describes it as a place that shows off and shames pets for all the silly, stupid, and unbelievable things they do. “We do not do cute pics and stories but we still love [our pets],” she told Bored Panda.

As of this article, over 100,000 people belong to the group. “Membership has expanded dramatically over the last few months since I took over,” Geneve said. “I don’t think there’s a country which isn’t represented in the group!” She thinks what unites all the members has to be the fact that everyone’s pets are doing unbelievable things, just in their own ways. And a sense of humor.

#2 My Doofus Of A Dog Followed The Kids To School Yesterday. Here’s A Picture Of Him In The School Office, Obviously Quite Ashamed Of His Actions

Image credits: Karen Manthey

“We also have a large number of pet owners who have rescues which also bonds them together. It makes them laugh, cheers them up, and takes away from the rest of the crap going on in the world. It’s a safe group, we have a zero-tolerance policy and very strict group rules. We only want to see pet shaming in all its hilarious glory!”

According to Geneve, the most popular ways pets misbehave are closely tied with their bodily functions: rolling in poo and eating it, farting. Destroying clothes, walls, furniture, even entire rooms, are also on the list, as well as embarrassing themselves and their owners. “The exotic animals have some very strange habits. For example, we have hermit crabs, cockroaches, lizards, snakes, spiders, birds, horses, ferrets, raccoons, and scorpions which give us many hours of hilarity. The group is mainly dogs and cats though.”

#3 Pet Shaming

Image credits: nnie Mckenzie

Whether or not a post goes viral depends on a lot of things, like the way they’re written and how guilty or proud the pet itself looks in the picture. While some things are optional, the visuals are a must. “Owners have to add a picture of their pet or we don’t approve the post. We really like to see evidence of the crime committed if at all possible!”

The members are also the ones that make the group as cool as it is; they’re very protective of the group and its rules. “They are quick to report and to clamp down on members not abiding by them which makes it a better fun group for everyone,” Geneve explained. “It certainly brightens the admins’ days and the messages and compliments we all get are quite humbling. It’s helped a lot of people with their mental health, cope with Covid, and life in general.”

#4 The Look Bella Gives When She Is Told No She Can’t Go Swimming Compared To The Look She Gives When She Is Told Yes

Image credits: Diane Kemple Underwood

#5 My Cat Apparently Brought Home A Friend For Dinner Without Asking Me…

Image credits: Andrea Jill Ball

#6 Pet Shaming

Image credits: Haggar Eissa

#7 Pet Shaming

Image credits: Charlotte Hawkes

#8 Pet Shaming

Image credits: Napoleon Cousteau Nelson

#9 He Doesn’t Need An Introduction

Image credits: Leslie Snickers

#10 Pet Shaming

Image credits: Brian James Ribble

#11 Hi! I’m Violet. My Mom Just Picked Me Up Friday From The Shelter. I Will Be 1 Next Month But I Still Have A Lot Of Learning To Do Because My Previous Mom Died While I Was Still A Baby And I’ve Spent More Than Half My Life In The Shelter. Anyway, I Earned My Kibble This Morning! I Saved Mom At 5am By Alerting Her To The Strange Dog In The Mirror!

Image credits: Becky Robbins Moulton

#12 This Is Shadow. Shadow Doesn’t Realise She’s A Sheep

Shadow thinks it’s acceptable to come in the house. She’s not housetrained and thinks my new sofa is the perfect place for a butt scratch. she thinks watching me shower is ok. She screams bloody murder any time day or night if she thinks she needs a cuddle. When she’s mad she chews the wood on the house and paws at the door. Any job around the farm takes twice as long because the idiot is interfering and in my way. But I still really love my shadow

Image credits: Natalie Frampton

#13 I Have Been Looking For This Boy For 30 Minutes. I Thought Maybe He Escaped Our Back Yard… Nope He Just Getting Some Relaxing Time In The Pool Without Me!

Image credits: Sunnie Montoya Walker

#14 My Name Is Kai And I’m From Australia, My Mummy Says I Should Be Ashamed…..today The Old Man Who Lives Next Door Was Making Lots Of Noise So I Yelled Out Very Loudly ” Shut Up!” Followed Closely By F#@k Off ……. Mummy Says I Have Been Listening To My Brother’s Too Much And I’m A Naughty Boy

Image credits: Diane Gent

#15 My Hooman Says I Need To Be Shamed Because I Like To Sit On My Couch And Bark So My People Will Come And See Me. I Don’t See Anything Wrong With This I Am A Distinguished Older Gentleman And Should Be Treated As Such

Image credits: Deanne Mooney

#16 Larry Claims He Knows Nothing About The New Hole In My Garden…. ?? Idk That I Believe Him?

Image credits: Shelly Baberack

#17 When You Spend Ages Looking For The Dog Who Has Already Gone To Bed Without You.. And Just Ignores Your Calls

Image credits: Lizzy Jane Davis

#18 I Don’t Know Who’s Been Eating All The Flowers!!! Honestly

Image credits: Alex Hook

#19 We Recently Got A Parrot. Gizmo Loves Him And Needs To See Him 24/7. I Told Gizmo That He’s Not Allowed To Touch The Cage. Gizmo Found A Solution. I Want To Shame Him, But I Feel Like I Should Congratulate Him.

Image credits: Anna-mae Grant

#20 Can Someone Please Tell Kevin He’s A Cat

Image credits: Nicki VanRaden

#21 Haha!

Image credits: Kellie Gormly

#22 Hi, My Name Is Strider. My Mom And Dad Rescued Me From A Kill Shelter A Month Ago! I Love My Mom So Much That Whenever My Dad Tries To Kiss Her, I Jump On Her To Protect Her.

Image credits: Stephanie Faires

#23 I Am Matilda…and I Love My Bed. This My Fur Brother..jack Sparrow Jack Shreads And Eats My Bed. I Dont Like Sleeping On The Ground. Jack Is Now My Bed. Jack Is A Nob

Image credits: Dani Larsen

#24 This Little Lady Is 15 And Pretty Gassy…she Went To A New Groomer Today For Her Nails And Farted On Her Every Nail She Cut….20 Little Farts

Image credits: Nichole Var

#25 Meet Kiwi And His Child. Kiwi Is An Ungrateful Jerk Who Always Gapes And Strikes At Us. Even Though We Feed Him And He Has A Wonderful Enclosure. Well Today One Of His Children Hatched And During His First Beautiful Moments On This Earth, He Decided To Cop An Attitude. The Same Ungrateful Attitude As His Dad. Little Jerks

Image credits: Ashley Fiedler

#26 This Is Mouse. When We Take Him Outside For Zoomies He Forgets He Only Has Three Legs And Does Barrel Rolls Across The Lawn

Image credits: Rebecca Sheehy

#27 This Is Puck. Puck Has Been A Major Pain In My Arse For 14 Years. We Love Puck. Puck Only Loves Puck. Last Week He Hurt Himself And Couldn’t Get Up. We Sobbed As We Thought He Needed His Final Car Ride. As Soon As We Scooped Him Up He Miraculously Was Fine (I Think His Hip Was Out Of Socket Until We Picked Him Up.) He Thanked Us By Snatching And Eating An Entire Pizza Off The Table Later That Same Night. Puck Is Also A Junkie And Demands His Meds Morning And Night. We Are Amazed Puck Is Still With Us. Puck Insists On Staying Around Just To Aggravate Us Some More. We Can Shame Puck, But He Has Zero Shame (See The Smug Look On His Face?)

Image credits: Kathy Simmons

#28 My Name Is Peter, And I Eat Faces Off Of Barbie Dolls That Go Missing Under The Bed

Image credits: Adele Simmons

#29 Pet Shaming

Image credits: Zoë Carriere

#30 The Joy Of Enjoying Your Sausage Biscuit Alone

Image credits: Jr Turner

#31 She Has No Shame

Image credits: Madoka Shinzato

#32 Please Shame This Fat Boy For Thinking The More He Smiles At Me, The More Treats He Will Receive…. And Then Thinking That If He Gets Closer To Me, It Will Work Even Better

Image credits: Ashley Nichole

#33 When Your Dinner Is Missing 5 Taquitos And Someone Is Thirsty

Image credits: Sarah Peterson-Cote

#34 It May Be Hard To Read, But Everyone Meet Ralphie . He’s A “Good Boy” (I’m Not Mad At Him, He’s Just A Baby, And Still Learning…i Just Wanted To Share A Laugh. He Really Is A Good Boy )

Image credits: Tara Green

#35 Pet Shaming

Image credits: Brian James Ribble

#36 This Is Chaos. He Is Not To Go Into The Lounge Room And Sit On The Lounge. He Had Other Ideas. (From A Couple Of Years Ago)

Image credits: Suzzanne Beck

#37 This Is My Boy Max. To Be Friends With The Bunny I Must First Become The Bunny!! Lol

Image credits: Jessica Marie Boyce-Sheddrick

#38 I’m Chopstick And I Love My Walks. I Never Get Into Water Or Mud Unless It’s The Same Day Of My Bath And My Parents Have Spent The Whole Day Cleaning The House And Mopping All The Floor! It’s Not My Fault It Was Clean For Only 30 Minutes!

Image credits: Jesse Christal

#39 Professional Window Services

Image credits: Jessica Steiner

#40 Callie Gets Mad At Us When We Open Packages. Since She Get 1 Bark Box A Month, Now She Thinks Every Package That Comes In The Mail Belongs To Her. She Tried To Steal A Pakage Of Socks Right Out Of My Hands.

Image credits: Briana Faehnrich

#41 Social Distancing

Image credits: Luther Smith

#42 2 Couches And A $100 Dog Bed??? Naaaa I’ll Just Sleep On Mom’s Head And Snore Loudly Into Her Ear

Image credits: Kaylin Sherman

#43 My Dad Was Eating Crisps The Begging Was Very Subtle, Pedro The Pug And Uhtred The Terrier

Image credits: Maria Malteser Zammit

#44 Momma’s Boyfriend Came Over Last Night. He’s Been Gone For A Week And I Really Missed Him, So When They Were Curled Up On The Couch, I Rang The Bell At The Back Door. When Momma Got Up To Let Me Out, I Took Her Spot On The Couch. I Know He Likes Me More

Image credits: Angela Paik

#45 Not Even Less Than 4 Hours Later.

Image credits: Angel Maldonado

#46 He Fits So He Sits

Image credits: Alex Miliambro

#47 Noodles Is A Dickhead, But The Peak Of His Career Is When He Jumped In The Pellet Jar And Got Stuck. He Was Living The Best Time Of His Life, Eating As Much As He Could, While I Was Almost Crying. Luckily, Just Turning The Jar Upside Down Worked And This Bitch Didn’t Got Hurt, Him And Hundreds Of Pellets Just Fell On My Bed! This Pic Went Kinda Viral In Bunny Groups And When Noodles Was Neutered, Months Later, I Told His Name To The Vet And She Asked “Isn’t Him The Bunny Who Got Stuck In A Jar?” I Couldn’t Believe My Little Asshole Was Famous! She Told Me She Was Proud Of Me For Not Panicking And Getting Him Out Without Harming Him, Then Noodles Took Advantage Of Our Inattention And Tried To Jump Off The Table.

Image credits: Francesca Iovane

#48 I Guess The Next Time I Tell #liamneeson To Go Sit Down, I Need To Be More Specific As To Where He Should Sit. Lol

Image credits: Carrie E. Carlin

#49 Miya Found This Head On Her Walk With Our Dog Walker Many Months Ago. It’s Been Her Favourite Toy Since This Day

Image credits: Emily Padgett

#50 I Tried Stealing My Moms Chinese Food But Failed (I Flipped The Bowl And Got Drenched )

Image credits: Tatyana McNamara

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