Can You Find The Differences In These 30 Images I Made?


I’m Maik Zehrfeld, a full-time blogger living in Berlin, sharing original, entertaining, and inspiring content on for about 14 years. In between, I got the idea of making a quiz magazine, but that didn’t really take off. After a while, I thought: Why not make a regular series from the type of quiz I liked the most preparing as content and what I already did like solving as a kid (and still do)?

So, since the beginning of this year, I publish search-the-differences-images on my blog. “FehlerFindFreitag” it’s called in German, which means something like “ErrorFindingFriday” in English. Every week I try to pick up on a topical theme like holidays, tv show releases, or news and manipulate a corresponding image, photoshopping a changing number of differences in them to find.

Some of them bite your eye immediately; others are a lot harder to find. I like getting feedback on my readership on what differences were the first or hardest ones to find. Of course, I offer a visual solution on my blog each time, so you don’t get entirely frustrated, not seeing that last difference. Hopefully, these images can take your minds off of things for a while, and you enjoy finding the hidden spots. Have fun searching!

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#1 Scrabble (12 Differences)

#2 “Star Trek” (10 Differences)

#3 Flowers (10 Differences)

#4 Cuisine (10 Differences)

#5 “Dark” (12 Differences)

#6 Food (11 Differences)

#7 Bicycle On The Street (12 Differences)

#8 Typewriter (13 Differences)

#9 Burger (10 Differences)

#10 Bridge (10 Differences)

#11 Illustration „Courier“ By Ilya Milstein (18 Differences)

#12 Cosplayers (11 Differences)

#13 Desk (12 Differences)

#14 “Rick And Morty” (12 Differences)

#15 “Asterix & Obelix” (11 Differences)

#16 Festival (13 Differences)

#17 Party (14 Differences)

#18 Watermelon Drink (12 Differences)

#19 London Street (10 Differences)

#20 “Bojack Horseman” (12 Differences)

#21 Girl On Smarthphone (10 Differences)

#22 Calendar (9 Differences)

#23 “Better Call Saul” (11 Differences)

#24 Easter (10 Differences)

#25 “Brooklyne Nine-Nine” (10 Differences)

#26 Smiling Woman (12 Differences)

#27 Arch Bridge (11 Differences)

#28 American Football (10 Differences)

#29 Playing (13 Differences)

#30 Cards (11 Differences)


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