A Social Media Influencer Gets Her Fat Frozen on Dr. 90210


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Brrrning fat has never been so easy!

Sepi, a self-described social media influencer from—you guessed it—Los Angeles, paid a visit to Dr. Kelly Killeen on tonight’s all-new Dr. 90210, and by the time she left what was supposed to be just a simple consultation, she had undergone a procedure that pledged to get rid of fat in a matter of minutes.

But let’s start at the beginning! Prior to the appointment, Sepi explained that she was looking to get rid of fat in one particular area of her body: her back.

“I have something that I’ve always been super self-conscious of. I have a little bit of these back fat rolls that I just can’t get rid of,” she told the Dr. 90210 cameras. “I work out a lot and I eat somewhat healthy; They just don’t go away no matter what I do.”

Recently engaged and preparing to walk down the aisle, Sepi was more determined than ever to find a solution. Luckily, she already knew Dr. Killeen, since she had been to her office for Botox a few times. 

Dr. 90210 Patients Before and After

As an influencer with followers that “are mostly women,” Sepi explained that even when it comes to small things like Botox, she’s “always very honest” about the work she has done.

“I feel like my followers really appreciate that,” she said. “There’s a lot of pressure as an influencer. People automatically subject you to this really high standard of beauty.”

That said, Sepi made it clear that she wanted a solution for her back fat because it would make her feel better, especially when her wedding day comes. 

“I feel like I’ll feel much more comfortable in a dress because I want something that’s a little bit backless but not fully,” she explained to Dr. Killeen. “I want to be able to show off my back.”


Upon examination, Dr. Killeen saw what Sepi was referring to: “You have this nice smooth contour and then you have these little full areas right here. This is not something you can exercise or eat away…you just have an area of lipodystrophy like a lot of women do.”

“Our bodies are just weird and sometimes they give us the finger and they say, ‘I’m gonna hold onto fat here or here or here,'” Dr. Killeen explained in a confessional. “So the goal of any of these fat-reducing procedures isn’t weight loss. We’re not trying to lose weight for you. We’re just trying to get rid of these cooky things that don’t make sense on your body.”

She ultimately presented Sepi with three options: an injectable medicine that causes fat cells to pop, liposuction or a fat-melting machine.

Yes, a fat-melting machine—also known as Coolsculpting.

“Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure,” Dr. Killeen said. “Basically the way the machine works is it suctions whatever area you don’t like into a special handpiece and then it cools the area down to a certain temperature. It’s low enough to kill the fat cells but not low enough to kill the skin.”

Meet the Dr. 90210 Cast

She continued, “So we hold it in this machine for about 35 minutes. It allows the machine to kill about 20 percent of the fat in the area and the skin and everything else is just fine.”

One of the best parts of the procedure, she added, is that there’s practically no recovery required. You can even exercise the same day you receive Coolsculpting!

“With the advent of all of these fantastic non-surgical freezing technologies, women can, on their lunch hour, come in, have a stubborn pocket of fat removed with no pain,” Dr. Killeen noted.

When it came time for Sepi to strip down and get hooked up to the machine, she was admittedly nervous. 

However, once the procedure started, she only described feeling “a little bit of suction” and “a little bit of cold but that disappeared in two minutes. 

“In my head I made it feel scarier,” she added.

After a while, Sepi even asked Dr. Killeen to film part of the treatment so she could show her Instagram followers.

Meet “Dr.90210” Surgeon Dr. Kelly Killeen

The whole thing was over in no time, and the next time we saw Sepi, six weeks had passed…and her back looked totally transformed!

“I feel super confident,” she told the Dr. 90210 cameras. “I recently went wedding dress shopping and I felt so much more confident trying on wedding dresses knowing I don’t have to worry if the back is showing or anything like that.”

“As a person, I just feel much better this way,” Sepi added. “And I just wanted to thank Dr. Killeen for doing this for me!”

Check out Sepi’s incredible transformation and all of the other Dr. 90210 before and after pics by scrolling through the below gallery!

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Farewell Frozen Fat

Coolsculpting took recently engaged Sepi from self-conscious to confident! Dr. Kelly Killeen recommended the treatment to the Los Angeles native, who was looking to get rid of fat on a particular part of her back before saying “I do.”

The non-invasive procedure required no recovery, and within a matter of weeks, Sepi was ready (and actually excited!) to try on wedding dresses.

A Challenging Case

Dr. Cat Begovic met Starla, whose 200-plus weight loss in six months left her with a large amount of sagging skin.

Though the plastic surgeon admitted that the procedure to remove as much skin as possible was going to be “so, so challenging,” she was of course up for it.  

Starla underwent the surgery, and it turned out to be a  success. When the two met up after months of not seeing each other, they even got emotional reflecting on her transformation!

A Meaningful Change

Sherry traveled all the way from Texas to seek treatment for the numerous cysts on the back of her head, which she said were likely caused by her abusive ex-boyfriend. 

“I want to get them out of there so I can maybe get on with my life…I’ll be able to sleep at night and I can date again,” Sherry told Dr. Michelle Lee, who was determined to help, especially if it meant helping Sherry get her confidence back.

In the end, she did just that! When Sherry checked in after healing, the cysts were gone and Sherry seemed happier than ever. 

A Quick Fix

Holly, a professional Marilyn Monroe and Madonna impersonater, wanted to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines on her face. However, when she inquired about a facelift during an appointment with Dr. Cat Begovic, the plastic surgeon explained that she might be better suited with a less invasive procedure. 

Dr. Cat then referred Holly to her friend and colleague Dr. Tanya Kormelli, a dermatologist who was able to perform a non-surgical facelift and leave Holly feeling 20 years younger!

Sexy After Seven Kids

A mom to seven children and wife to a military husband that was deployed, Roxanna had hardly any time for herself. So right before her husband was set to return, she wanted to undergo a mommy makeover courtesy of Dr. Kelly Killeen.

The procedure focused on Roxanna’s breasts and tummy, and by the time she returned for her follow-up appointment, she admitted her “confidence is through the roof now.” 

Back to Two Boobs

Since age 14, Yolanda had been dealing with a lump under her arm that actually turned out to be a third breast. For years, she’d “tuck it” or “hide it like a clutch,” as she told Dr. Suzanne Quardt, but now, she was ready to get it removed. 

And the procedure did exactly that! 

“Look at those girls, girl!” Dr. Q exclaimed at Yolanda’s follow-up appointment. 

A Second Transformation

Brooke lost almost 200 pounds through diet and exercise, and Dr. Cat Begovic was able to get her a second transformation by performing a tummy tuck that removed most of her excess skin. The procedure gave Brooke the confidence she needed to continue her career as a plus-size model. 

“I’ve been through so much in my life and I was always so insecure but after getting rid of the skin, I just finally feel like me,” she expressed. “Before, my stomach was loose, it was dragging me down…and now it’s tight, I can see my beautiful curves for what they’re supposed to look like and it’s given me the most self-esteem I’ve ever had.”

Elliott’s Ears

Elliott‘s earlobes had become so stretched out over the years that by the time he paid Dr. Michelle Lee a visit, they were split in half!

“I see a lot of patients who stretch out their earlobes,” the plastic surgeon said. “But on a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of earlobe issues, Elliot is like an 11.”

His situation made for a difficult procedure, but it all paid off in the end. 

Take it from Elliott: “Before my ears were droopy and embarrassing and people stared at me all the time. Now, I’m stoked about my ears. They’re not slapping my neck anymore. Having them in one piece again, people don’t look at me strange, point at me in grocery lines…it reminds me of having ears like I did when I was a kid.”

No More Sagging Skin

Terrence‘s weight loss journey brought him to Dr. Suzanne Quardt, who was ready and willing to perform a breast reduction surgery even though she knew there would be challenges. 

As the plastic surgeon put it, “The male breast reduction surgery that I’m going to do is a very risky procedure in and of itself, but there are some added complications because of the liposuction and tissue I need to remove from the sides of his chest.”

Dr. Q’s instincts turned out to be right, and after Terrence’s initial procedure, he had to undergo an additional surgery to reconstruct one of his nipples.

However, in the end, Terrence couldn’t have been happier with Dr. Q’s work!

So Long, Sunken Chest!

Jessica, who had a birth defect that left her with a sunken chest, sought out Dr. Kelly Killeen’s help, and together, they devised a plan that involved breast implants and filling in the sunken areas with fat. 

The procedure was a success, and Jessica was visibly emotional throughout her follow-up appointment.

In a confessional, she noted that Dr. Kelly had given her “confidence [and] a new perspective on life.”

“I feel like it’s a whole new chapter to my story and I couldn’t thank her enough,” Jessica added.

Fresh Facelift

Eager to get back in the dating game and regain her confidence, Barbara turned to Dr. Michelle Lee for a facelift. As she put it, “Every morning I get up and I’m wrestling with that bitch gravity…and every day, she’s f–king winning!” 

Thankfully, Dr. Lee put an end to the fight and delivered a natural-looking facelift that left Barbara feeling ready to conquer the world.

Mommy Makeover

Going in to her consultation with Dr. Cat Begovic, Ashley had two things on her mind: a BBL and a procedure that would get rid of what she thought was “a lot of fat” on her abdomen. Essentially, now that she was “done with the baby making process,” Ashley was ready for a new and improved body. 

However, as Dr. Cat quickly pointed out, she didn’t have that much fat at all—”only like 2 centimeters or so.”

The rest was skin! 

This led Dr. Cat to recommend a tummy tuck, and lucky for Ashley, she loved the results of the procedure and her BBL: “I feel like a sexy mom!” 

Giant Growth

For six years, Blake had a lump growing on his face.

In fact, during a consultation with Dr. Suzanne Quardt, the plastic surgeon dubbed the lump the “biggest mass” she’s ever seen. Thankfully, Dr. Q was able to remove the lump, which turned out to be a cyst, with minimal scarring.

Double Mastectomy

New patient Katie turned to Dr. Kelly Killeen after she learned she was BRCA2 positive.

Since being BRCA2 positive meant Katie had a higher risk of developing breast cancer, she wanted to undergo a double mastectomy. However, she had concerns that she’d end up “disfigured.”

Thus, Dr. Kelly recommended that Katie have reconstructive surgery after the double mastectomy. Although this was a major undertaking, Katie agreed to the surgery in order to potentially save her life.

“I feel really good now,” Katie said on her recovery. “I was in pain, but nothing I didn’t expect…I’m basically back to my life.”

Gummy Smile

Dr. Michelle Lee gave Mikki her smile back.

On Dr. 90210, the Arizona resident hoped the plastic surgeon could fix her gummy smile as it was causing her social anxiety. She explained, “It’s just a lot of gum. Normally, I have pretty full lips, but right when I smile that top lip is gone.”

Dr. Michelle’s solution? Botox to control Mikki’s strong upper lip and filler to cover some of her gums.

New Nose

In order to help her modeling career, transgender new patient Arisce turned to Dr. Michelle Lee for a nose job.

“I’d like to be considered for all female roles, not just trans ones,” she explained. “My nose is just too big and wide and not like, feminine.”

During her consultation, Dr. Michelle suggested Botox to help give an oval shape to Arisce’s face. Later on, Arisce went under the knife to get the nose of her dreams.

Three months after surgery, Arisce felt confident and beautiful, noting: “Before my nose was wider, less refined and less feminine. Now, my nose is streamlined, I have a tip finally and it’s much more feminine.”

Massive Mounds

What a transformation.

During the premiere of Dr. 90210, Dr. Kelly Killeen tackled new patient Carlena‘s massive mounds. While Carlena noted in a confessional that she’s always had large breasts, they had grown exponentially since having a baby.

“So, when I meet patients with enormous breasts, their cup sizes off the scales, E is enormous, G is gigantic,” Dr. Kelly noted in a confessional. “She’s an M, which is motherf–ker this is too big.”

In order to cure Carlena’s back pain, Dr. Kelly suggested a breast reduction, including the removal of over 10 pounds of breast and fatty tissue.

“Her breasts fit her body now! The shape is pretty, they’re higher on her chest where they belong and she just looks like the person she should be,” Dr. Kelly concluded. “She’s no longer an oddity…She just looks like a normal beautiful girl.”

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