UPS Driver Captures The Cutest ‘Clients’ He Meets On Routes, And People Can’t Get Enough (30 Pics)


There’s a place on the Internet you can always count on when you’re craving your daily dose of “awww”. UPS Dogs is an online community for UPS drivers to share photos and videos of all the four-legged friends they make on their routes. Bored Panda already wrote about it here and here, however, some people think one of its members is as wholesome as this entire project.

Scott Hodges has loved pit bulls for as long as he can remember, and he used to have one of his own, too. Her name was Sheba and she passed away in 2004 at the age of 15.

But luckily, since Hodges has been a UPS driver for the past 32 years, he gets to see pitties every single day as he goes along his route. He sees a lot of other animals on the job, too. Like, a very friendly pig or a curious cow. He uploads pictures of these critters to his Facebook group and even though it doesn’t have anywhere near the 1.8 million followers that UPS Dogs has accumulated, it can make anyone’s day just as fast.


Bentley the Beggar is bellowing at the injustice of being limited to 3 biscuits.

Oh, the suffering…

Image credits: scott.hodges

Over the years, Scott has gotten to know the pit bulls he meets on the job. Every day, as he makes the deliveries, however, Scott stops to say hi not only to his pit bull buddies, but to all the other dogs as well. By now, they know the man means well and can be trusted — Hodges always brings them love or treats, or both.

“I meet dogs 10-15 times a day and in 32 years I have never been bitten,” he told Bored Panda. “Most of my fellow drivers like dogs but there are a few who are more cautious because they have been bitten.”


Her name is “Little Bit” and this is her first time ever coming near the big scary brown truck. She got extra biscuits for being so brave.

Image credits: scott.hodges

Hodges takes pictures of his meetings to keep track of his buddies. Yes, he has spent decades doing what he does, but the man considers himself lucky to be able to work where he can see pit bulls every single day, and he never gets tired of stopping by to greet his friends.

“I enjoy not being stuck inside an office,” he said. “I am working outdoors in a rural area so I enjoy the view and being out in nature. And of course seeing the dogs.”

Since the driver has his own route, he is often able to meet new dogs when they are puppies and to form a friendship with them that lasts a lifetime. “That is one of the best things about the job.”


The thing is, I am basically just a rock star in a big brown limousine. I pull up, open the door, and a throng of my adoring fans is waiting to mob me. Keeping them all happy is a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Image credits: scott.hodges


This big ol’ meathead is a real sweetheart. A tongue with 90 lbs of pit bull attached to it…

Image credits: scott.hodges


Game over. I’m done. She gets the whole damn box of biscuits…

Image credits: scott.hodges


Introducing Moof, he is an Anatolian Sheperd puppy who will weigh 150 lbs when he is full grown. Glad I get to make friends with him now!

Image credits: scott.hodges


She knows all about Three Biscuit Thursday!

Image credits: scott.hodges


14 years old and still acts like a puppy for the biscuits…

Image credits: scott.hodges


This sweet old senior Aussie is teaching his young buddy all about the finer points of biscuit mooching.

Image credits: scott.hodges


First she stole my heart, now she just steals my biscuits…

Image credits: scott.hodges


This sweet old Beagle looks just like my Molly who passed away 6 months ago. Extra biscuits!!

Image credits: scott.hodges


Her initial offer is one (1) stuffed toy in exchange for five (5) biscuits. She drives a hard bargain…

Image credits: scott.hodges


Oh look its a tongue with a pit bull attached to it!

Image credits: scott.hodges


Pit bull bleps are the best bleps.

Image credits: scott.hodges


Resistance is futile

Image credits: scott.hodges


The Alien Zombie Vampire dog offers firewood in exchange for biscuits.

Image credits: scott.hodges


The big brown truck is scary

but the biscuit is tempting….

Image credits: scott.hodges


This little turd has the perfect scam worked out.

It costs me one biscuit to get out of the door, another biscuit to get to the porch to deliver the package, and then another one to get him out of my way so I can leave!

Image credits: scott.hodges


She has defeated the Cone Of Shame and now demands her biscuit!

Image credits: scott.hodges


Silly Jilly is 10 years old today. She gets a Bonus birthday biscuit!

Image credits: scott.hodges


Her squeaky pig has a little hole in it so now it sounds like a whoopie cushion..

Image credits: scott.hodges


The mighty Cupcake is voicing her displeasure over my recent absence and demanding the appropriate biscuit tribute.

Image credits: scott.hodges


The time-honored barter system. This old guy is offering up a well chewed horse hoof in exchange for 5 biscuits. I may need to do some negotiating.

Image credits: scott.hodges


Bonjour monsieur bulldog! Voulez-vous un biscuit?

Image credits: scott.hodges


No shame. By all means just go ahead and help yourself!

Image credits: scott.hodges


If dogs cant read calendars, how do they always know when it is Three Biscuit Thursday?

Image credits: scott.hodges


This old guy wants the senior discount for Three Biscuit Thursday…

Image credits: scott.hodges


That face they make when you tell them that Triple Biscuit Tuesdays have been discontinued….

Image credits: scott.hodges


When pitbulls attack…

Image credits: scott.hodges


The local Biscuit Mafia is shaking me down…

Image credits: scott.hodges

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