This Museum Of Witchcraft And Magic Exhibited My Collection Of Photos, Occult Items, And Other Creepy Stuff (47 Pics)


Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick is hosting an exhibition of important vintage spirit photography, prints and drawings, and contemporary art on the subject of ghosts, spirits, specters, demons, and the paranormal from my collection.

The exhibition will open on October 1, 2020, and continue through December at the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick in Cleveland, Ohio.

Steven Intermill, the director of the Buckland Museum, says, “We are always excited when Romano comes knocking and lets us play with his toys, his collection is a vast well of the history of the arcane. These works are striking and beautiful, a must-see for those that have a passing interest in metaphysics to the lifelong student of the occult.”

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#1 Scrimshaw Magic Wand Made In Early 1800s, Boston Area, Unknown Maker

Ceremonial Wand, Boston, Mass. c. 1800 Carved and inscribed Scrimshaw bearing the inscription “AMASARAC,” the demon entity possessing magical and transformative powers over spices and herbs. Presumably, this wand was used to handle such spices and herbs during ceremony while conjuring AMASARAC to empower them.

As a curator and a collector, I love to discuss my fascination with occult imagery. When I began collecting things 20 years ago, it was mostly everyday snapshots I found at flea markets and garage sales… I became fascinated with imagery that had this occult or paranormal feel to it, although I know what I was really looking at were flaws in the photographic process, double exposures, light leaks, camera straps in the picture, but every so often, I’d come across a gem that seemed to want to be telling a story, as if it had some otherworldly influence.

#2 Vernacular Photo By Unknown Person From The 1940s, Possibly Of A Seance

Accidental photography sometimes results in depictions of paranormal-looking imagery. A selection of several images from the collection will be included in the exhibition.

#3 William Mortensen “Obsession,” 1928 Photograph

William Mortensen (January 27, 1897 – August 12, 1965) was an American photographer, primarily known for his Hollywood portraits in the 1920s–1940s in the Pictorialist style and occult-themed works that were controversial in their time. A print of this image hung in the Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey’s “Black House” in San Francisco in the 1960s.

The art of the esoteric is exciting to me, it’s an immediate experience that we hopefully don’t lose in our time of instantaneous access and gratification. It’s what the whole essence of collecting should be, to give us a door to a higher order, an immediacy which refreshes the psyche and enriches our quality of life.

#4 Grimoire Page By An Unknown Hand, British, Possibly 19th Century, Ink And Unknown Substance On Cloth

#5 Nahw Yg “Apparition,” 2020 Photograph

To me, Visual Art is the jewel in the crown of our cultural achievements. The greatest reward is sharing our collections with others to inspire awe in them as well.

Also included in the exhibition, along with works from the 16th century through the present day, are newly discovered photographs by Jack Edwards of Camp Silver Belle, which was a spiritualist retreat in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, from the 1940s through the 1980s. Socialites from Manhattan would converge there during the summer months to have contact with spirits from the other side. (from Wikipedia: “Camp Silver Belle was practicing fraudulent mediumship, and had been exposed in various newspapers. Before exposures, the camp took in up to a million dollars a year. The photographs taken by Jack Edwards of Silver Belle materializing were discovered to be a hoax. “).

#6 Jacques Callot (1592-1635) The Temptation Of St. Anthony, 1635

Callot returned to this ambitious, cataclysmic subject, which he had treated in 1617, just before his death. It may reflect his horror at the plague that had taken his father’s life in 1631, or his own battle with stomach cancer.

#7 Bookplate From “Hieroglyphica — Symbols Of Ancient People,” 1735

Plate 28 shows evil Gods. This plate shows A. Herimis; B. Joosje Tidebaic; C. dragon; D. Abaddon; E. Temptation in the Garden of Eden; F. treasure keeper; G. treasure guard; H. goblins; I. pagan dance; K. De Witte Vrouw (the White Lady); L. Larunda; M. Harpies; N. Wrath of the harpies; O. Nightmare; P. Earthquake; Q. Scylla; R. Charybdis; S. Syrtes.

The exhibition also includes spirit photos by the most well-known photographer of the genre William Hope, as well as works by contemporary artists Alexis Karl, Barry William Hale, Nahw Yg, Barry William Hale, Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos, Josh Stebbins, Kim Bo Yung, Nicholas Syracuse, Inge Vandormael, and Daniel Gonçalves.

Check out the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick’s website for ticketing information.

#8 THH GHOST Glass Negative From The 1920s

#9 Unknown Artist, American, Watercolor Depicting “9th Circle Treachery” Of Dante’s Inferno, Circa 1940s

#10 Daniel Goncalves “460,” 2020

#11 Pipe Rack With Lincoln Imp, Carved And Painted Wood With Ornamental Metal Attachments, C. Late 1800s

The Lincoln Imp is a grotesque on a wall inside Lincoln Cathedral, England, and it has become the symbol of the city of Lincoln. A legend tells of it being a creature sent to the cathedral by Satan, only to be turned into stone by an angel.

#12 3 Spirit Photographs Circa 1920 By William Hope (1863 – 1933)

William Hope was a pioneer of so-called “spirit photography.” Based in Crewe, England, he was a member of the well-known spiritualist group, the Crewe Circle. During his photography sessions, Hope would sometimes carry out prayers and religious hymns.

#13 Vernacular Photo By Unknown Person From The 1960s

#14 Bookplates Illustrating The Works Of Jacob Bohme, 1665. Attributed To Johann Georg Gichtel (1638 – 1710)

#15 Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos “Fire Walk With Me,” 2019

#16 Photo From The Vernacular

#17 Kim Bo Yung “Sentinel” Ink And Watercolor On Paper, 2015

#18 Fritz Gareis (1872-1925) “The Light” Ink And Watercolor, Circa 1920

#19 Jack Edwards, Spirit Photo From The 1940s

While Ethel Post-Parrish submitted to many tests in order to prove the truth of her splendid manifestations of physical mediumship, her real desire was to bring comfort and happiness to humanity through her wonderful gift.

#20 Spirit Photo Of Native Man With Ancestral Lineage, Date Unknown, Circa 1900

#21 Wolfgang Grasse (1930 – 2008, German/Australian) “Firestone” Acrylic On Panel, 2004

Wolfgang Grasse was born in Dresden, Germany in 1930. At the age of 14, Wolfgang Grasse saw firsthand the hell and horror unleashed during the British and American bombing of the city of Dresden. This event traumatized him for the rest of his life. Grasse was exiled from Germany to Tasmania after serving 8 years in a gulag for a drawing of Stalin in the gallows. This painting depicts the Arrernte, whose mythology and spirituality focuses on the landscape and the Dreamtime. Altjira is the creator being of the Inapertwa that became all living creatures. Tjurunga are objects of religious significance.

#22 Josh Stebbins “Mortensen’s Incubus” Pencil Drawing, 2018

#23 Manuscript Page Depicting Demons In Hell, Rajasthan, India, Early 20th Century

#24 Vernacular Photo By Unknown Person From The 1940s

#25 Jack Edwards (Dates Unknown), Spirit Photography From Camp Silver Belle, Ephrata Pennsylvania. Circa 1940s

In 1927, Ethel Post-Parrish opened a church and established a school for the education of spiritualist ministers and the development of mediums in Miami, Florida. To escape the intense heat and humidity of Florida’s summers, in 1932, she opened a summer camp and school for mediumship in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. This was called Camp Silver Belle, so named for Mrs. Parrish’s Indian guide Silver Belle.

#26 Shannon Taggart “Flashlight Experiment” (Raymond Buckland Seated At Right). Lily Dale, NY, 2003

#27 Nahw Yg Grand, “Oeil De Nuit Au Contour De Silence” Photograph, 2020

#28 Vernacular Photo By Unknown Person From The 1920s

#29 Vernacular Photo By Unknown Person From The 1940s

#30 Vernacular Photo By Unknown Person From The 1940s

#31 Inge Vandormael, Untitled Drawing, 2019

#32 Nicholas Syracuse “Devil,” 2012, Right: “Fire,” 2012 Photographs

The murals were designed and painted by Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, according to information provided to the photographer by LaVey’s daughter Karla. The photographs were taken in 1998 and printed in 2012.

#33 Ghost Of Bernadette Soubirous (Spirit Of Nun), 1880

#34 Vernacular Photo By Unknown Person From The 1930s

#35 Vernacular Photo By Unknown Person From The 1940s

#36 A Cheshire Ghost Spirit Photo, 1870

#37 Jack Edwards Inside The Chapel At Camp Silver Belle, With Silver Belle’s Altar To The Right, 1950s

#38 Jack Edwards, Spirit Photo From The 1950s

#39 Darcilio Lima (1944 – 1991) “The Magi” Lithograph, Circa 1975

Exhibited at Reina Sophia Museum, Madrid Brazilian artist Darcilio Lima made his art as conjurations against malevolent spirits, to protect himself and the person who would bring his art into their homes.

#40 Unknown Photographer, Circa 1920s

#41 Dolorosa De La Cruz “Invocation Of La Reina Roja 2” Gouache Pencil And Gold Ink, 2014

#42 The Hardworking Painter Mr. Karl Kohl (Dates Unknown, 19th Century)

“This manuscript, that apparently dates from the previous century, consists of 303 pages in Folio, in which a lot of illustrated pictures are interwoven. The hardworking painter Mr. Karl Kohl copied the typeface as well as the images in a most faithful way and I paid him in full, although in a reduced scale.” – Johann Scheible, 1849

#43 Craig And George Falconer (Mid 19th – Early 20th Century) Spirit Photograph, Circa 1930

The Falconers would invite audiences to watch them load film into their cameras and produce prints, “proving” that no trickery was afoot.

#44 Craig And George Falconer (Mid 19th – Early 20th Century) Spirit Photograph, Circa 1930

#45 John Myers Spirit Seance Photo, 1933

John Myers (died 1972) was a British dentist and spiritualist medium. Myers worked as a dentist in London and took up spirit photography in the 1930s. He claimed to communicate with an American Indian spirit guide called “Blackfoot.” The spiritualist Maurice Barbanell, editor of Psychic News, defended Myers in a book and considered his phenomena to be genuine.

#46 King Features Syndicate, 1941

#47 Vernacular Photo By Unknown Person From The 1940s

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